Volume 26 | February 2022
New HVAC, Location Labeling, Zebra Hardware with a PLC, and More!
New HVAC in the Shop and Warehouse
As our business continues to grow so do the number of projects that require time and space in our shop and warehouse. This meant it was time for a big upgrade to our HVAC system! It wasn't a simple, inexpensive upgrade, but it was necessary. We look forward to continuing to fill the shop floor and warehouse with many of your projects. Click below to find out more!
Business is Personal
At EMP, we don't really buy into the phrase “It is not personal, it is just business.” We are always trying to humanize things around here at EMP. Trying to make our interactions with everyone, co-workers, customers, and vendors…... well human. Click below to learn more about our culture!
Location Labeling in the Warehouse
Setting up a new warehouse is no easy task, especially a warehouse with a large variety of products. The entire floor plan must be mapped out and labeled so that product can be tracked coming in and out of the facility. This is a huge job that can be daunting for a company to take on themselves. In this customer solution, we worked with the customer to create the layout and label each product location both on racks and floor space. Click below to find out more!
Using Zebra Hardware with a PLC
Continuing the theme of highlighting obscure Zebra connectivity tools, this month we focus on Network Connect. This is a tool from Zebra that allows you to connect both scanners and label printers directly to your PLC without the need for much more complex PLC programming. Click below to learn more!
Software – Something That We Can Ship!
With the ongoing, global chip shortage, we thought for this month's Featured Product, we would focus on something that we can ship right away, software! ! Our software sales doubled in 2021 over 2020. Click on the article below to learn more about our software offerings.
Zebra Promotion
Make the Move to Advanced Printing Technology—and Receive a Free Printhead
Printhead Incentive Program
Zebra printers are built to last—but if you haven’t upgraded your printers in many years, you’re missing out on the latest printer technologies. With Zebra soon phasing out support for printheads associated with our legacy XiIIIPlus industrial printers and PAX3 print engines, now’s the time to upgrade.

And when you replace select Zebra printers by April 30, 2022, you’ll receive a free printhead for each printer purchased through the Zebra Printhead Incentive Program. Contact us to get started!