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Family and Friends Survey Results

In October 2022, Broadmead Care surveyed the families and friends of those who live in our Care Homes. We use the survey results to focus our quality improvement across the organization, improve services, and provide feedback to staff and board members who work together to deliver care. See where we scored 100%! Read more

Care Home News

Comfort, and joy, at Beckley Farm Lodge

Beckley Farm Lodge staff believe in encouraging and inviting residents and day program clients to be involved in planning and facilitating recreational activities as much as possible, including participating in their Christmas party. Read more

Monster trucks and winning pucks!

Your donations helped the people who live and work at Nigel House enjoy outings to see Monster Trucks and winning hockey teams! Read more

A whirl of activity at Rest Haven Lodge

December and January simply flew by with a variety of wonderful activities at Rest Haven Lodge in Sidney. Read more

Learning while caring at Veterans Memorial Lodge

At Broadmead Care, we know the long term benefits of providing hands-on learning for people training to work in healthcare. Read more

Veterans Health Centre

We won! And Tom celebrated a milestone birthday.

We won the Panorama Recreation Centre's gingerbread house competition!

Also ... Tom celebrated a milestone 100th birthday and received a special gift from a friend. Read more

Introducing ...

Roy ... Veterans Memorial Lodge resident and Canadian veteran

At 18, Roy joined the Army, with the PPCLI 1st Battalion in Calgary. “I had wanted to go to Korea and fight in the war. But they had other plans for me." Roy trained as a Paratrooper in Rivers, Manitoba. “We arrived in December, which I remember was cold – 35 below zero!”

Remembering the rush of jumping out of the planes, Roy smiles when he thinks of how the instructors would say, right before opening the doors of the plane, "You don’t have to jump.” However, once the green light would come on and everyone pushed up tight there was no turning back. Roy said, "When they yelled 'go' you better bloody well move or you'd get trampled to death!” Read more

In the Community

  • Our next Worth-a-Shot Lottery is making a come back just in time for spring! Mark your calendars for March 2023! Learn more.

  • SAVE THE DATE! Everyone's favourite Shred-a-Thon is just around the corner. Join us Saturday, April 29 as we SHRED for long term care! Learn more.

Stay up to date on our latest events and other FUN ways you can get involved on our events page.

  • Our goal to raise $150,000 towards the Serving Smiles Campaign has been reached. We set a lofty target to raise the funds by the end of 2022. Thanks to amazing donor support, we did it!

  • The last time it cost $0.52 to send a regular post in the mail was way back in 2007. Or was it? At Broadmead Care we have managed to go back in time!

Learn more about these fun facts, and more, in next month's Moments newsletter. Watch for yours by paper or virtual mail next month!

Family Matters

What's the difference between palliative and end of life care?

If you are confused about the difference between palliative and end of life care, you're not alone. Find out more on our website. Read more

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Lunar New Year, often called the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, is the most important holiday in China and Chinese communities around the world. We celebrated too, with special meals and activities in many of our Care Homes. Read more

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Activities Calendars are available on each Care Home's webpage. Visit the page for your Care Home, scroll down and then click on 'View our Calendar of Events'. Visit our Care Homes page

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