A little adventure and a whole lot of relaxation
photo courtesy Fred LeBlanc
February 2020  
Schooner Heritage
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Anchored for a picnic

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Dear Shipmates,

February is here.  We've had some wind, snow, and cold so far but spring will be here soon!

This will be our 38th year sailing this beautiful vessel we built then launched in 1983.  We've been sailing and stewarding schooners in the windjammer business for over 50 years and we wouldn't change a thing.  It's been a wonderful life!  

We have some news for you.  After 38 years this will be the last season that Captains Doug and Linda will be sailing aboard the Schooner Heritage.  The vessel is being sold and may or may not be sailing from the North End Shipyard in Rockland. 

We've enjoyed our life of sailing with all of you --- all the exciting times, the great sailing, 
photo courtesy of Fred LeBlanc 

and the races anytime we meet another schooner. 
photo courtesy of Charles Durfor 

Quiet anchorages, 
photo courtesy of Bruno Hazen

with spectacular sunsets, star-filled night skies, 

photo courtesy of Sean Grimes

and peaceful sunrises have given us the chance to relax and recharge.
photo courtesy of Capt. Linda J. Lee 

Over the years we've taken great pleasure in exploring new islands,
photo courtesy of Merilee Davis

enjoying island lobster bakes,
photo courtesy of Robert Angell

photo courtesy of Dick Loehr

searching for eagles, seals, and other wildlife, 
photo courtesy of Dick Loehr 

photo courtesy of Laura McGerigle

managing to see and photograph remote lighthouses,
photo courtesy of Capt. Linda J. Lee 

learning about the islands and their history, and sharing it, 
photo courtesy of Dick Loehr
as well as seeing the changes in them over half a century,

and raising two wonderful daughters aboard!



It's always nice to hear that ship's bell calling us to another meal.
photo courtesy of David Emch

We made great changes in "schooner fare", with lots of fresh vegetables and baked goods from scratch.    
photo courtesy of DownEast Magazine

All that wonderful food -- schooner-made bread, 
photo courtesy of David Emch

photo courtesy of Capt. Linda J. Lee 

photo courtesy of  Capt. Linda J. Lee

 and delicious meals.
photo courtesy of Capt. Linda J. Lee 

including the chocolate course.

photo courtesy of Capt. Linda J. Lee 

A wonderful way to end the day is an evening on deck or in the galley with stories, music, and sometimes even dancing. 
photo courtesy of Capt. Linda J. Lee

Talking and visiting with all of you, our special friends over the years, and sharing our love for the awe-inspiring coast of Maine has been one of the best parts.  

We hope you'll help us celebrate our final season.  It would be an honor to sail with all of you once more  
photo courtesy of Fred LeBlanc 

Hope we'll see you aboard in 2020, Maine's Bicentennial!  

All the best,

photo courtesy of Karissa Glanville