Happy New Year, Landlovers! And, may I add: How ’bout them Dawgs! (Apologies to my Alabama friends, but it really was time to share the glory.)

I would again like to thank those of you who rang for and donated to The Salvation Army. We raised even more than last year, with a 2021 total of $3,979.

Believe it or not, Landlovers largest fundraiser, The Flea Market, is only 7 weeks away. Please join us during this exciting and worthwhile event by donating your time and your household items. If you have not participated before or if it has been a few years, you will be amazed by the diversity of the items donated, the organizational skills employed, the number of people who devote their time and energy, the large crowd who attends from all over the Savannah area, and the amount of fun you can actually have and the camaraderie you will truly feel as you work hard to raise money for great causes. Please contact Rib Rubin for additional information at ribrubin@aol.com.

But, before that event, join us on February 8th as we enjoy Premium Wine and Small Plates at The Marshwood Club which will be open to Landlovers members only. (Club membership is not required). See below to reserve. We are also hoping that in March a Landlovers member will win a new custom golf cart and a private concert. Click here to enter the sweepstakes.

And, after The Flea Market, we will look forward to seeing you when our silent auction, Auctionmania, reappears, and when we play during our thrilling Games Day Fundraiser (April 8), and at the return performance of our distinctive Home Tour (May 14).
It is hard to believe that there are Skidaway Islanders who have not joined our great organization, isn’t it?

Best regards,
Marian Mackle