February 2023
February is here and Spring is just around the corner! Keep scrolling to see all the upcoming programs and resources we are offering, such as a new round of the Online Marianist History Course, a presentation by Dr. Neomi DeAnda as part of our NACMS Focuses on the Magnificat Series, and a new publication for sale on the bookstore: Volume One of the General History of the Society of Mary by Antonio Gascon, SM.

Join us on Thursday February 23rd at 8PM Eastern Time for this interactive and informative presentation by Dr. Neomi DeAnda, who is a theologian at the University of Dayton and committed Lay Marianist. Dr. DeAnda will lead participants in an interactive session discussing messages of universality found in Mary's words in Luke. It will also include how some of these messages have been depicted by various artists. Some Marian images brought to the discussion include: Mary and Elizabeth, Our Lady of Sorrows, and Maria Lactans

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"This was SUCH a wonderful highlight of my year."
-Erica Duarte, Marianist LIFE National Coordinator

"This class was more than informative, it was inspirational too. It showed the many ways that Fr. Chaminade struggled with similar challenges to the ones we face today."
-Nancy Woeste, Lay Marianist
Time is running out to register for Part One of the Online Marianist History Course which begins Tuesday February 28th. Click here to see the class meeting times and to register online by February 14.

The Online Marianist History Course is an introduction to the history of the Marianist Family spanning pre-Revolutionary France through the death of Father Chaminade. This course is adapted from the Marianist History Course that is offered to novices in formation with the Marianist Brothers and Sisters. The content of the course is the same; we have simply adapted it for an online format. In the Online Marianist History Course, students will have bi-weekly classes via Zoom with an instructor. Students are also required to complete reading assignments and to post on an online class message board. You can read more answers to frequently asked questions about the Online Marianist History Course by clicking here.

Email Gabrielle Bibeau at if you have any questions or difficulty registering.

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Volume One of the General History of the Society of Mary by Antonio Gascon, SM is now available for purchase on our online bookstore!

The first volume of this multipart General History examines the origins of the Society under the first three superiors general (William Joseph Chaminade, Georges Caillet, and Jean Chevaux), the evangelization of youth by means of teaching, and France’s nascent middle-class values that would eventually impact Marianist education.

Registration forms for each program will become available several weeks before the program date. For more information contact Patti Gehred at
Wisdom for Valentine's Day

Love consists in sharing
what one has
and what one is
with those one loves.
Love ought to show itself in deeds
more than in words.
Ignatius of Loyola
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