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Cannabis Business Updates and Denials
Hunterdon municipality, Franklin Township, tables cannabis ordinance

Franklin Township had a town council meeting on February 10th where the council was going to vote to adopt an ordinance allowing cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distribution centers within the municipality's borders. After over 200 residents joined the virtual meeting voicing their universal disapproval of the cannabis ordinance, the town council made the decision to table the ordinance. The residents of Franklin Township voiced serious concerns of water usage, drop in home value, destruction of natural beauty, cannabis odors, town values, and more. Of the residents that spoke at the meeting, not one was in favor of cannabis businesses in the township.

Vacant church in Hunterdon could become marijuana farm

In West Amwell, a national cultivator of medical cannabis wants to convert a vacant church into a facility to grow medicinal marijuana. GMNJ Properties has applied to the township Planning Board to convert the former First Pentecostal Prayer of Faith Church at Route 518 and Rock Road into a 30,000-square-foot cultivation facility. The hearing for approval has been tentatively postponed until March 15.

Lambertville to consider three proposals for marijuana businesses

The three proposals are:
  1. Baked by The River, to open a 660-square-foot "micro-business" at 10-12 Church St.
  2. Jersey Girlz, to open a 10,145-square-foot store at 80 Lambert Lane.
  3. Union Chill Cannabis Company, to open a 2,902-square foot store at 204 N. Union St.

In July, the city council adopted an ordinance allowing a maximum of four marijuana stores in Lambertville, with two classified as micro-businesses. The council also approved a 2% tax on sales and a $2,500 annual permit fee.

Junction City views Delta-8 THC as Schedule I controlled substance

The attorney of the City of Junction City encourages residents not to possess or utilize products made from the cannabinoid commonly called Delta-8 in city limits following an opinion released by the Kansas Attorney General on December 2, 2021. City Attorney Britain Stites’ office sees products consisting of more than 0.3 percent Delta-8 or other THC isomers as Schedule I controlled substances. Delta-8 is an unregulated substance and has been commonly found to have more than the 0.3% THC that it is commonly marketed to have. Read more below.

Student, 16, overdoses on suspected fentanyl-laced marijuana

NBC published a story stating that a 16-year-old student suffered an apparent fentanyl overdose at a Connecticut high school Thursday, suspected to be caused by laced marijuana, authorities say. The overdose scare comes nearly a month after a 13-year-old died days after a suspected fentanyl overdose at a Connecticut middle school. The student survived, but this story highlights the risk of using marijuana and how dealers have no regard for what they are selling to customers.

Cannabis - What should you know?

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