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February, 2022
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We hold Discussion & Debrief meetings (via Zoom) every other Thursday at 4:00PM. Attending a Discussion & Debrief is a great opportunity to connect with fellow mediators and conciliators and to brush up on your dispute resolution skills.

Sign up for a workshop

We offer workshops throughout the year. To find out more about our workshops, visit our website, and keep an eye on your inbox for notices about upcoming workshops.

We're delighted to be offering a workshop, The Process is Your Friend, lead by Debbie Fish. This workshop will be offered in March (date TBD) and will likely be offered as a hybrid in-person and remote platform. Email Ella to reserve your spot.
Give mediating remotely a try if you haven't already
If you've had cold feet about becoming an active volunteer in our Remote Dispute Resolution program, we're here to help ease that technology fear so that you can get back to doing what you enjoy - mediating!

Whether it's walking you through a practice Zoom meeting, scheduling for you to observe a remote mediation, or pairing you with a volunteer mediator who's experienced in telephone and videoconferencing, we want to help. Send us an email to get involved.
Become an active participant on Cape Mediation's Email GoogleGroups Discussion Group

Chime in on our virtual Dispute Resolution email discussion group. This group provides a platform for Cape Mediation staff and volunteers to share information and ideas about job opportunities, news and more about the world of Dispute Resolution. If you'd like to join the discussion group, contact us to become a member - the more the merrier!
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Our Annual Appeal campaign is still open, and we'd sincerely appreciate your donation if you haven't had a chance to donate yet!

We're also on Amazon Smile if you'd like to make donations at no cost to you - just follow this link and for every purchase you make on Amazon, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price to Cape Mediation. It may not seem like much, but it all adds up!
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Legislative Briefing Report

We’re happy to share that the MOPC Legislative Briefing was a great success – with over 140 participants! Staff and volunteers from 12 Centers and many other supporters of mediation in Massachusetts were present.

Senator Adam Hinds and Representative Paul Tucker offered supportive words, remarking on the importance of the work we do as community mediation Centers. They also articulated their commitment to continued funding of the Grant Program.

MOPC was proud to share that Grant Program’s goals are being achieved. The goals include helping centers (1) eliminate or minimize fees, (2) focus on mediators’ professional development to preserve the quality of their services, and (3) engage in outreach to increase public awareness of mediation.

It’s clear that the Grant Program continues to be of great value to Massachusetts, by supporting the efforts of funded Centers to meet the mediation needs of their communities.

The common denominator of the success of all the Centers are their mediators, who make community mediation services possible. We at Cape Mediation want to, once again, offer our most sincere gratitude to our team of volunteers.

We look forward to carrying the enthusiasm from the Briefing forward with us as we continue to improve and to diversify mediation services in our community.

We encourage you to check out the MOPC Community Mediation Center Grant Program’s website to learn more!

We've been thrilled (and hope you have been, too!) with the turnout and quality of discussion during our recent Discussion & Debriefs.

With a steady stream of mediations and conciliations that continue to pose unique and interesting challenges, we encourage all our active mediators and conciliators to join our Discussion & Debriefs in February.

Sharing your challenges, successes, experience and knowledge with our group of mediators and conciliators is an integral part of broadening our collective dispute resolution toolbox.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For those of you who like to plan ahead, debrief dates scheduled for February will be on the 10th and 24th.

Zoom invitations are sent out Wednesday mornings before a Discussion & Debrief day.

Thank you to everyone who generously donated to our Annual Appeal and helped to make 2021 one of our most successful fundraising years to date! With your support, Cape Mediation is well positioned for another year of offering quality and dynamic dispute resolution services to our community.


Cape Mediation has welcomed several new members to the board this year. We have asked each of them to share a little about themselves each month in our newsletter. This month, we would like to introduce you to John Dorn.
John Dorn 

I am licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as both a physician and an attorney. My law practice is focused upon helping clients injured as the result of another's negligence. This often includes car accidents, medical error, slip and fall injuries, dog bites and wrongful death. 
I grew up in Needham, Massachusetts and graduated from Boston College in 1983. After receiving my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1989, I practiced as a chiropractic physician, in private and hospital based settings, for 18 years. During that time I was frequently retained as an expert witness and in this capacity participated in over 75 bench and jury trials. 
In 2004, I received my Juris Doctorate from New England School of Law. I began my law firm in 2006 and with my unique blend of specializations am able to address every aspect of medical-legal cases. 
My focus areas are Personal Injury Law, Wrongful Death, and Medical Negligence. Specialties include Medical Negligence, Bodily Injury, Health Care Fraud and Abuse (qui tam also referred to as the whistleblower statute(s), and Civil recovery under RICO. 
A Note from the Board

The Board held its annual meeting in January. New officers were elected or
re-elected. Teresa Martin signed off as a member of the Board, and we thank her for years of valuable expertise and insight. The Board welcomed its newest member in January - Adrienne Watson. The Board thanks everyone for making the Annual Appeal a success!
Cape Mediation Annual Appeal

The results are in! Cape Mediation’s 2021 Annual Appeal was very successful and exceeded our Annual Appeal goal by a very healthy margin. The Annual Appeal is a modest but important component of Cape Mediation’s income each year. Notwithstanding the larger societal and economic challenges we have all faced over the past two years, the Board is very pleased with the results of this year’s Annual Appeal.  

A huge THANK YOU to all who participated. ~ The Board
Board of Directors Action

Teresa Martin, a seasoned technology and non-profit executive on Cape Cod currently the Executive Director of Lower Cape TV in Eastham, stepped down from the Cape Mediation Board in January after serving for four years. In addition to her professional work in the management and technology sector, Teresa brought valuable experience as a member of the board of directors for numerous non-profit organizations including the YMCA of Cape Cod, and the Nauset Endowment Foundation. With her wide experience Teresa brought a very valuable perspective and made many contributions to Cape Mediation Board discussions. Teresa is currently the Executive Director of Lower Cape TV in Eastham and is leading a major capital campaign to grow and expand Lower Cape TV’s capabilities and audience. The Cape Mediation Board wishes to express its great appreciation to Teresa for her service and looks forward to drawing of Teresa’s experience in the future as a friend of Cape Mediation.  

We are truly grateful to everyone that has supported Cape Mediation, whether through your donations or by volunteering your time. We were very excited to see so many of you join us in support of Cape Mediation at the Legislative Briefing last week. The briefing highlighted the achievements, growth and impact mediation programs have had in Massachusetts communities. At Cape Mediation we are proud of the work we have done over the past thirty years. The support of our legislators and people like you help us to continue to make a positive impact on Cape Cod by making justice more accessible through all of our court-connected programs, by empowering young people learn to work through conflicts in our school Youth Mediation Program, and by offering our dispute resolution services and skill-building workshops in our communities. Thank you for supporting Cape Mediation.

Cape Mediation Discussion & Debriefs are now
offered on Thursday afternoons at 4:00 PM.

Thursday, February 10, 2022, 4:00 PM- Discussion & Debrief for Mediators and Conciliators. Whether you are an active remote mediator or conciliator, want to keep your skills sharp, or want to learn more about the remote process please join us. Contact us to join the discussion or look for the notice in your inbox.

Thursday, February 24, 2022, 4:00 PM - Discussion & Debrief for Mediators and Conciliators. Whether you are an active remote mediator or conciliator, want to keep your skills sharp, or want to learn more about the remote process please join us. Contact us to join the discussion or look for the notice in your inbox.

Upcoming in March 2022: - The Process is Your Friend Workshop, lead by Debbie Fish.
This workshop will be offered in March (date TBD) and will likely be offered as a hybrid in-person and remote platform. Email Ella to reserve your spot.

If you have not already signed-up, please send us your available volunteer dates by clicking the button below. We offer mediations and conciliations remotely Tuesdays through Fridays.

If you have not mediated or conciliated remotely, consider giving it a try. We will pair you with an experienced remote volunteer and we are sure once you try it, you'll like it!

Due to the surge of COVID cases in Massachusetts and the Omicron variant, we are postponing our in-person workshop series at the Truro Public Library.

We will reassess and share more information about rescheduling in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we continue to navigate these bumpy times! 

In the meantime, learn more about the workshop by visiting our website.

Are you one of the many avid WCAI Radio listeners on Cape Cod? Want a behind-the-scenes look at their operations?

If so, check out this Community Series Event which is free and open to the public.


Submitting a request to schedule a Mediation or Conciliation is now easier than ever, just visit our website at and fill out a Request for Services form. After we receive your request, one of our experienced case coordinators will contact you to learn more.
 You may also reach us by phone at 508-240-1717 or by email.

At a time of year when we're all holed up inside looking for new reading content, try delving into the blog world. Mediation blogs provide unique, bite size articles and opinion pieces to sift through on these cold winter days!

The Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program has a list of recommended mediation blogs to check out.

If you're in the mood for a quick (and fun) read, check out "Twelve Problems Mediators Share With Scientists" on our personal favorite, the Wolters Kluwer's Arbitration Blog.
We've all been part of a mediation where an apology truly is the silver bullet. Want to learn more about what makes a good apology and why it matters?

If so, check out The Power of Apologies, a Hidden Brain Podcast which scrutinizes why it's so hard to say "I'm sorry."

And if you're a Netflix-er, check out "Apologies" in Season 3 of Netflix's Explained Docuseries which examines why a good apology holds such power.
Have you read any good books or online articles lately? Do you have a favorite book or article on Dispute Resolution? If so, please contact us and we'll share it in the next issue of Mediator's Break.

Please visit CAPEMEDIATION.ORG for up-to-date information, current job openings and more!

If you are interested in becoming more involved in any of our programs, please reach out!

Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering in our Remote Dispute Resolution programs, but are unsure about the process or technology, we want to help! We will schedule you for to observe or pair you with someone with experience in telephone and videoconferencing to help. Contact us.

Please join us for our virtual Dispute Resolution email discussion group where we share information and ideas about job opportunities, news and more about the world of Dispute Resolution with the volunteers, mediators, conciliators and staff at Cape Mediation. This group is open to all Cape Mediation staff and volunteers. If you have not already joined, please contact us to join.
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We send out notices during the month including our monthly volunteer sign-up sheet, as well as share news and information with our Cape Mediation community, staff and volunteers. If you are not receiving our emails, try checking your Email Promotions and Spam settings. If that doesn't do the trick, let us know, so we can be sure you are on the right lists. Contact us.
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