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Elysium Girls
By Kate Pentecost
Life and Death are at war. Their battleground is the walled Oklahoma city called Elysium, ruled by a coven of witches and inhabited by demons. Sal, a powerful witch, is named Successor... until she and a demon named Asa are exiled. To atone for their mistakes, they set out to put an end to the apocalypse. But to win will mean challenging the rules for a chance to beat Life and Death at their own game.
By C.L. Polk
Born with an ability for magic, Miles Singer was either doomed to follow his family's interests or be admitted to a witch's asylum. Instead, he faked his own death and reinvented himself as a doctor. But when his witchmark is exposed while trying to save a poisoned patient, Miles's anonymity and freedom is at risk. Determined to solve the murder of his patient, he must return to the family fold....
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Get to Know Your Library Staff
Featuring: Nirmala
Nirmala is part of the circulation staff. You can often find her at the front desk, answering your phone calls and emails. She also likes to help beautify the library with various displays and bookmarks!

When it comes to reading, Nirmala likes to read historical fiction, mysteries, and legal thrillers. In her free time, it's not uncommon to find her crocheting, gardening, or listening to her favorite music.

Unofficial Title: Eternal Optimist
--------------- Nirmala loved: ---------------
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