Black History Month takes on extra importance as we remember the struggles and achievements of black Americans across the country this past year. Here in Chicago, thousands of black residents and likeminded supporters took to the street to demand equity and fairness for all Chicagoans regardless of race, and to demand the end of police brutality against minority communities nationally. These protests have changed the national narrative, and are underpinning Chicago's historic and ongoing police reform efforts.

These nationwide protests lead to sweeping Democratic victories in the 2020 Election, as Democratic candidates vowed to uphold constituent's calls for justice and reform. This renewed focus on equity and equal rights for black residents is long overdue. Along with the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, these monumental changes give me great hope for 2021 and beyond. I am proud of the millions of Americans who followed in the footsteps of our Civil Rights leaders to peacefully, yet loudly, advocate for the rights of black people in America. I hope you will join me in honoring this effort during Black History Month.

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Pat Dowell
Alderman, 3rd Ward