May 2021
Officer Changes
Please help us serve you better by keeping your chapter officer list up to date. Send changes to Sandy Roady at You can check your chapter officers and directory at Click on PTG Members in the menu. Choose Member Directory, then use the Chapter Search to find your list. Any chapter member is eligible to serve in any chapter officer position.
PTG Deadlines for Summer 2021 Board and Council
May 28 - Bylaws proposals due to the Bylaws Committee for the Summer Board meeting. The Bylaws Committee is also now reviewing non-bylaws Requests for Action (RFAs) proposals. If you would like to have the committee review your non-bylaws-related proposals then these must also be submitted no later than May 28. If you need assistance wording or formatting your proposal, please reach out to the committee prior to the deadline. All reports and RFAs should be submitted in Word format for easy placement into the Board/Council book. Find more information on the Bylaws Committee page.
June 17 – Committee, Task Groups, and Board reports due for the Summer Board meeting. Send reports in Word format to Download a Committee Report form.
June 17 – Non-bylaws RFA's due for the Summer Board meeting. Send proposals in Word format to Download an RFA form.
June 27 – Council delegate forms due. Download a Council Delegate Registration form. Please return to
Council/Board books will not be mailed but will be posted in the Member Area under Forms and Documents on by July 4. A notice will be sent when it’s available for download. 
Chapter Dues
Checks for chapter dues will be mailed to chapter treasurers in August. Note the change made last summer when the installment payment option was approved.
Regulations & Codes - III.B.7. Members may now elect to pay annual PTG dues in monthly installments. As a chapter, you have two options, they are: a) to have your treasurer collect all chapter dues or b) agree to have PTG collect the dues with the understanding that distribution to the chapter will only take place twice a year (August distribution for Jan-June and February distribution for July-Dec).
Chapter Leader Forum at Convention
Join a round table discussion with other chapter leaders (current and past). Learn more about the recent Chapter Profile results. Bring your ideas and your challenges to share! Goodie bags for all session attendees! Moderated by John Parham, RPT, Charlotte, NC Chapter.
New Traveling Playground Stations
The Piano Technicians Playground has been a popular event at PTG Annual Conventions. Now, some of the stations from that event have been packaged into Traveling Playground Stations that can be checked out to chapters. These stations are packaged in USPS flat-rate boxes and can be sent to any chapter. Your chapter will be responsible for shipping costs. Visit to learn more about the available kits and to check out a station.
Exams at the 2021 Convention
A limited number of RPT Exams will be offered at the Convention in Orlando. If interested in taking an exam, sign up now. You will need to purchase an exam voucher and fill out the RPT Exam Application Form to schedule a date and time. If you have previously purchased an exam voucher, please call 913-432-9975 before registering for the convention. If you are an examiner attending the convention, and available to help with exams, contact Dave Davis, ETSC Chair at
New Leadership Scholarship from PTGF
The Piano Technicians Guild Foundation will offer up to 10 Leadership Scholarships each year from 2020 to 2023 to PTG members who hold office in their local PTG chapters as President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer.
  The scholarships provide individual recipients with an exam voucher to cover the applicant’s choice of either the PTG Technical Examination or the PTG Tuning Examination. This voucher can be used to pay for either RPT exam at any exam site. This includes the PTG annual convention, regionals, seminars, and local testing sites.
  To be considered, an applicant must:
  • Have passed the written RPT exam. (Now available online)
  • Hold office within their local PTG chapter. (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Have been prescreened to take either their Tuning or Technical Exam.
Leadership Luncheon
The Piano Technicians Guild
cordially invites you to attend the
Leadership Luncheon for Chapter Leaders
and PTG Committee Members
Friday, August 6, 2021
Sponsored by Renner USA
A buffet lunch will be served.
Tickets will be required at the door.
Register for the convention online or
by calling 913-432-9975,
then request your complimentary ticket via email at
Wanted! PTG Members Who Want to Make a Difference
Interested in how PTG operates? Want to work on a project that benefits members? Put your interest, talent, and skills to work by signing up for a PTG committee. All members are eligible to serve. Contact your RVP or PTG Vice President Marc Poulin ( to volunteer or to recommend someone else. See a committee list in the Member Area at
RVP Contact Information
Region 1 - Northeast - Keith Bowman, RVP Online Community 
Region 2 - Southeast - George W. R. "Bill" Davis, RVP Online Community 
Region 3 - South Central - Doug Garman, RVP Online Community 
Region 4 - Central East - Michael Gutowski, RVP Online Community 
Region 5 - Central West - Jim Coleman, Jr, RVP Online Community 
Region 6 - Western - David Stoneman, RVP Online Community 
Region 7 - Pacific Northwest - David Stocker, RVP Online Community 
Executive Committee
Paul Adams, RPT, President, 
Marc Poulin, RPT, Vice President, 
Jim Fariss, RPT, Secretary-Treasurer, 
Executive Director, Barbara Cassaday,