February 2021

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From The Pastor..
In 2012 a group of historians erected a monument to honor Abraham Lincoln for President’s Day. There is nothing unusual about this, because there are all kinds of monuments to Lincoln all over the place. What made this particular structure unusual was the building material used. They built a tower constructed entirely of biographies written about Lincoln.  The structure ended up being thirty-four feet tall and composed of almost 7,000 unique books written about the sixteenth president. That number is not even half of the number of books written about the man, and even today new biographies on Lincoln are being released. For instance, this month a book entitled Lincoln’s Mentors will be released.  This means there is a lot of information out there about Abraham Lincoln and chances are you know a decent amount of it.
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We will stay virtual for most, if not all of February. It is not prudent to resume in-person worship while conditions continue to be worse than when we suspended it. We are monitoring the weekly updates the State of Indiana gives regarding infection rate and number of cases in the county. Before we can resume in-person worship, we are waiting for Starke County to be out of the red advisory level for at least two weeks. As of the last week of January, the county was still in the red level. When we do resume, it is our goal to give at least ten days notice so that there is time for everyone to get the word.


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February Mission of the Month - 
Bashor Home
In the month of February, your donations will be sent to Bashor United Methodist Home. Bashor Home is a Residential Treatment Facility located on 160 acres just west of Goshen, IN. Bashor Children's Home has been helping minister to youth and families for over 75 years.
Date of Special Offering:
 You may send through mail/online all month


The month of February brings thoughts of Valentine's Day and love. Our preschoolers will have a party, exchange valentines, and learn about God's love. Lessons about Zacchaeus will provide opportunities for them to give and receive love and kindness.
Zacchaeus was a dishonest tax collector who collected more taxes than were required and pocketed the surplus. The people of his town hated him. They couldn't believe it when Jesus said that he wanted to come to his house for dinner! But Jesus' unconditional love softened Zacchaeus' heart and changed his life. With this new feeling of love in his heart, Zacchaeus gave back more than 1/2 of his money to the people.
Preschoolers learn by example. We often see them treat others as they are treated. It's our responsibility to give children a loving, accepting example just as Jesus did. Show them kindness and love and they will treat others with this same kindness and love.
We will be working on the alphabet. We will do activities on the letters E,F,G,H,I and J.

Our mid-week Bible study starts back up on February 24th. The focus will be a Lenten study about Jesus' disciples. Each week will have a deep dive into the life and faith of one of Jesus' first followers. The study lasts five weeks, will meet at 7:00 p.m., and will begin meeting via ZOOM. Contact the church office (574-896-5927) to sign up and get the Zoom link.

Ash Wednesday

Due to observing social distancing practices, we are not able to have an in-person Ash Wednesday service this year, and we are also following denominational guidelines to refrain from the imposition of ashes. However, we do invite you to take part in the #AshWednesdayChallenge. Here is how it works:
First, on Ash Wednesday change your social media profile picture to one of ashes, like the one we included above. Second, on Ash Wednesday, February 17th, we will premiere a morning, noon, and evening call to prayer. Join us live (7:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.-6:30 p.m.) or catch the videos on your time frame. Taking in all three videos will help change Ash Wednesday from just a special worship service to an entire day of prayer and reflection as we begin to observe a holy Lent together.
Let the Community of Faith proclaim the promise of Eternal Life for:

Anita Ludlow, sister of Janet Begley, Carol Grubbs and David Weddell, who passed away January 9, 2021.

Youth Group will meet virtually on February 7th and 21st at 6:00 p.m. It is for all 5th-12th graders and will be held via Zoom.

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                     REC'D IN DEC.        REC'D TO DATE
OFFERING             $14,758.00        $154,786.04
OTHER INCOME  $2,799.60         $34,065.51
TOTAL                $16,557.76      $188,851.55

AVG. ATTENDANCE                   Year to date
9:00 A.M.            0   
11:00 A.M.         0    
AVG. COMBINED   0                   88
SUNDAY SCHOOL 0                  32

*A hard copy of the 2021 budget is available upon request in the office.

 FROM THE FOOD PANTRY ... Matthew 25: 37 & 40; (37) ..."Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you...?" (40)..."I tell you the truth, whatever you did, for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

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