Volume 23 | Issue 1 | February 2023


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594 Scholarships

Gate 2 Signage

Four Employee Duties

Thank You, Garth

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New Members



Nathan Kraemer

Recording Secretary:

Ellen Foley


Kaleena Baulin

Negotiating Chairperson:

Shaun Jenkins

Maintenance V.P.:

Karl Dahle

Process V.P.:

Wade Schnell

Administration V.P.:

Kurt Haakensen (Interim)


Jamie Wolf (Interim)

Chief Shop Steward:

Richard Exner

Information Officer:

Ashlyn Heintz

Maintenance V.P. Assistant:

6 Month Trial: Garth Wendel


Brandon Mang

Sergeant at Arms:

Nic Skulski


Amy Wisniewski 

Daryl Watch 

Anton Skulski


The countless hours of meetings in December bore fruit as we have recently signed settlements with the Company on a number of grievances related to the Maintenance department. 

While the below settlements were reached on a without prejudice and non-precedent setting basis, the Company and Union have a better mutual understanding of contracting out issues and the purpose of the Contractor Log Book. In all cases, the Company agrees the tasks performed by Contractors outlined in each grievance are in fact tasks or duties within the scope of the bargaining unit.

01-2017 - Insulators: DGA Absorber Replacement Work

05-2019 - Scaffolders: Unit 14 scaffolding 

06-2019 - Scaffolders: Unit 14 scaffolding

07-2019 - Scaffolders: Unit 14 scaffolding

23-2019 - Carpenters: Stores roll up window repair

36-2020 - Pipefitters: Sewer repair

37-2020 - Pipefitters: Crane operator duties

38-2020 - Pipefitters: Crane operator duties

40-2020 - Carpenters: Door repairs

47-2020 - Carpenters: Window repair & replacement

48-2020 - Pipefitters: 508 tank piping work

49-2020 - Pipefitters: 705 tank piping work

03-2022 - Carpenters: Admin Building door repairs

08-2022 - MRP: Office moving duties

16-2022 - Carpenters: Gate 2 wall demo work

17-2022 - Electricians: Gate 2 electrical work

18-2022 - MRP: Trench filling work

19-2022 - Carpenters: MDU pump grouting work

21-2022 - Carpenters: Sec I/II door repairs

22-2022 - Carpenters: Sec V door repairs

34-2022 - Carpenters: Sec I/II wall demo work

36-2022 - Pipefitters: Insulator Shop water heater replacement

37-2022 - Pipefitters: RBO water heater replacement

38-2022 - MRP: Hot Zone rope setup


A big thank you to those that participated in the grievance meetings that worked diligently, creatively, and in a positive collaborative way to find a resolution to the above twenty-three grievances. There is still a lot of unfinished work as there are approximately 130 active grievances remaining. We are encouraged by the progress we have made so far.

Richard Exner, Chief Shop Steward



Karla Hanson


Debbie Bourassa &

Mitch Bloos

Building Maintenance:

Garth Wendel


Mike Pelzer


Sam Seibel


Corey Strass & Colin Waldie

Fire & Safety:

Daryl Watch &

Ryan Shillingford

Information Technology:

Cory Frederickson


Shane Thompson


Dave Mushynsky &

Jaret McCloy & Chris Szala


Luke McGeough &

Brandon Mang


Andrea Jordan & Mike Fink


Derek Kups & Karter Diewold

MRP: Garth Wendel

PDD Loading: Jamie Wolf

PDD Warehouse: Vacant

PDD Office:

Christal Wisniewski


Jeremy Lukomski

& Dan Ross


Ryan Dzioba


Nelson Wagman

Section IA:

Charles Brittner

Section IB:

Charles Brittner

Section II:

Jason Sharp

Section III:

Josh Hollinger

Section IV:

Pat Pilot & Cam Parisien

Section V:

Andrew Murray


Nathan Fafard


Scott Wicklund


Every year, up to four scholarships are awarded to persons taking full-time post-secondary education at a University or Trade school. One of our scholarships is in memory of Shirley Reynolds. Shirley was a member of the Union Executive serving as the Administration VP when she was tragically killed on May 21, 2003, in a car accident during working hours.

Applications can be made by any member of the immediate family of a Unifor Local member or a member of the immediate family whose spouse was a member of Unifor Local 594 and employed by the complex at the time of their death. Applications open for the scholarship in September of each year.

The Finance Committee is proud to announce this year's winners:

$1000 - Dylan Sies

$1000 - Carley Hooper

$1000 - Britten McGonigal

Congratulations to these three students. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!


It was great teamwork between a sub-committee consisting of Andrew Swenson (Manager Communications & Public Relations), Mario Kijkowski (Sr HR Specialist Labour Relations Bargaining COE) for the Company; and Richard Exner and Ashlyn Heintz for the Union.

The committee began the Gate 2 sign work in July of 2022 with lots of back-and-forth ideas. The final product was agreed upon and approvals were completed by the Company and Union. The final product was created by Sleek Signs and hung by our 594 Building Maintenance team on January 26, 2023!


One of the sessions at the Saskatchewan Labour Law Review last November was focused on the duties of the employee in the workplace. This was unexpected for me; when I think of my duties at work, usually it starts with showing up and ends with doing the tasks assigned to me for the day. However, there are certain duties that are inherent in the employment contract that are perhaps not as commonly thought of. In this article we will discuss four of these duties: the duty of fidelity, the “work now, grieve later” rule, the duty to cooperate, and the duty to mitigate. One thing to note before diving into these duties is that the workplace is meant to be a cooperative environment between in-scope and out-of-scope workers. Each of us brings something different to the workplace, and by cooperating we can all get the most out of our workday. This is NOT to say that these duties are exclusive to the unionized workforce; rather, that by fulfilling these duties we can all help protect ourselves and our jobs and maintain a mutually beneficial workplace. By understanding exactly what is expected of us, we can help ensure that our work relationships are functional and productive.

  1. The Duty of Fidelity – this is inherent in every workplace relationship and refers to the duty of employees to protect and not intentionally harm their employer’s business interests. This could be, for example, by not unfairly criticizing or competing with their employer. Although there is a greater duty of fidelity on higher ranked employees, every employee is still expected to avoid negatively affecting their employer by taking business away through direct competition or badmouthing the business publicly. Specifically looking at potential breaches of this duty due to criticism, the intent is a large component – there is a difference between having a private, personal conversation about your workplace issues, and publicly denigrating the company. This duty is highly variable and nuanced, but it comes down to the employer’s need to be able to trust their employees implicitly.
  2. The “Work Now, Grieve Later” Rule – this is a rule I’m sure we are all familiar with, and it is intended to ensure continuity of production while potential unrest exists. The grievance procedure exists specifically to address issues that arise between the employer and the employee, and for the most part, employees are expected to follow the directions of their employer whether or not they agree that it is right. If an employee chooses not to comply with workplace rules or policies without going through the proper channels of grievance and arbitration, there may be limited recourse to dispute the discipline that follows. There is one notable exception to this rule, and that is if there are concerns related to health and safety. If there is a legitimate cause for work refusal due to health and safety, there are avenues available to undertake that refusal and not be penalized by the employer.
  3. The Duty to Cooperate – this is particularly for situations involving accommodation. The accommodation process is undertaken between three parties: the union, the employee and the employer. In an accommodation situation, it is very understandable that the employee wants their privacy to be maintained, but part of the duty to cooperate means that all relevant information about their needs is shared. Additionally, the employee must make a sincere effort to reach an accommodation. The employee is a part of the agreement but does not have the final say on what appropriate accommodation entails. If the other parties (union and employer) reach an accommodation that they jointly accept, the employee is required to make an attempt to participate in accommodation as offered rather than refusing to work until the result they want is obtained (see above duty to “work now, grieve later”). If the accommodation still isn’t acceptable after the trial, the three parties can reconvene to make additional attempts to find a solution.
  4. The Duty to Mitigate – this duty is used when an employee has been terminated. In a situation where an employee is grieving termination, they are required to take steps to move on with their life while waiting for the grievance to be resolved. This can include finding or even simply (but actively) seeking alternate employment. In these situations, the onus is on the employer to prove that the employee did not mitigate their circumstances while unemployed, so thorough documentation of all mitigating steps taken is a crucial part of the grievance resolution process. The employee is not required to take any job, but being able to prove that they have mitigated their situation by making an effort is instrumental in determining what damages are awarded if the termination is successfully overturned.

These four duties are not applicable at all times in the worker/ workplace relationship, however, it is beneficial to be familiar with them in the event that a situation arises where they are relevant. When a grievance reaches arbitration, the arbitrator will look at employee conduct including these duties when reaching a decision on the outcome; therefore, ensuring these duties are met will give the griever an advantage in the decision. If you have any questions about these duties, feel free to reach out to one of your friendly legal committee members!

Sheena Rivett,

Laboratory/Law Committee


I want to thank Garth Wendel on behalf of the Maintenance department, 594, and myself for everything he has done in the last 6 months, including while I was away on paternity leave.

He spent many long hours, executive planning meetings, executive & general evening meetings, and time away from his family. All of Garth's hard work has led to the creation of a Maintenance Assistant position on a 6-month trial. If you need to get ahold of him, his e-mail is: maint.asst@unifor594.com

We would not be in the position we are today if it wasn't for your hard work. Again, from everyone in maintenance and across 594; thank you, Garth!

Karl Dahle, Maintenance V.P.


  • Congratulations Tasha Lang (Yield Accounting) and Brandon who welcomed their twin daughters Kennedy Grace and Madilyn Rae born January 14, 2023.
  • Congratulations Colin Kuntz (Laboratory) and Justine who welcomed their son Isaac Stanley born January 17, 2023.

Ron Oschanney - Safety (January 1, 2023)

Laurel Dutton-Wilkins - Laboratory (February 1, 2023)

Dwayne Roussel - Pumps (February 1, 2023)

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