February 2021 Newsletter
February 1, 2021
Happening at the Club:

Board Meeting
February 15 at 7:00 pm ZOOM remote meeting

Swim Committee
February 3 at noon ZOOM remote Meeting
Tennis Committee
February 11? at 7 pm ZOOM remote Meeting

Happy Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day to All of our
Member Families!
In this issue:

*Club Usage/COVID Update
*Message from the Board
*Important Reminders
*Tennis update
*Swim Update
*Open areas for reservation
*Fence Repair
*Club History/New Members
NEW: COVID Club Policy and Usage Update

Please note the following updated club usage policies:

Tennis: One household on each side of the court. Singles ok, doubles partners must be same household.

Tennis Guests: Tennis Guests may once again be invited to the club as of today, February 1.
  • Please note all guests must be pre-registered with the office.
  • Guests must be listed clearly in the booking title of the Skedda reservation.
  • Only during guest hours.
  • New: Members are no longer limited to one specific guest per month.
  • A member may invite only one guest at a time.
  • Each guest may visit up to 5 times per month, regardless of who invites them.
  • Regular guest fees apply.

Tennis Guest hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 6 pm
Friday: 9 am - 8 pm
Weekends: 11 am - 6 pm

Swim: Members only, each household may share a lane or zone.

Fitness Room, Basketball Court and Playground: One household at a time, reserve a time through the office.

We continue to monitor news from the State and County regarding updates to what is allowed. We will be looking at expanding club use for vaccinated members as the County issues more information on the subject.
Message from the Board

Hi KKC Members,

We hope the new year is treating everyone well. 

So far the news is good: Covid case numbers have been falling, and the state and county have started to relax Covid-related restrictions in response. The Board is following these changes closely, to open up club usage safely as soon as we can. We're also aware that some members have started to be vaccinated, and the Board is discussing access policies that could apply specifically to the vaccinated members. 

In this newsletter, you'll find details of the expanded access rules for tennis and pool use, including guest policy relaxation for tennis. Of course, these could change quickly during the month if we see policy changes from the county, so be alert for updates from the club.

While the locker rooms remain closed, we are taking advantage of their closure to give them a much-needed repainting. 

And the club is starting to plan for another long-overdue project: renovation of the swimming pool. Any advice from members with experience in this area would be greatly appreciated! Please contact the Board or the Swim Committee if you can help us learn.

Last, but certainly not least, Kona Kai may be getting its moment on the silver screen! A movie producer has asked to use the club as a location for a few scenes in a movie entering production soon. The Board is talking to the movie team to make sure it can be done with minimal disruption, but if all goes well, KKC will be Hollywood's latest discovery.

Kona Kai Club Board of Directors
Communicate with the Board
Due to the fact that the Board and Committee meetings will be held remotely via Zoom, please get in touch if you would like to communicate with the Board or a Committee or attend a meeting.
Email our Board President, Teresa Sulcer at president@konakaiclub.org or
Club Manager, Sharon Schedler at s.schedler@konakaiclub.org.
Important Reminders:
  • Masks or face coverings are required while at the club except while exercising. Please do not come into the club until you have put on a face covering. Also please wear one when leaving or walking around.

  • Do not come early for a reservation. All club use is by reservation only and not available except at the time of the reservation.

  • Please leave the club when your reservation time is over. Thank you for being considerate of other members.
Face Mask 2
All entry to the club continues to be through the Tennis gate. Say hello and identify yourself to our Club Monitors. If no one is there, please continue to the area of the club you have reserved. Thank you!

Tennis play is currently limited to one family on each side of the court due to the state and county orders.

  • Tennis Guests: Tennis Guests may once again be invited to the club as of today, February 1.
  • Please note all guests must be pre-registered with the office.
  • Be clearly listed in the booking title of the Skedda reservation.
  • Only during guest hours.
  • New: Members are no longer limited to one specific guest per month.
  • A member may invite only one guest at a time.
  • Guests must comply with the one household on each side of the court rule.
  • Regular guest fees apply.

Tennis Guest hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9am - 6pm
Friday: 9am - 8pm
Weekends: 11am - 6pm

Court Reservations:
  • Court 3 is the ball machine court. Please reserve a different court if you are not using the ball machine and another court is available.
  • Courts 1 and 2 should not be used for practice if using ball baskets (more than 6 balls), especially if there are players in the adjacent court.

  •  Cancel any reservations promptly if not needed. 

  • Repeated no-shows will be penalized with temporary suspension of privileges.

  • Only reserve the time that you need.

  • Show up to your reserved time promptly, especially during peak hours. 

  • Arriving more than 15 minutes late to your reservation might result in the cancellation of your entire reservation and having the court time reassigned to someone else.  

Members must agree to the Tennis Rules before playing at the club.

We continue to offer lap swim and Family swim times for members only.

  • Lap Swim only: Every day 9 am - noon and 7:30 - 9 pm, all lanes
  • Lap Swim only: Monday - Thursday Lanes 1-3, noon to 7:30 pm
  • Family Swim: Monday - Thursday, noon to 7:30 pm - Zone B only
  • Family Swim: Friday - Sunday, noon - 7:30 pm - Zones A & B
  • Extra swim slots available upon request after quota is reached by calling or emailing the office - office@konakaiclub.org
Basketball Court, Fitness room and Playground are available

To make a reservation for the Fitness room, Basketball court or playground please call the office at 408-984-8880, or email office@konakaiclub.org.

  • Reservations required
  • One household at a time only
  • Playground closed after dark
Fence Repair

If you have been at the club recently you may have noticed that the fence we share with Kaiser sustained some damage in the recent storms. Big thanks to Buildings and Grounds Board member Javier Cobos and staff member Marion Schade & her husband Eberhardt who zipped over to the club and were able to do emergency reinforcements to keep the club secure. We're happy to report that our good neighbor Kaiser is working on replacing the damaged sections.
If you have a reservation to use the playground, please be very careful of the temporary fence supports in place.
Need help finding the latest news from the Club? Check our website - go to www.konakaiclub.com and look at the bottom of the Home Page. Newsletters, rules and club communications are posted there. We'll do our best to keep the site updated.
Special thanks to member Diana Yen who sewed and donated free reusable face masks! If you need one, help yourself to one on the tennis patio. Thanks, Diana!
Club History

Take a look at our members who joined this month in the years past, starting with 
Pat Will 
who has been a member for 48 years.

Feb. 1973 (48yrs)

Feb. 1985 (36yrs)
Frank & Rosaine VASQUEZ

Feb. 1988 (33yrs)

Feb. 1989 (32yrs)
Greg & Maria GREULICH
Feb. 1992 (29yrs)
Mario LEE & Irene LIAU

Feb. 2001 (20yrs)

Feb. 2007 (14yrs)
Javier COBOS & Kerstin VOGEL

Feb. 2008 (13yrs)

Feb. 2014 (7yrs)
Teng LI & Mei Chen

Feb. 2017 (4yrs)
Seth & Janet HAZEN
Senthil & Akilandeswari SUBRAMANIAN

Feb. 2018 (3yrs)
Jun JIN & Yichao HUANG
Peter LIOU & Lina HUANG
 Shailesh UNNY & Subashini Ramakrishnan

Feb. 2019 (2yrs)
Scott & Katrina WATTERS
Welcome to new members:
Shinje Tahk & Namsoo Lee & children Esther, John & Maria

Zhiheng Huang & Yan Li & children Grace & Lawrence

Yuqian & Angie Wang

We said goodbye to members :
Jason & Theresa Lester
Marc Wigglesworth & Rocelle Maliksi
Tim Tsai & Sonia Kuo
We'll miss you!
Kona Kai Staff

Club Manager
Sharon Schedler

Office Staff
Marion Schade
Charles Kingsley
Dulce Fernandez
Jillian Muirhead
Club Maintenance
Ken Kingsley
Brian Bautista
Charles Kingsley
Jae Caluag
Club Contact Info

Club Office:

General Office email office@konakaiclub.org

Sharon Schedler, Club Manager