February 2021
Emma Pass - Engaging Online Asynchronous Lessons
In collaboration with 7 other School Library Systems from around the state, BT BOCES was proud to present a virtual keynote and breakout session on Engaging Online Asynchronous Lessons led by Emma Pass, author of The Hybrid Teacher: Survival Guide. During the session, Emma supported teachers as they used Google slides and Google Docs templates to create an asynchronous lesson that their students would be able to navigate independently. In addition, she discussed parent communication and gave tips and tricks on how to stay organized and connected. Emma was gracious enough to provide us with a recording of her presentation. Email Alicia Sherman asherman@btboces.org if you would like the link.
The Hybrid Teacher: Survival Guide served as an invaluable resource during the spring and fall; additional resources created by the PLIC team that integrate pieces of her work can be found in the Remote Teaching Resources guidebook.
Agriculture, Business, Technology Learning Community
This school year, we have started a new regional community of practice for teachers of Agriculture, Business, and Technology. This group, facilitated by Stacy Smith and Erin Wilday, has been meeting quarterly to learn and grow together as educators. Teachers have had the opportunity to explore various resources for their content area, as well as share practices for teaching in a remote or hybrid setting. 

In February, the ABT group focused on the importance of student collaboration and experienced some examples of how to work together remotely. Small groups of teachers utilized breakout rooms and shared Google slides to either plan to build a bench for their school or create a budget for shared living expenses. 

As we know, being able to work together is a great motivator for students, and also an opportunity for teachers to infuse SEL skill building. As teachers learned about collaboration processes, one of the key areas discussed was structures for helping groups come to consensus. Teachers were provided with some different ways to teach this important decision making skill in their classrooms. 

The ABT group will be meeting again in April and you are welcome to join us! Please click here for more information and registration. 
Did you know that staff, students and parents can access information on SchoolTool right from their Android and iOS phones? When a district enables this feature, SchoolTool information can be viewed via the SchoolTool App! This is a convenient way for students and parents to stay informed about current schedules, contacts, marking period grades, assignments, and attendance, while staff can use it to search for students to access information. 

You can find the SchoolTool Mobile App in your device’s app store. Once you have downloaded the app, you will want to log in using your district specific SchoolTool link and your personal username (email address) and password.
Once in the application, use the menu icon to access your user specific pages, such as home, grades, assignments, schedule, and attendance. 
To make the most of this app, student users will want to be sure to allow push notifications to get alerts when assignment grades are posted or when a direct notification is sent. These can be enabled on the settings screen in the app as seen below. Note, you’ll also want to be sure to have notifications enabled in your device specific settings.
This convenient access to SchoolTool is sure to be a valuable tool in the home-school connection! For more information, please visit the Mindex site here.
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