Are You Heart Healthy?

February is all about The Heart. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension) is too common and dangerous. It puts people at risk for heart diseasestroke, heart failure, kidney failure, vision loss, peripheral artery disease, sexual dysfunction, pregnancy complications, and cognitive decline.
Included in this month's newsletter are links to a tool kit provided by the Centers of Disease Control that can help you communicate with your employees about the consequences of high blood pressure and how they can take charge of their high blood pressure management.

This month please welcome our presenter, Philip Perona, MD. Dr. Perona is a non-invasive cardiologist for Adena Cardiology and cares for patients in Chillicothe and Greenfield. A board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Perona earned his medical degree from the University of Arkansas.

Wendi Bennett, Program Manager

Ross County Safety Council
Virtual Meeting for February

Just days from now we'll have our seventh Ross County Virtual Safety Council meeting of the 2020-2021 season. It's this Thursday, February 11, 2021, 10am

Topic: Heart Health & Wellness

Speaker: Dr. Philip Perona, Adena Cardiology

You will receive an email with the meeting link
If you do not pre-register, we will not be able to admit you to the meeting. The reason for this is that we can't make the Zoom link accessible to the general public for safety of the presenters and the attendees.

As a reminder, all remaining virtual meetings this year will start at 10am (unless notified otherwise). We expect the presentations to take between 30-45 minutes with a brief question & answer portion immediately following.

Update on future meetings

The remainder of the 2021 Program Year will bring presentations on the following topics:
February--Cardiac Health
March--Workplace Ergonomics
April--Communicating with a Multi-Generational Workforce
May-- Electrical & Eye Safety
June--Developing a Safety-Conscious Work Culture
Employers Toolkit
Heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death and disability and the most expensive medical conditions for businesses. Learn effective strategies for improving employees' health and lowering their risk for heart disease and stroke--actions that will also produce cost savings for your organizations.
Learn more HERE
Monthly Poll
What are the Top Wellness Strategies that Your Company Currently Uses?
Worksite Health & Wellness Programs (i.e. biometric screening)
Employee Health Policies (i.e. smoke-free workplace)
Environmental Supports
Health & Wellness Compensation/Benefits
Employee Engagement (i.e. water challenge)
An Assessment Tool to Promote Employee Health & Well-being
The Ohio EPA is offering two informative webinars in February. Be sure to catch one of the free Environmental Sessions being offered in conjunction with the BWC Ohio Safety Congress.
Notable Dates in February
AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month Prevent Blindness America
American Heart Month American Heart Association
National Heart Month British Heart Foundation
National Burn Awareness Week (February 7-13) American Burn Association

Important Deadlines

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Upcoming Programs

February 11 @10am Adena Health Systems
March 11 @10am Ergonomics
April 8 @10am BWC
May 13 @10am TBD
June 10 @10am Insite Ed & Consulting

Until further notice, these meetings will take place virtually.
Ross County Safety Council
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