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February 2022 Newsletter

Conscious Discipline and the Community

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This school year, Wild Plum Center has been implementing the Conscious Discipline curriculum program wide.

We are excited to share with our community that we will be offering "Conscious Discipline and the Community" sessions starting March 8th.

These sessions will be led by our Mental Health Consultant and offered (in both English and Spanish) to low-income families with children ages 0-5.

If you are interested in connecting a family in your community with solutions for social-emotional learning, discipline and self regulation, please reach out to catherineh@wildplumcenter.org for registration details.

Father Engagement

Every month Wild Plum Center provides our home-based families with the opportunity for monthly socializations. This month, our family mentors planned a socialization that honored the fathers in our student's lives.

Studies suggest that from as early as birth, a father's presence makes a child more immune to stress and better prepared for school in general.

So hats off to all the Dads in our program whose involvement today is positively influencing the whole life of a child!

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Donor Love

On behalf of our staff, students and families we want to thank all of our donors, volunteers and community advocates for your unwavering support of our program.

We appreciate everything you do to help us make an impact during the most formative year of a child's life!

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