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Boots, our 18-year-old beloved feline mascot, saddened us deeply when he laid himself down for his final rest in our flower bed February 15.

An energetic kitten in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this dapper tuxedo cat grew to become a connoisseur of making friends among the downtown Ocean Springs businesses. Welcomed nearly everywhere, he was quick to cuddle up to people, always enjoying a pat on his head or a handrub down his furry spine.

To this day we still look for him on our back porch.
The alpha cat of our parking lot, Boots was also a friend to Maison de Lu next door where he munched on luscious treats and entertained diners by strolling among the tables in their courtyard. He also frequented other places such as his long ago first and foremost home, Moran Realty, as well as The Inn across the street. But in his later years he stayed close to The Pink Rooster/Gallery Garbo, lounging in our gardens, feasting on our back porch, and taking refuge underneath our structure.

He was a savvy traveler among the streets and was a good sport at putting up with the crowds of the city festivals. He also had friends in high places, such as the Villa Maria Retirement Apartments where residents routinely doted on him.
We remember Boots with laughter and anecdotes, recalling his many capers as well as his faithfulness to us. Yes, we still look for Boots every day.

And in our hearts, we still greet him.
The Pink Rooster / Gallery Garbo
622 Washington Ave.
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