February Greetings!
Hello All --

I hope you know I mean it every time I say it: your involvement and support is so appreciated! With a controversial holiday around the corner (I'm only half kidding -- seems you're either a huge Valentine's Day fan or passionately resistant to the pink hearts and chocolate) it seemed like a good time to say it again: what you do makes an impact, and you'll likely only ever know a fragment of the difference your time, money, and advocacy bring to youth who are experiencing homelessness. Thank you thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

Here's a quick heads up about some upcoming engagement events:
  • Next Meet & Munch event will be March 10 at noon on Zoom
  • Our 8th Annual Fundraising Event (second virtual one!!) will be in April 2021
  • Our latest Annual Report is in production! You should get your copy next month

Happy Valentines Day!! :) --Hannah

P.S. Here are links to past e-newsletters from December and January.
January was National Mentoring Month
Were you able to share the mentor recruitment postcards we included with your holiday card with the person you know who would make a great Mentor? Nearly half our current Volunteer Mentors came from referrals offered by a current Jackson Street Volunteer. That's so amazing!!

Here were some of the social media components we shared last month to highlight this important work...
Program Highlight: Mission Control Center :)
It's not the most flattering picture, but we're so excited and you're the first to hear the announcement...

To accommodate current and future growth (and COVID distancing needs), we are moving into a new office space in downtown Corvallis. This new space will include not only include Development & Finance staff but also some Program offices. We're really excited to have this overlap in workspaces again! Some activities in the building will include:

  • donation drop-off
  • volunteer and staff interviews
  • training and meeting space
  • youth groups
  • mental health therapy

225 SW 4th Street, downtown Corvallis
For now, nothing about our donation process has changed: we're still asking the public to call and schedule donation drop-off times with our anyone on our Development Team (see contact information at the bottom of this email). We continue to kindly ask the public not to visit our shelter sites, as a COVID precaution.
Business Partners for Youth
We know it's been a challenging year for so many, including local businesses. We continue to expand the ways business can connect and support youth in our community. Currently, we have businesses involved as Ambassadors, those who host community fundraisers or drives on our behalf, and traditional business sponsors.

Sponsorship for 2021 events is currently open! We offer program and event sponsorships ranging from $100-$5,000. More details, including the full sponsor packet are HERE.
Other (local) Ways to Give
& Ongoing Community Fundraisers
Use BottleDrop to help Jackson Street by either:
1) Donating your account balance online, or 
2) Picking up some “Give Blue Bag” with a Jackson Street barcode by contacting Elijah: elijah.stucki@jacksonstreet.org

We are hoping to find folks with business or church connections who want to partner and grow this program in 2021!
It’s quick and easy to link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Jackson Street. Your rewards aren’t affected, but Jackson Street receives a percentage of sales! Follow the instructions given here:

A donor recently set up a partnership with Browser's Bookstore. You can add to our Jackson Street credit at the bookstore in downtown Corvallis! This fund allows our staff and youth to have access to books.
Purchase and donate meals to one of F&C's featured non-profits (including Jackson Street!) and they'll deliver it to them on your behalf.

A portion of **all sales, all the time** comes to Jackson Street Youth Services! Support this new business :)

$1 from every Chicken Schwarma sold goes to Jackson Street! This amazing food is now permanently at Common Fields in downtown Corvallis.

[listed in alphabetical order by last name]
Becky Asebedo
Eric Aguinaga, Board Member
Jennifer Beaumont
Hannah Blicher
Tasha Brandon
Marlene Brown
Glen Burnett
Ellen Carlson
Kate Conolly, Board Member
Brandy Cordeiro
Robbie Cox
Jeannine Cropley +
Allyson Dean
Sarah Devine
Linda Douglas
Larry Eby
Lynn Egli, Board Member
Roberta Egli
Peter Epp
Sandee Ferguson
Jan Filley
Catherine Fisher, Board Member
Kate Fountain
Ken Galardi
Shanna Grimes
Gabe Gurule
Mica Habarad
Greg Hamann
Rita Hamann, Board Member
Heather Hayes
Faith Heidtman
Alan Helfen
Andrea Holmquist
Amy Johnson
Laura Kadelbach
Parnell Kelley
Graham Kislingbury
Darlene Kolb
Kevin Kryger
Dave Kullowatz
Gary Lasater, Board Member
Connie Lenderman
Ed Lenderman
Dina Lindquist
Kela Lynn, Board Member
Torri Lynn
Royce Markley
Joy Massey
Melissa McNulty
Dena Minato
Alicia Moselle
Karen Nibler
Jacob Oliver
Laura Palma
Sami Pulver
Don Rea, late honorary member
Joel Rea
Cliff Roberson
Larry Roper
Bobby Samai
Jenny Scheele
Matt Shumski
Elizabeth Sonstegaard
Amy Spangler, Board Member
Tina Springer
Sarah Steen
Ed Sweet
Felicia Sweet
Carrie Thompson
Christine Webb
Bill Whitley
Jo Zimmer

+ = joined within the past 60 days
working directly with youth
[listed in alphabetical order by last name]
Danielle Archer +
Brianna Beene
Shani Berner +
Jonathan Boro
Lisa Cardamone
Deanna Carpenter +
Jonathan Champney
Sherrie Day
Allen Dean
Stacey Doerner
Geoffery Dunn
Kaleigh Forrest
Josefine Fleetwood +
Amanda Garofallou +
Bailey Garvin +
Emrys Golden
Amy Goodwin
Matthew Gordon
Angel Harris
Alfredo Haro
John Havercroft
Emily Herb
Steve Herb
Jen Hernandez
Seymour House
Rebecca Johnson
Taylor Johnson +
Graham Kislingbury
Russa Kittredge
Kelly Kraemer
Jordan Lauby +
Jim Luebke
Kjell Mann
John Marchel
Joy Massey
Jennifer Mattson
Scott Newsham
James Pannunzio
Finn Peck
Deanna Perez
Janele Piercy
Will Putnam
BreAnna Rae
Adrian Ramirez
Steven Ramsing
Paul Regan
Lynn Scott
Rebecca Simmons
Alden Sosnovske
Madison Steward +
Adrian Tepperman +
Katy Trautman
John Tietjen
David Wills
Nathaniel Worcester +
Jacquelyn Ziegler

+ = joined in the last 60 days
You help make it possible - thanks!
Our Team is here for you! Reach out with questions or to get involved!

Hannah Miller, Development Director
541-360-0867 (office)

Bruce Piercy, Volunteer Coordinator
541-360-0868 (office)

Elijah Stucki, Communications Coordinator
541-360-0862 (office)