February 2023

Get Connected
Engage your chapter and committee members by making sure they are taking advantage of the wide variety of ways PTG, regions and chapters communicate and share information.
  • Monthly Member E-newsletters – A quick look at the latest news from PTG.
  • Region and Chapter Communities at my.ptg.org – Discussions and news about PTG membership, benefits, events and organizational issues.
  • Piano Technicians Journal – Besides an excellent selection of technical articles and resources, check out event calendars, PTG member benefit notices, PTG Review for new members and new RPTs, and PTG Foundation news.
  • PTG Facebook Group – An easy way to post comments, questions and suggestions. Find our public group at Piano Technicians Guild (PTG).
Have you visited the Education Hub lately?
If you're looking for ideas for chapter technicals or other resources to help your chapter members, these are just of few of the treasures you'll find when you explore the Education Hub.
  • Can you find the slow-motion and high-speed videos?
  • Where would you discover new ways to use technology to learn and teach aural tuning and discernment?
  • Looking for a list of course goals for beginners studying vertical piano service?
  • Hoping for a way to do an online search of Journal content dating back to 1979?
Links to answers listed below.
Help Members Finance Their RPT Exam Journey
  • PTG Foundation Convention & Exam Scholarship | The PTGF offers scholarships each year that cover a PTG Annual Convention registration and the cost of one exam. Applications due by April 30. Learn more at ptgfoundation.org/outreach/scholarships.
  • PTG Foundation Leadership Scholarship | The PTGF offers scholarships to chapter leaders provide the cost of an RPT exam. Learn more at ptgfoundation.org/outreach/scholarships.
Is someone in your chapter interested in taking the RPT Written Exam?
The written exam is taken online. The RPT sponsor should contact the Written Exam Committee at writtenexam@ptg.org to set up a written exam. Only the English version is available at this time. The fee for the written exam is $25. Purchase a written exam voucher in the PTG Store. Select RPT Exam Voucher from the Categories list, then select Written Exam Fee. You'll receive your voucher purchase confirmation via email. Your order # will be proof of purchase. Your exam purchase information is automatically forwarded to the written exam committee, so you don't need to submit that information when you request your exam.
Application Fee Change
At the Winter 2023 meeting of the PTG Board of Directors, the new member application fee was changed from $149 to $75 effective March 1. The full fee will be retained by the Home Office.
User Help for my.ptg.org
Need help navigating my.ptg.org? Having trouble with your log-in? Need to edit a previous post? Find the answers to these and many other questions at the new my.ptg.org/help/userfaq. Includes videos by Maggie Jusiel, RPT, demonstrating common functions of the my.ptg.org discussion forums along with explanations and instructions for using the different discussion group features.
Call for Journal Articles
Each year the Piano Technicians Journal publishes 50-60 feature articles, most of them written by PTG members. If you've ever considered writing a Journal article, now is the time to do it. We are most in need of pieces on technical topics 2000-3500 words in length, but we'd also welcome book reviews, piano history articles, photo essays depicting repair/rebuilding techniques, and short Tuner's Life pieces. The Journal editors - your colleagues - are here to help you develop ideas, shoot clear photographs, and craft paragraphs, should you need assistance. Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Contact us at editor@ptg.org.
Event Calendar
March 2023
  • 2023 South Central Regional Conference | March 7 – 10, Oklahoma City, OK | scrcptg.org
  • Polyester & Lacquer Finish Touch Up Academy | March 24 & 25 | PTG Kansas City | my.ptg.org/touchup
April 2023
July 2023
  • PTG Board of Directors Meeting | July 23 & 24 | Hyatt Regency, Arlington, VA
  • Council of Delegates Meeting & Elections | July 25 | Hyatt Regency, Arlington, VA
  • 2023 Annual PTG Convention & Technical Institute | July 26 – 29 | Arlington, VA | convention.ptg.org
Bylaws amendment proposals due to Bylaws Committee for Pre-Council Board meeting. Bylaws Committee page. The Bylaws Committee will also review Organization Policy RFAs if you'd like their feedback. Use the downloadable RFA form found in the Forms & Documents library in the Members Area at www.ptg.org.
Policy amendment proposals, Requests for Action (RFAs), and all reports due. Download an RFA form and a Committee Report form.
RVP Contact Information
Region 1 - Northeast - Gina Bonfietti, RVP nervp@ptg.org - Online Community
Region 2 - Southeast - Ashley Turner, RVP servp@ptg.org - Online Community
Region 3 - South Central - Ricki Klos, RVP scrvp@ptg.org - Online Community
Region 4 - Central East - Michael Gutowski, RVP cervp@ptg.org - Online Community
Region 5 - Central West - Torger Baland, RVP cwrvp@ptg.org - Online Community
Region 6 - Western - Lisa Weller, RVP wrvp@ptg.org - Online Community
Region 7 - Pacific Northwest - Aaron Heppler, RVP pnwrvp@ptg.org - Online Community
Marc Poulin, RPT, President, pres@ptg.org
Jim Fariss, RPT, Vice President, vp@ptg.org
David Stoneman, RPT, Secretary-Treasurer, sec@ptg.org
Executive Director, Barbara Cassaday, exec@ptg.org