February 18, 2022
February 2022: Palapa Society News
The Palapa Society's Annual Report
Our Annual Report for FY 2021 (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021) is now ready to view in English. Physical copies will be available upon request in late March or early April.

Season of Giving 2021 Fundraising Results
With deep gratitude to our generous donors, The Palapa Society raised $138,500 USD of a $150,000 goal for the Season of Giving Annual Fundraiser. We knew this was an ambitious goal due to the pandemic and the cancellation of another season of fundraising events. However, we felt a responsibility to try outreach, publicity, and creative projects.
We need to reach our fiscal goal of $590,000 USD by June 30, 2022. We are currently short by $146,000. The Palapa Society is grateful to each and every person who hears the call and supports the vital programs and school in this community.

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Palapa Student Survey
As part of a year-end exercise, students were surveyed about their new, shared space. This insight will help us create improvements and give continuity to the things that work. We're very excited to share these results with the community!
  • 85% of students enjoy coming to our campus.
  • 88% are proud to be students here.
  • 100% feel the facilities are adequate for learning.
It's also important to ensure they develop within a safe space:
  • 88% feel their opinions are taken into account.
  • 88% get along well with their teachers.
  • 91% feel comfortable with their classmates.
Finally, they were asked to evaluate their teachers:
  • 84% enjoy their teachers' classes.
  • 79% feel teachers use diverse methods to benefit everyone.
  • 81% agree they learn something new every day.
We want to continue working together!
Thank you for being part of The Palapa School community.
A Fond Farewell to Joy O'Brien, Director of the Biblioteca Infantil Elena Poniatowska
Five years after Joy O’Brien moved to Todos Santos in 2009, she decided she might be ready to volunteer with The Palapa Society. Joy poked her head into the little house on Calle Obregon, the former location of The Palapa Society, where English classes were being taught to local children. Donna Viglione called out to her, “Good timing. Watch this class for an hour. I’ll give you your own class next week.” Joy ran away.
Five years later in 2014, Joy returned and was recruited as a Teacher’s Aid. Soon after, The Palapa Learning Center was built, and Joy volunteered as Director of the Biblioteca Infantil (Children’s Library). As a former pediatric RN in Louisiana, Joy thought, “I’ll see what I can do. I love kids, love to read, and feel like I can figure out what appeals to kids.”  To continue reading, please click here.
Welcome Paty Baum, Our New Director of
The Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska
A native of Michigan, Paty Baum’s father taught literature at MSU then accepted a teaching position in Portland, Oregon. Books were the central focus of the Baum household and the family made frequent trips to the library and bookstores. After high school Baum pursued a BA in film production at San Francisco State and an MEA from the University of Guadalajara. In 1995, a surfer friend told her about Todos Santos, and she spent a life-changing month in southern Baja.

The visit inspired her to make a permanent move to Todos Santos in 1996. Three years later, with 500 books from her father’s library, she founded the Palapa Library, which would eventually become Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska.  To learn more about Paty, please click here.
The Palapa Society's Community Programs
Events Calendar
New Information
On Friday, December 31st, Baja California Sur’s Secretary of Health announced that due to increased numbers of COVID-19, any event attracting large gatherings are suspended for an undetermined time.
Todos Santos Open Studio Tour: Cancelled
Historic Home Tour: Cancelled
Baja Under the Stars  (Denver, CO) - September 17, 2022
The Palapa Society's January Donors
Aleisa Spain
Andrea Matus-Magee
Bayley, Brad & Flora (in memory of Tod Diamond)
Berry & Bambi Jones
Bill & Kathy David & Cate
Carol & Jack McQuirk
Cathryn & Greg Williams & Broughton
Charles Herren
Cindy & David Higgins
Chris & Tracy Lecroy
Claudia Kopkowski
Dr. William & Cathy Nation
Jack & Phyllis Nottingham
Jae & Jeff Sherwood
Jeff & Erica McIlroy
Jene Buckner
Kim & Pierre Pellissier
Kimberly & Michael Boyd
Kirk & Stefani Cochran
Gary B. & Marsha Blum
David Puckett
Douglas Seymour
Paul & Pam Bumann
Christine Satterfield
Scot & Karen Barker
Terry & Susan Casey
Our Monthly Donors
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Angelica Velez Mendez
Ann Hazard
Anthony & Lee Irons
Bill & Chris Durboraw
Bill & Kathy David & Cate
Bonnie & AJ Johnston
Brian and Lynn Kuske
Bryan & Janet Raydon
Charley & Karen Haley
Cheryl Cheri V. Myers
Chris Miller & Diana Pandell
Connie & Andy Mical
David & Cindy Higgins
Deborah Parrish
Dennis & Nancy Naigle
Dick & Margot Hampleman
Dr. William "Bill" & Cathy Nation
Eleanor Andrews
Gail & Scott Bosch
Georgia Jane Hicks
Grace & Tim Tuttle
Hal and Vickie Butler
Jane Gehring
Janna Kinkade
Jay Masaschi
Jessica Spencer
John & Sharon Foster
Julie & Michael Dandurand
Karin & Judd Cuenin
Kathy Warnert
Kristin Rust
Liane Collins
Lisa Goodman
Lisa Welsch
Maria Olaisen & Mike Block
Marilyn Jacques
Marimar Higgins
Marjolein Brugman
Marshall Laird
Nancy Simpson
Paty Raines
Paul & Pam Bumann
Rick & Suzanne Arnold
Robert Bruce Westbrook
Ryan Casey
Sharon Morris
Stephen & Sophia Nicholas
Susan & Jim Smith
Sydney & Greg Schweitzer
Teresa Laird
Tori Sepulveda
Virginia Gollery
William & Cathleen Small
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The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C. exists to make a positive difference in people’s lives through inspirational quality education and timely support through community service and programs.

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