Working in a Winter Pumpland...
How was your first month of 2021? Here's an insight into ours!
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February, 2021 | In this issue...
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Magnetic Drive Pumps
Make sure your pumps don't go down this winter!
Have you ever had a pump freeze solid? Not a pretty sight as the casings will crack open.
Weather conditions at this time of year can have serious implications for your pumps and associated equipment.
Book your pump service now before the wintry weather takes it toll.
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Grill Phil!

Phil, have you got any predictions for the world of pumps in 2021?
In 2021, I can see that the lessons we have learned in 2020 are going to continue for many months.

For example, we will still be taking every precaution we can regarding the well-being of you and our colleagues in respect of Covid transmission.

Our engineers will still be visiting you on site, but our sales staff will remain house bound office workers for some time yet.
We have learned to perform so many of our business functions without travelling and the resultant decrease in costs, time, and carbon output are such that I can only see this pattern continuing.

New more efficient pumps will be available, as in the case of some new and huge multi-stage pumps that can out-perform many old style horizontal split case pumps.

With the USA set to re-join the Paris accord on climate change, there is going to be an ever-increasing drive towards cutting carbon emissions and increasing efficiencies in everything we do.

10% of the world’s electricity is used to turn pumps, and an estimated 50% of that wasted, making this is a major area for improvement.

If you want to know any more on these subjects, please let me know.

A Happy and healthy New Year to you all.
Pumps fly, unfortunately Joe can't...
Even if we can’t fly to Dubai, it doesn’t mean our pumps can’t!

Here’s Joe, one of our workshop engineers, packing a stunning stainless steel multi-stage pump for one of our overseas customer’s.

Unfortunately, we had to tell him that he couldn’t get in the box with it. Sorry Joe!

Wherever you are in the world, you can rely on Joe to pack your pump for you!

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