Global volunteers are helping move IDDSI Implementation forward
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Interested in starting an IDDSI reference group to help support IDDSI implementation in your country? Contact us.
Abbreviations were developed for all Levels of food and drink in the IDDSI Framework.  To avoid confusion with other medical terms, we request that when using an abbreviation that the letters are stated before the number.  

For example: 
Level 7 Easy to Chew. use the abbreviation EC7, 
Level 5 Minced and Moist, use the abbreviation MM5
Level 3 Moderately Thick MO3
Level 3 Liquidised  LQ3
Global Updates
Sporting fashionable IDDSI wristbands at Reuth Hospital. For more info about these wristbands, contact
IDDSI Reference Groups
D-A-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
The D-A-CH IDDSI Reference Group held their Kick-Off meeting on February 24, 2021.  Anyone wishing to join the reference group, please contact
Over 75 people participated in this meeting!
IDDSI sedang mencari sukarelawan yang berminat untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada Kumpulan Rujukan IDDSI Malaysia yang baru, mewakili pelbagai pihak, termasuk tetapi tidak terhad kepada: profesional kesihatan dan kesihatan bersekutu; pesakit disfagia dan penjaga mereka; wakil industri makanan; dan rakan kerjasama lain yang berkaitan. Untuk maklumat lanjut dan permohonan, sila hubungi

IDDSI is now seeking volunteers to be part of a new Malaysia IDDSI Reference Group, representing diverse stakeholders, including but not limited to: health and allied health professionals; dysphagia patients and their caregivers; food industry representatives; and other relevant advocates. For further information and application, please contact
“The Singapore Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Committee, which is made up of multi-disciplinary stakeholders (ie. medical, nursing, speech therapists, dietitians and administrators), was formed in January 2020. This committee is currently developing a national guide to facilitate implementation of the IDDSI framework.”  For further information please contact
United Kingdom
The United Kingdom IDDSI Reference Group held their 2nd meeting on February 24, 2021. The UKIRG will be forming work groups over the next month and will reconvene on March 24, 2021. If you are interested to join the UKIRG, please contact
United States and Territories
The USTIRG work teams: Implementation/Advocacy, Education/Training, Communication/Newsletters, Resource Collection/Development, Utilization/Guidance/Best Practice, Research/Data Collection have met several times since January 2021.  The work teams have now identified and prioritized their respective tasks and will be reaching out over the next months to request your support to contribute information/feedback.

USTIRG Resource Collection and Development Committee
The USTIRG Resource Collection and Development Committee is placing a call for action as we are currently seeking submissions from individuals or teams with interest in sharing any IDDSI resources or materials they have developed while working towards IDDSI adoption and implementation at their facility or institution. These resources would have been created separately from the materials that are accessible on the IDDSI website. For example; patient handouts, recipes, resource tools, etc.
With this request, we as the USTIRG Resource Collection and Development Committee are gathering resources in efforts to advocate and support IDDSI adoption and implementation for those who have started the process or are working towards this goal specifically here in the US. 
Additionally, if you or your team feel there is a need for specific resources relevant to the US & Territories that are not available on and the USTIRG Resource Collection and Development Committee could potentially develop, we are seeking suggestions for this as well. We appreciate your participation and support of IDDSI across the US & Territories. 
Please use the button below to send these submissions or suggestions with the subject line: Sharing IDDSI Resources
Webinar Series
Thank you to everyone who has been registering for our webinars! We appreciate the interest and try and accommodate as many people as possible but we do have a limited number of spots available.  
In some cases our webinars have filled very quickly which results in some people being unable to register and attend. 
If you register and then cannot attend a webinar, PLEASE make sure to cancel so we may open another spot up for someone else.  Thank you very much for your consideration. 
International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI): Insights from New Zealand Adoption

March 26, 2021 at 09:00 AM (GMT+13:00). Check out this handy tool to see what time that is for you.
About: New Zealand were early adopters of IDDSI and in 2017 concentrated on Awareness and Early Preparation for IDDSI implementation. As we have moved into 2018, we have transitioned into the Adopt phase with full adoption in December 2018. Today we will describe the implementation initiatives used in New Zealand and explore the challenges and successes of our implementation process.
Presenters: Dr Anna Miles, registered speech pathologist and expert adviser on adult dysphagia. Liz Beaglehole, registered dietitian. Both Anna and Liz led the adoption of IDDSI in New Zealand. 

Duration: 60 min including a Q&A period. This session will be recorded and shared at a later date. It has not been pre-approved for CEUs.
Previous Webinars and Recordings
IDDSI in Action

  • Dysphagia Research Society Virtual Meeting: March 9-12, 2021. 
  • German Dysphagia Society (DGD) Conference: April 7, 202
  • Taiwan Association for Dysphagia (TAD) Assembly: June 19, 2021
  • Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation/World Dysphagia Summit Congress: August 20-23, 2021