February 2023

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UHS February 2023 Calendar

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Health Resources for the Black Community at UC Berkeley

Group Counseling

  • Black Womxn's Sister Circle - Tuesdays, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
  • BIMOC Black, Indigenous, Men of Color Healing Circle - Tuesdays, 3:15 - 4:45 pm
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Sexuality Coaching with Black-Identified Professional Health Coach

  • Healthy Sexuality Coaching and Education with Robin Mills, MA. Topics include relationships, sexuality concerns & issues, sexual health & STI concerns, etc.
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Let's Talk Drop-In Consultations

  • Talk to Amber Jaiza Jones, LCSW on Mondays, 11 am-1 pm. Join via Wejoinin.
  • Talk to Adisa Anderson, Ph.D. on Thursdays, 1:15 - 3 pm. Join via Wejoinin.
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Group Counseling Schedule for Spring 2023

The UHS Group Counseling schedule for Spring 2023 is now available! Have you tried group counseling? Many students benefit from counseling in a group format where common concerns can be explored. UHS group counseling sessions are free for all UC Berkeley students and do not require health insurance.

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Making Friends: It All Starts With Hello!

Finding your community at UC Berkeley can help you develop a sense of belonging and can lead to long-lasting friendships. For National Make a Friend Day (2/11), the UHS Health Promotion team invites you to slow down long enough to make contact, say “Hi” to other students, and enhance your sense of belonging and community. For conversation tips, ways to get involved on campus, and resources, visit our website!

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National Condom Week

Did you know? National Condom Week, which begins on February 14, was established by students at Berkeley in 1978.

If you’re in need of condoms, don't forget that the UHS Pharmacy offers safer sex supplies at discounted prices for UC Berkeley students regardless of insurance. Additionally, thanks to the Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP), there is a free condom dispenser on the second floor of UHS. Keep your eye out for the SHEP team who will be tabling on campus and handing out free safer sex kits during Condom Week.

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Recipe: Homemade Pizza!

Celebrate National Pizza Day (2/9) by making a delicious homemade pizza! This recipe, created by the UHS Nutrition team, is student-friendly and allows you to pick your choice of flatbread and toppings.

Want more recipes? Check out our recipes webpage.

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