CCEI February 2021 Newsletter
Taking Advantage of
Teachable Moments
Early childhood educators spend hours of their lives reviewing assessment data, gathering information about children, and planning curriculum activities to effectively engage the children in their care. This is definitely time well spent and of great value to children and families. Learn More
Capitalizing on Teachable Moments with Children
Examples of Teachable Moments
Teachable Moments with Families
Teachable Moments with Coworkers
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CCEI Poll Results: January 2021 Newsletter
One self-care practice is vacation time. Which represents how you use your paid time off?

A. I use my vacation time to visit family, camping, beach, or other destination - 188 responses or 27%
B. I use my vacation time each year, but it usually ends up being a stay-cation - 105 responses or 15%
C. I use some time to travel & some of the time to explore close to home - 107 responses or 15%
D. I usually don’t plan anything special. Usually chores or hanging out at home - 119 responses or 17%
E. I don’t always take my allowed vacation time-off benefit - 97 responses or 13%
F. I do not currently have vacation time as a benefit - 94 responses or 13%

Total: 710 responses
When you think about teachable moments with children, what comes to mind?
A. They are an invaluable teaching tool in my experience.
B. I would love to provide more teachable moments, there just isn’t enough time.
C. I address teachable moments when I can, but I am not sure they are valuable.
D. I don’t see many opportunities, but I will start looking for more.
CCEI Student Spotlight
Michelle Kelley
Miami, Florida
I received my Florida Director's Certificate renewal with CCEI. I choose this program over others because my Director's Certificate had expired and I wanted to continue to be highly qualified from a trusted training provider for a supervisor position when the opportunity presented itself. In this certificate renewal program, I learned so much about what it takes to become a manager at an early childhood center. The program covered many themes and industry-related topics. I plan on taking more courses at CCEI. I highly recommend and encourage my coworkers and friends who are in the early childhood field to enroll with CCEI.

Confirmation Bias and How it Detracts from Teachable...

This month's newsletter focuses on those ever-present opportunities to build skills and promote development through teachable moments. Skilled early childhood educators are on constant watch for teachable moments and recognize the value of these...

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