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President's Message
Dave Wegge

I have been thinking a lot about doors recently. No, not the doors to our homes or places of work, but the doors of our lives.

The year 2021 provides a new door for all of us – and walking through new doors can be risky and/or provide opportunities. We need to be willing to take the right risks, but also have the strength to stand firm and close those doors that need to be closed. As we step across the threshold into 2021, I encourage you to make this a special year in your life or in the life of your organization by opening wide the doors to gratitude and growth.

I see doors as a metaphor for the decisions that we make in our lives or the events that are cast upon us. The Bay Area Community Council (BACC) is about to walk through a sizable door into a new phase for our organization. What will BACC be like on the other side? Grand, I think!

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Future of Work: Women Hold Key at Crossroads
Nan Nelson

In last summer’s Economic Transformation Signals Team report we noted that:

  • Organizations with inclusive cultures are more successful in navigating today’s fast-changing, disruption-filled, competitive world.

  • Organizations with above-average gender diversity in their boards and management are more likely to develop inclusive cultures.

It’s now becoming clear that the pandemic could threaten these transformative changes. Women have been forced to drop out of the workforce at twice the rate of men (nearly a quarter of women with young children!) and even senior women report cutting hours or switching to less-demanding roles.

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The 21 Week Equity Challenge, presented by United Way of Wisconsin, is an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives and communities. Participants will receive an email at the beginning of each week starting Monday, February 1st through Monday, June 21st.

What's Next: A New Climate of Ideas
February 10-11, 2021

Join world-class experts and your peers from across industries for this free two day online conference, a deep-dive into a new climate of ideas for driving climate action. Click here for more information.

Wednesday, February 17, 8:30 am

This free virtual event, sponsored by the St. Norbert College Schneider School of Business and Economics, will provide insights for area professionals looking for more economic data ahead of executing their business planning and for individuals who are generally interested in the state of the country’s economy.

March 1, noon--March 2, noon

An open conversation on how to build a better future will move west each hour! Anyone can join in at 12 noon local time and join futurists and others to explore possibilities for a common future.

This will be the eighth year that futurists and the general public will conduct a 24-hour, round-the-world conversation on the future. Total strangers discuss ideas about possible worlds of tomorrow in a relaxed, open, no-agenda conversation. Futures research is shared, collaborations are created, and new friendships are made.

Hendersen, Tim. "Census Estimates Show Population Decline in 16 States," PEW, January 21, 2021.

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