For February 2021

Embracing a free and responsible search for truth and meaning while demonstrating our strong belief in the interdependent web of all existence.
Focusing on LOVE!

With all that we have been through and continue to experience, it’s easy to be frustrated, angry, and even depressed. Yet, many of us are now getting vaccinated or will be in the coming weeks! We have a new administration in Washington – including two new Georgia senators! And, we can envision the spring coming soon. Hopefully, those and other activities and events can remind us that things can get better – and will help us to focus on hope, compassion, and love. 

Our joint worship services this LOVE month will be encouraging that focus. So, I decided to write a little haiku for you in anticipation of your participation.
The days are longer
We are singing once again
Can you feel the LOVE?

Join us for our online worship services at 10:30 each Sunday and other activities that you will see here in our newsletter. It’s time to connect and focus on LOVE

Joyfully Yours!

Join a UUCG online service or meeting on your computer or smart device. (You will be asked to download ZOOM software if you haven't before. It's safe!)
Enter this MEETING ID when asked: 479 325 3254
Even when Jane is not conducting our online services we use this Zoom link & ID.
NOTE: Be sure to log into the special Zoom room on November 29th. (See below)
In our efforts to provide access to all who want to participate in our joint services, we have recently added the option for closed captioning of what is being said.

You do not have to have the captions on – and for those who are hearing fine through their computers or headphones, it may even be distracting. But it IS available. There is also the possibility of making the font size larger. We want to be as welcoming as we can be for all folks during these difficult times. And we are glad to be able to provide this service.
February 7
“When Our Heart Is In a Holy Place”
Rev. Jane Page, Worship Leader
 Rev. Jane leads this service in her series using songs from Singing the Journey as her sacred text. She will explore and expand on the lyrics in this song (#1008) which helps us to develop the kind of sacredness within us that we need to move forward with peace, love, and joy in the world.
Anthem: When Our Heart is in a Holy Place

February 14
 “Answering the Call of Love”  
Rev. Jane Page, Worship Leader
On this Valentine’s Day, Rev. Jane explores the lyrics from Jason Shelton’s “Answering the Call of Love” (#1014) as her sacred text. We will also learn of the history and reasons for changing the name of this song, as we strive to answer the call of love.
Anthem: Answering Love (aka Standing On the Side of Love)

February 21
“ Exploring Water: Essential Source | Essential Symbol”
Beth Sutton, Worship Leader
The TED talk presentation is LaToya Ruby Frazier: “A Creative Solution for the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan”

February 28
"Rumi: A Poet for Our Times"
Rev. Jane Page, Worship Leader
Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy, Guest Speaker
Rev. Jane’s fellow seminarian and friend Rev. Mellen Kennedy will visit with us from Vermont via Zoom. She shares a sermon about Rumi who was a 13th century Sufi poet and mystic. He grew up and lived in a time of turmoil and his insights speak so clearly to our time. Join us for a celebration of Rumi. You're invited to bring your favorite Rumi poem to share if you'd like. 
Anthem: Here We Have Gathered, sung by the ALCJ Quartet
Spring Adult RE Series: Spirit of Life
"If you could reach your full potential as a person in touch with the “spirit of life,” what would you be like?" (Barbara Hamilton-Holway, 2008)
Come explore the many ways that the spirit of life manifests itself in our lives, for example, through nature, music, art, relationship, social justice work and ceremony. The Spirit of Life workshop uses the lines of the cherished hymn as a framework for exploring the potential of being and spirit.
Carolyn Wallace, a UUCG member, will facilitate this seven-week workshop, beginning the week of February 15 through the week of March 29, 2021. The course sessions will be 60 minutes in length and take place on the same zoom link that we use for services. Reflections, readings and short writing/drawing activities make up the activities of the workshop.
The specific day of the week and time will be decided after interested persons give their feedback. If you are interested in participating in this workshop or have questions, please contact Carolyn Wallace at carolynswallace@yahoo.com.
Come join us!"
RE CLASS Offered by
UU Fellowship of Clemson
(and open to our congregants)
Unitarian Universalism 101: Sources
Dates: Four consecutive Sundays - February 14, February 21, February 28, and March 7
Time: 5:00- 6:00 p.m.
Location: via Zoom
Facilitator: Holley Ulbrich
Min: 4 Max: 10
Unitarian Universalism draws on six sources--direct experience, prophetic voices, Christianity and Judaism, other world religions, humanism, and earth-centered traditions from which to form our individual and shared religious under-standing. We will use the book Our Chosen Faith by John Buehrens and Forrest Church (available from the UUA bookstore online with a few loaner copies available) to explore these six sources in more depth and decide which ones speak more directly and meaningfully to us as individuals. Class is participatory and interactive.
Sign-up online here.

The 3rd Sundays Adult RE BOOK DISCUSSIONS are being temporarily postponed until Dorin Schumacher is feeling better.

Green Tip of the Month

Being mindful of air flow/quality may help minimize your chances of being infected with COVID-19.

Recently you may have noticed that our air quality has deteriorated. There are a myriad of odors that can be pervasive at different times of the day. The Glynn Environmental Coalition has been advising a group of concerned citizens about reporting these odors to the EPD through a formal complaint. Phone 912-264-7284 and be sure to state that you are filing a formal complaint.

I recently spoke with Brett Berry while filing my own complaint, who said he was fielding odor complaints and launching an investigation. If possible, it is important for you to record the time of day you smell the odor, and the wind direction. This helps in pinpointing the source. It is challenging because currently there are 32 businesses who hold air emission permits. There is a Facebook page called "Smell Something, Tell Something" that you can request to join, and there you will find regular postings from members, and once you're in the group, you can post as well. Ultimately, we need to pressure industry to "be a good neighbor" since the well-being of our coastal citizens is at stake. "Clean environment, healthy economy", GEC mission.

Have a happy and healthy February!
Sharon Ehle
Currently, Georgia residents eligible for the vaccine (in the category of Phase 1 A) include:
  • Health care workers (physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, EMS personnel, environmental services, etc.)
  • Residents and staff of long-term care facilities
  • Adults aged 65 and older plus one caregiver
  • Law enforcement, firefighters, first responder
To schedule an appointment:
  • Call the Glynn County Health Department COVID Vaccine Line: (912) 264-3961
Appointment availability is subject to change based on vaccine supply and may be temporarily paused from time to time. 
Please remember those in need...
If you are able, please take some items to Sparrow's Nest Food Bank. 
Especially during these difficult times there are many families in need. They can use canned fruits, meats, pasta and sauces, beans, rice, cereal, diapers, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc.
Cash or checks payable to FAITHWORKS are also always welcome.
Sparrow's Nest is located at:
2911 Altama Ave, Brunswick, GA 31520
PHONE: 912-261-8512 x110
You see men and women in our community carrying their life's belongings in shopping bags and back packs walking to get out of the elements or looking for a place to sleep. Doorways, under bridges, abandoned houses or cars become their homes, or for a lucky few the couch of a friend or relative.

The Well is a hospitality center for people who are homeless , providing resources such as a shower, laundry room, phone, internet access, and address for correspondence. By providing this venue, FaithWorks helps those who are homeless with opportunities to reconnect with family members, access important services to help them leave the streets, and recover from sickness and disease. Our guests often regain employment and restore hope in their lives.

Guests at The Well are always in need of towels and toiletries.  
Please drop them off at The Well . It is located at
1101 Gloucester Street - Brunswick
HOURS: 7 Days/Week from 7 AM- 5PM
PHONE: 912-261-8512 x 119
The Robert S. Abbott Race Unity Institute envisions a community where healing and reconciliation are commonplace amongst
people of all identities, social justice is upheld and honored, and people honestly engage in history in order to live more truthfully
in the present. Ultimately, we strive to influence thought, which leads to changed hearts, which leads to changed behavior.
The Abbott Institute is a 501 (c) (3) organization established in 2007.
Mail: P.O. Box 1834 | Brunswick, GA 31521
Our UUCG CARING FUND was established for the benefit of UUCG affiliated folks. The Fund is intended for members and friends of our congregation who are undergoing hard times, such as extensive medical bills, loss of home, etc. There are times throughout the year when we specify that a certain amount of our offerings will go to this fund. 
Just click on the image to
view (or print) a copy of these community directories.
Diane Knight
UUCG Social Justice Coordinator
Home Phone: 912- 634-1367
Cell: 912-577-8168 (call or text)
The Virtual Choir of Statesboro and Coastal Georgia is composed of a dozen singers whose individual recordings are combined to form our Sunday anthems.
Recent recordings can be viewed on YouTube at:

John Cowlishaw, Music Director
Rev. Jane Page, Minister
(912) 682-3566 
Interested in joining UUCG? 
Rev. Jane Page
Sally Revoile
Membership Team Leader
(912) 634-3868
Rev. Bill Phillips, Pastor Emeritus
Phone: 912.635.3512 (home) or 912.434.4140 (cell)

John Cowlishaw, Music Director

Elaine Deaver
Newsletter Editor/Part-time Administrator
President: Beth Stevenson
Vice President: Judith Longfield
Treasurer: Ted Davis
Secretary: Erin Lee
Trustee: Lollie Bohannon
Trustee: Kim Merck
Trustee: Heather Turner 
Our location is 1710 Gloucester Street - Brunswick, Georgia
PLEASE SEND MAIL TO: UUCG, P.O. Box 1056, Brunswick, GA 31521