This month is about love and all things heart-felt. Take a break from agonizing over politics and pandemics and focus on what you love.

I love my new skin care products. Read more to learn about my new favorite cleanser.

I love our weather this time of year. We've endured a bit of a chill factor in January but this month will bring on warmer temps, blue skies and unbelievably gorgeous sunsets.

I love my business and the interaction I have with my clients. It is always a thrill to show someone how great they look in a color they have never worn before. And I love to hear from my clients, "I love the way I look!"

I hope as you focus on love this month YOU are at the top of the list. Call me if I can help you look and feel better.

In my last Zoom call I addressed the topic of getting dressed during the pandemic when most of us have nowhere to go day to day. We are all dressing more casually these days and have many days when we don't feel like getting dressed at all. But I can cite multiple studies that prove getting dressed makes us feel better. Making the effort to get dressed provides us with a sense of routine and that provides a sense of calm and alleviates stress. However, being casual doesn't translate to being sloppy. Wearing shapeless t- shirts and baggy sweatpants is not a flattering look for anyone. From clients, I hear, "Then how can I look put together and be casual at the same time?"

Details will make the difference. Looking put together means hair is clean and styled, some attention has been paid to putting on makeup and clothing choices are clean and neat and most importantly, fit us well. Once the details are attended to, the rest isn't that difficult.

Yoga pants are fine for casual wear and so are leggings and jeans. Yoga pants and leggings are body hugging pieces and will require a longer top to create a flattering proportion (and to ensure the crotch area is covered). Jeans can be worn with a simple cotton shirt or almost any other top piece.

Take a look at these pictures for inspiration.
Bermuda shorts and capris can also be part of your casual wear wardrobe. Choose the best length for you based on your leg length and the shape of your calves. If your legs are shorter, your shorts should also be shorter - a few inches above the knee. Capris are best worn by those with longer legs, but the length of the capri should be chosen carefully. Mid calf is best. Avoid capris that hit just above the ankle. It's an awkward length that rarely flatters any leg shape or length. (The picture above shows the typical capri length - just above the ankle. Try a pair that is shorter than this look. I promise you will notice a positive difference.)
These two tops are from the Judy P Collection available at the Image Matters studio. The fabric is 92% microfiber and 8% spandex. They can be ordered in a multitude of colors and come with different necklines and sleeve lengths. This makes them very customizable so you get exactly what works best for you. Perfect top pieces for all your casual wear!
When going super casual, don't worry about accessorizing. A simple pair of earrings can be enough. Piling on accessories could make you feel "overdone" and will look like you are trying too hard when you are wearing yoga pants or leggings.

In the picture below, the effect is sloppy and careless. The difference is in the fit. Baggy pants and a too-big sweater equals a diminished image.
Purity Cleanser is simply the best cleanser I have found. This mild, gel-based cleanser is formulated by a pharmacologist, tested by physicians and manufactured right here in Fort Myers. Purity Cleanser exfoliates with both lactic acids (AHA's) and salicylic acids (BHA's) as well as tones and tightens the skin with tea tree oil, cucumber oil, white tea and lemon. Purity is gentle yet packed with active ingredients that will leave your skin feeling extra clean and dewy fresh, Added bonus - it smells divine (but there is no fragrance in this product).

Use Purity twice a day to ensure your skin is clean and healthy. It can be mixed with water or used solo. Another bonus - it takes a very small amount to achieve maximum results so you will use less and the 4 oz. bottle will last longer. Always rinse well with warm water and follow with Purity Toner.

Having used many cleansers over the years I can assure my readers this one is FAB! I am excited to offer my new favorite cleanser to all of you. 4 oz pump bottle priced at $28. (Purity Toner 4 oz pump bottle priced at $24.) For a limited time only, I am offering free shipping through the month of February for these two products. Call me 239-454-0044 or email me

February is always associated with the color red as this is the month to celebrate love, romance as well as all things heart-related. Do you love to wear red, or are you reluctant to try this bold color? The right red will make a world of difference in how you look and feel when you wear red.

If you are a dark haired brunette with dark eyes, red is definitely for you. Wear true red head to toe and revel in how exciting this color can be.

Look at the deep red on Catherine Zeta Jones - exciting and dramatic - and then note how the beige looks on Sandra Bullock - dull and boring. Both these woman have similar coloring - dark hair and dark eyes. They need to wear strong intense colors such as deep true red.
If you have blonde hair, choose your red carefully. A softer shade (watermelon) will look best and make sure your lipstick isn't too strong. Reese Witherspoon is hiding behind lips that are much too strong and bright for her coloring. You notice her lips before you see anything else.
Reese is better in a shade of red that has an orange undertone. The warmer orange red is more complementary to her light golden blonde hair and a softer shade of lipstick works better as well.
Many redheads assume they can't wear red but they can! If you fall into the red haired beauty group look for a red that has a brick, terra cotta or orange undertone. Your best red won't be a true red or a blue red but instead will have a warmer/golden undertone. Look how tired Amy Adams looks in a blue red/maroon color and how energetic and happy she looks in a warmer/golden shade of red.
Pay particular attention to your lipstick color when you are wearing red. The undertone of your lip color should match the undertones of the red you are wearing. There is a world of difference between a cool red and a warm red lip color.
Image Presentations -

Is this the right time?

Some clubhouses are open and hosting events with social distancing and mask wearing. If your clubhouse is open or you belong to an organization that is holding meetings either in-person or virtually, call me and book an informative and entertaining image presentation.

If your clubhouse is still closed, keep me in mind for a presentation when things open up again. Everyone will be anxious to get out and socialize and an Image Matters presentation is always well received.
If you belong to a group or organization that is meeting virtually, I have several presentations that work well with that format.

The most requested topic is "Look Good and Feel Great . . . with Color!" Many other image-related topics are available, such as 
"SW Florida Style", "Fashionality" and "Accessorizing with Ease." 

All presentations are tailored to fit the needs/goals of the group.  You could be the one to introduce Image Matters to your group - and be a STAR!
Call me at 239-454-0044 to discuss.