I just finished listening to The Midnight Library--a book that explores depression, hope, and the paths that we take. A theme at the heart of the book is that we all have a life open to many different possibilities based on our individual talents. It’s easy to focus on what we didn’t do rather than what we have done. Ultimately, it is about realizing that every small step that you take or interaction that you have with another person, can be positive, influential, and even life changing. But, you don’t always realize it at the time. 

In this moment, where so many things are canceled or put on hold, we don’t have the lives that we had expected or anticipated for ourselves. It’s easy to get lost in the idea of despair or regret, but instead, focus on the things that you can do and accomplish. What can you control? When we reflect about our lives so far, it’s sometimes the little things--a compliment, a walk with a friend, the perfect chocolate chip cookie--that have the most meaning. The Midnight Library is a good reminder on how to put things in perspective.

Here is a link to the audiobook (Good for a college visit trip, cleaning your room, or a run)

And here is a link for the hardcover (Or if you are a big reader and like a book in your hands)
Loneliness During the Pandemic

Loneliness is real, and as the pandemic continues, it becomes more challenging to overcome. The natural instinct when you feel lonely is to retreat, but reaching out to others (who are likely equally lonely), can help you feel less alone. Here is an article from Harvard Magazine that describes loneliness and its impact on mental health.

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Below are two upcoming opportunities to see Lisa speak about how students can use their strengths to stand out in the college admissions process (even during a pandemic).

The first one, presented by Westfield High School, on February 25th at 7:30 is free, and the second one, presented by Harvard Business School, on February 28th at 5:00 PM, is $10 to all guests.

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What’s On Our Minds

While the number of applications are up, the number of students applying to college is down. Here is an article that details the numbers for early applications.  

Regular decisions are following a similar pattern, which means that students will need to be patient. We will likely see more waitlists, but like last year, those waitlists will move as colleges manage their enrollment
A Growth Mindset: The Key to College Admission Success During Uncertain Times

Last May, we led a webinar with admissions counselors from WashU, Bowdoin, Vanderbilt and San Diego State (formerly GW) where we discussed how the college admissions paradigm has changed and how students can develop a growth mindset to best position themselves for the college application process and beyond. We wanted to reshare it with you as it is more applicable than ever.

What We're Reading
Rick Clark, from Georgia Tech, dissects college admission word associations.

How Colleges Choose Which Students to Admit: Test scores don't drive college admissions decisions; it's the more qualitative factors that help schools round out a class, experts say.

Read beyond the headlines to get the truth about College Admissions


If any of you decided to venture out on college visits during President's Day to further develop your lists, we'd love to hear about your experiences. Lisa wrote an article for Grown and Flown called “Creating a Balanced List.” It's also time to plan your summers and classes for senior year. You can schedule a meeting below.


As you plan your classes for next year, you have a lot to think about and the goal is to challenge yourself while striking a balance. Here is a post on how best to plan your classes for the coming year. We are also available to meet with you to help you plan classes and your summer. You can schedule a meeting below.

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