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Cadets in Action
This is the place to see the great things our Colorado Cadets are doing!
We love to share the adventures and successes of our Colorado cadets with our members. Please send photos and details of your cadets living their best lives at USAFA to vp@usafacpc.org.
C1C Michele Mason enjoying Jump class
Nailed that landing!
C1C Ricky de Bastos and Squadmates celebrate 100's Night dinner with General Clark
The Academy’s 100s Night tradition marks the Friday closest to 100 calendar days from graduation. The night includes a formal dinner where the First Class cadets (aka Firsties) wear Mess Dress and celebrate the approximately 100 days until graduation and their commissioning as Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force and Space Force. The Class of 2022 Spirit Committee gave each cadet a wooden coin rack engraved with their name. Cadets are also given liberty for the weekend so that the Doolies can decorate their rooms. Text Link
Decorated Firstie Rooms
The Class of 2025 did a fantastic job with these CPC Cadets' rooms!
Room of C1C Zane Kam - how did that cart fit through the doorway?!
Room of C1C Rita Nelson
Room of C1C Garhett Shaw
Hay-filled room of
C1C Cameron Zobrist
Space/Alien-themed room of C1C Abby Hermann ...
...complete with alien ship beaming up their cow.
C1C Andrew Puseman and his roommate had to first use the hammer so kindly provided by the Doolies...
... to reveal the party inside!
A-10 Room of
C1C Ricky de Bastos
The Space Force-themed room of C1C Amy Padilla had a Mission Impossible maze to negotiate to reach the prize - Sour Patch candy!
Room of C1C James Pennington
The room of C1C Kade Leonard was filled with balloons that looked very familiar to him.
Room of C1C Alena Wroe
Room of C1C Brooke Sveska
Wings of Blue-themed room of C1C Parker Garrison
Valentine's Goodie Bag Assembly & Delivery
Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped with the Valentine's Day Goodie Bag assembly and delivery on February 13, especially the Vista Ridge JROTC group!
It takes a lot of food to fill 1600+ Goodie Bags!
Assembly line
Tagging crew
Vista Ridge JROTC
Cadet POC's eagerly awaiting the Goodie Bag delivery
All loaded up and ready to distribute!

CO-PRESIDENTS | Paul and Kathy Puseman ('22)
CO-VICE-PRESIDENTS |Danny and Kathy Cometto ('25)
CO-SECRETARIES| Heather Benson ('23) and Nicole Greenwood ('23)
TREASURER | Julia Flachman ('25)
EVENT COORDINATOR | Position to be filled
FUNDRAISING CHAIR | Position to be filled
WEBMASTER Jessica Anderson ('25)