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February 2022

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We made it through the first month of 2022. First and foremost, we would like to inform you that annual PHC proposals have been mailed. If you have not received your annual proposal please let us know. Remember to take advantage of the pre-pay discount and save 3%.

Put a checkmark next to the items that you would like for us to perform this season along with your signature and return the proposal to our office by either mailing or emailing in your authorization.

Keep in mind some treatments are time-sensitive so please return your proposals as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call our office, we are happy to assist you and address any of your concerns.

Lastly, you already know we're going to say it. Water your trees! If you need help, we're here for you.

2022 Annual Proposals are out!

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Dormant pruning is a must for fruit trees such as Pears, Crabapples, and Hawthorns. Now is the best time to remove diseases such as fireblight. It might be impossible to completely eliminate fire blight from your fruit trees, so it is important to manage the disease with regular pruning and treatment. If left unchecked, fire blight can rapidly spread through your trees and move from one tree to another.

Winter storms are a common threat to the safety of our property. Strong winds can weaken stressed limbs and roots causing severe damage. Pruning trees now can mitigate future storm damage

We offer a 10% discount for pruning and removals authorized to do in between now and 3/1/22.

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Lawn mites are microscopic arthropods. They love dry turf, which is what Colorado has in abundance right now. Signs of brittle straw-like grass especially south and west-facing sides of structures near rock beds sun-exposed slopes pines trees will indicate where you have a perfect spot for these nasty creatures to thrive.

Mite pressure tends to rise under the current dry conditions. They feed in turf areas from November to March during warm and dry days. Proper care can save your lawn from severe damage, but it's not enough. You need more than just watering practices for a healthy and green space that will last through the next summer season!

Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape's solution against the mite war is preventative treatments known as Mite Control. Our three-treatment program fights against mites to protect your grass so it has enough time to get its strength and luster before the season starts up again. Our specialist knows precisely what to use on your lawn, plus how and when to use it. Leave the work to us. All you have to do is call our office today.

Mite Control Estimate

Safety First

At Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape, safety is our first priority, and we work hard to ensure that all workers are compliant with legal standards for tree work.

Our Plant Health Care Specialists or Arborist Climbers, all have the documented training to qualify them to perform their work. In addition to the specialized training our employees receive, Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape also provides all employees with weekly Safety meetings, including such topics as CPR and First Aid, Ergonomics, Injury Prevention, just to name a few.

Employee care, safety, and health are visible in all areas of our company, and we strive to carry that performance and care to every client and property we visit.

The best practices of this industry means you can feel comfortable knowing your project will go smoothly no matter what challenges come up. We've got you covered safely!

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