February 2021
Play Along With Sean
Sacramento Community Guitar Orchestra Conductor Sean O'Connor has released a new song to play along to! The song is "Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace)," featuring a round played by acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. While it's a nice piece to listen to on its own, Sean has also included the sheet music so you can play along with it!

Click the video above to hear the piece, and click the button below to download the sheet music. Enjoy!
Big Day of Giving is Coming
May 6th will again be our major fundraising event, Big Day Of Giving. Like last year we will host a virtual event, and we are inviting you to participate by sending us a video of you playing a song.

What are we want:

A video of yourself playing one or two of your favorite pieces. It can be a solo, or if you’re feeling ambitious, a duet, trio, or whatever your creative mind invents.

Please be sure to position your smartphone or camera horizontally and set up your picture so that it includes all of you (both hands) in the shot.

When is it due:

Saturday, April 17, 11:59pm.

We set the deadline early so if we notice something is off about the video (neighbor’s dog barking, screen is vertical instead of horizontal, poor quality) we can notify you and give you the chance to fix it.

How do I submit my video?

Click the “Submit Video” button below to upload your video to the SGS Dropbox.

If you have any other questions regarding this event, email Sandy at Sstrautman@sacguitarsociety.org.

Need inspiration?

Click here to see last year's BDOG event.
Keep the Music Going
Have you been enjoying watching or participating in the Virtual Guitar Orchestra concerts? The Sacramento Guitar Society's Community Guitar Orchestras are funded by the Artists in Communities grant from the California Arts Council. This grant requires matching funds in order for us to maintain eligibility, so please consider making a donation. The grant helps us offer the Virtual Guitar Orchestra program and will and ensure that the in-person orchestras return when the pandemic is over. Your donations are tax-deductible.
Solo Section
This month's featured solo comes from Jeff Lewis! Click the video above to see Jeff perform his arrangement of Sweet Escape by Paul Cardall.

Jeffery Lewis, a member of the Sacramento Guitar Orchestra since September 2019, was looking to grow musically with the guitar. Learning to arrange for guitar had been an elusive goal of his for many years. It was unclear to him how to make progress with arranging.
Jeffery decided to seek out help from Sean O’Connor. Jeffery requested lessons from Sean to specifically learn how to arrange for solo guitar. Sean gave Jeffery a list of music theory and fretboard knowledge assessment questions to think about. After the assessment, Jeffery and Sean decided to move forward with virtual lessons.
Sean was a great arranging mentor. He helped pick the best key for a piece, structured progressive steps to approach the arranging process, performed on the fly arrangement ideas to try out, and gave honest feedback to the arrangements as they progressed. He also helped pick out notes by ear to some elusive lead sections.
Jeffery concluded the best way to learn how to arrange was by focusing on a specific project and doing it with a mentor alongside to guide the way. Jeffery accomplished three arrangements with Sean: “Sweet Escape” by Paul Cardall, “Wichita Lineman” by Glen Campbell, and “Eye in the Sky” by The Alan Parsons Project. The “Sweet Escape” arrangement was published on Sheet Music Plus. The other arrangements will be published shortly.

Want your solo featured here? Click the button below to submit your video.
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