Firethorne Exchange
February 2022
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Scout Flag Program
West Firethorne ONLY

If you would like to have a flag placed in your yard for patriotic holidays and help to support your neighborhood Scouts text FLAGS to 979-426-4195.

HOA Yearly Assessment

HOA bills CANNOT be paid at the HOA Management Office.

You must pay them online at

Firethorne Community Association
c/o Firethorne Processing Center
P.O. Box 95254
Las Vegas, NV 89193-5254

If you have not received your statement or would like to set up a payment plan please contact Canady & Canady at 713-783-1021.
Community Reminders

  • Please use your fobs when entering the gym.

  • You must exit the Fitness Center by 11PM or you will set off the security alarm.

  • Next HOA Regular Board Meeting will be at the Clubhouse on Thursday, 24, 2022 at 11am.

  • Christmas lights and decoration should be removed by now.

  • Trash Cans MUST be out of view from the street. Do not leave cans at the curb when it is not a trash pick up day (Wednesday/Saturday).

  • Political signs, flags or banners are only allowed 90 days prior to an election. At this time the only ones allowed are for participants of the March 1st primaries.

  • If you have books to donate to the Little Free Library by the main playgroup you may drop them off at the HOA Management Office.

  • The HOA managers are now back in their office at 28128 N. Firethorne Road.

  • Be on the look out for Clubhouse rental information.

  • Parking by the mailboxes is for short term parking ONLY. Do not park in these areas overnight.

  • Keep your yard looking it's best: pull weeds, add mulch, power wash driveways, replace dead or missing plants & clean out expansion joints

  • Check around the exterior siding of your home for any mildew and address any problem areas.

  • Fence height may not exceed 6ft 6in. Any fence facing the street, drainage areas or any other common areas must remain at 6ft. Click here for more info.

  • If you are unable to fit your trash in a neighborhood trash can while enjoying the amenities please bring it home to dispose of properly. Overflowing trash cans are not a good look for the neighborhood.

  • Make sure your address is visible from the street. This will help first responders if there is ever an emergency at your home.
Home Modification Applications

Applications are due Wednesday, February 16 by 2pm
Click here to find applications and guidelines.

You can email completed applications to, or
drop them by the temporary office.
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