February 2021
Join in Celebrating Black History Month

Continuing the work towards making afterschool and summer a more equitable and inclusive environment, we take time to celebrate and recognize February as Black History Month. In honor of all equity work happening throughout this country, we must do our part to understand the weight of the racial injustice occurring currently, and throughout history.

In recognition of Black History Month, NPR has released a compilation of resources ranging from podcasts about Black visionaries to trivia night on pop culture - Check it out HERE.

Additional educational resources can be found through other national partners:
Expanded Learning partners strive to Engage Underserved Youth

Just as privilege and power are not distributed equitably across Oregon, we must strive for the benefits of afterschool programs to be distributed more equitably, rather than equally, across our state. 
Word of the Month for Expanded Learning - ROI

We all know that afterschool and summer programs have more than a few benefits for youth, families, and communities. But when making the case for long term, sustainable funding to support expanded learning partners, it is critically important that we be able to demonstrate the benefits and value of programs.

Return on Investment (ROI): is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. ROI tries to directly measure the amount of return on a particular investment, relative to the investment’s cost. To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment. The result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.

At the end of this month, we will be releasing an in-depth ROI on afterschool data in Oregon. The study uses existing research and Oregon-specific data to estimate the returns from a theoretical public investment in afterschool programs. Keep an eye out for a more detailed summary soon to come.
Join OregonASK Policy Focused Partner Meeting February 19th
Join us on February 19th from 9-11am to discuss policy on the federal and state level. We will have a representative from the National Afterschool Alliance, Jen Rinehart joining to share about federal landscape and opportunities that we should all be aware of in the coming months. RSVP HERE to let us know if there are any questions or topics you would like to discuss or hear more about. Please feel free to share our Partner Meeting Flyer broadly.
Upcoming Trainings

Leap into Science Light & Shadows Virtual Training
February 17th from 6-8pm REGISTER HERE for FREE
March 3rd from 10am-12pm REGISTER HERE for FREE

This training prepares educators to host Leap into Science: Light and Shadow workshops for children 3-10 and their families. This training introduces educators to the two workshops for children, as well as strategies for facilitating science and literacy learning in family workshops. Educators will practice facilitation techniques, and explore resources to lead Leap into Science programs. Participants will earn 2 hours of Set 2 Learning Environments Curriculum (LEC) through Oregon Center for Career Development at PSU.

PBIS Basics
February 23rd from 6-8pm

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a research-based framework that is most successful when applied across all contexts of a student’s school and afterschool experiences. In this session, participants will learn the basic components of a PBIS system and how afterschool staff can integrate PBIS strategies into their program.

Advocacy 102 - Rescheduled
Our February 19th Partner Meeting will focus on Policy opportunities. Additional conversations to include discussion of our upcoming ROI TBD. RSVP HERE for our Feb 19th meeting or reach out with questions to
Asset-Based Mental Health Cohort Series for Licensed Child Care Staff starts this April - Application Opening Soon!
National Training, Resources, and Opportunities

This is a free opportunity will help programs who want to map the implementation of quality STEM programming practices and positive youth development by reflecting on their current activities / programs. Register HERE for the first session taking place February 23rd 

Role Models Drive Equity
This three-part series of webinars focused on STEM role models for afterschool networks and programs, presented by the National Girls Collaborative. Exposure to diverse STEM role models can broaden girls’ perceptions of STEM careers and dispel stereotypes about who does STEM. The presenters will provide an overview of STEM role models, benefits of incorporating role models into STEM programs for girls, and resources and strategies for identifying and engaging role models.
Part I March 2nd, 1-2pm PST Register HERE
Part II March 23rd, 1-2pm PST Register HERE
Part III April 27th, 1-2 PST Register HERE

Role Models Matter 101
STEM identity is critical to STEM persistence and how role models are critical to STEM identity, shared through research. In this webinar, we will explore three strategies for connecting to and preparing role models to work with youth. Strategies will consist of:
Role Model Strategy 1: Making a Connection
Role Model Strategy 2: Talking About Your Work in Age-Appropriate Ways
Role Model Strategy 3: Using Culturally Relevant and Youth Development Practices
April 13th, 1-2pm PST Register HERE
Sharing Love for Afterschool with Youth Voice Week Feb. 4th - 12th

The Afterschool Alliance will be celebrating the first ever Youth Voice Week!
Each day of the week will will be dedicated to one of their Youth Afterschool Ambassadors and end with February 12th crowned as We <3 Afterschool Day.

  • RSVP for the Facebook event here.
  • Visit the We <3 Afterschool page to find a printable activity sheet, graphics, and social media copy for your programs, young people, and parents to use.
  • Post your story or explore other posts via the hashtag #IHeartAfterschool on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Be sure to use the #AfterschoolWorks on Twitter to read more of the spotlight stories.
Preparing for Summer 2021
February 4th, 4-5pm

Join OregonASK and representatives from the Oregon Health Authority and Office of the Governor in this call to review and discuss summer day camp guidance for 2021. Please RSVP HERE to sign up and share any pressing questions or challenges you are considering in your preparation for this summer.

We have heard indication that Summer Camp providers may be included with educators and child care workers for COVID-19 vaccine eligibility. You may inquire or attend if you are interested in more details. Zoom information will be sent out to all participants.
Oregon Camp Funding Opportunity

For those of you who may not have heard. The Oregon State Legislative Emergency Board approved allocation of $10 million dollars to support Oregon Camps, helping ensure they are able to stay afloat in order to operate again this year (and beyond).

You may fill out THIS SURVEY by February 5th if you think you may be eligible as an Oregon overnight or day camp.
EMSP Podcast with OregonASK

OregonASK is thrilled to continue working alongside East Metro STEAM Partnership by participating in the production of "The Real STEAMy Podcast". The third episode features Bethany Thramer and Juan Soto of OregonASK. They discuss their work in the policy and equity spaces around Career Technical Education and Career Connected Learning; and speak about the research they recently released entitled, "Reimagine Oregon: Improving Youth-to-Work and Workforce Systems in the Wake of COVID-19". Don't miss out, catch up now, or follow along with up coming ones here.
Updates on State & National Policy

You can make sure to join us on February 19th for policy talk on afterschool and summer issues but with so much going on during these times, you may also want to subscribe directly to get updates from other Oregon partners such as Oregon Children's Agenda or Oregon School Board Association to keep posted on specific bills.

If you are interested in getting directly connected with your state legislators this spring, please reach out to us at We will be helping set up individual calls and working with programs on how best to highlight all the amazing work you are doing. A couple bills to get you started this year:
Senate Bill 49 Regarding Background Registry System
Senate Bill 50 requiring programs to be in registry system (including current recorded programs)
Senate Bill 623 Regarding workforce investments being reviewed and made through local boards
House Bill 3073 Creates Early Learning Authority separate from Department of Education
Congratulations to Oregon's Next Generation Leaders!

Maritza Ruiz, Multi Site Coordinator for Eugene Family YMCA
Stephanie Balke, Field Coach and Site Director for Champions in Portland, Oregon

Congratulations to two Oregon individuals recognized this year as leaders from the field of afterschool professionals across the country! These Next Generation Leaders are doing an exemplary job elevating expanded learning in Oregon and we look forward to continuing to see them grow and lead. Keep an eye out for more to come from our Next Generation Leaders! Thank you to the National Afterschool Association (NAA) for continuing to recognize leaders from around the country!

And another congratulations to Myrtle Creek's Amber Lomascola for being chosen as just one of the 18 Afterschool Ambassadors in the nation this year! In honoring the Center Program Manager at Expanding Horizon Youth Center, Afterschool Alliance says, "Amber will do a terrific job mobilizing community and business leaders, parents, policy makers, educators and others to send the message that afterschool programs are vital to our recovery from COVID-19."

Once Afterschool Ambassadors are chosen, they serve for one year to champion afterschool, while also running their local program--to help organize public events and communicate with policy makers to further advocate and raise awareness for the importance of afterschool. View the full PDF of the announcement.
2021 Save the Dates!

February 4th: Summer Day Camp Guidance Discussion RSVP HERE

February 19th: OregonASK Partner Meeting RSVP HERE

February 22nd: Million Girls Moonshot Planning Team

February 24th: Access & Equity Advisory Meeting

February 25th: 2 Weeks Ready Workgroup Meeting

March 17th: Access & Equity Advisory Meeting

May 14th: OregonASK Partner Meeting
OregonASK Expanded Learning Partnership
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