Firethorne Exchange

February 2024


Happenings in Firethorne:

February 2nd

Story Time


North Clubhouse

February 7th

Amenities Committee Meeting


North Clubhouse

February 15th

Special Events Committee Meeting


North Clubhouse

February 19th

HOA Management Office Closed

Presidents' Day

February 20th

Cell Tower Committee Meeting


North Clubhouse

February 21st

Modification Applications

due by 2:00pm

HOA Management Office

February 28th

HOA Board Meeting


South Clubhouse & ZOOM

New Email Addresses

Firethorne has launched a new email system. Please use the following emails going forward:

Margaret Sparkman- [email protected]

Kathleen Oakley- [email protected]

Board of Directors- [email protected]

2024 Assessment Information

  • Payments are now considered delinquent.

  • If you need to set up a payment plan, please email Canady & Canady at [email protected].

  • General Assessment Fee will remain at $850

  • Additional Assessment for Section 25/26 Gated:

increased by $75 to $350, total assessment $1,200

  • Additional Assessment for West Section 16 Gated:

increased by $75 to $275, total assessment $1,125

Click Here to See the 2024 Budget Summary

Community Watch Committee

The Community Watch Committee is looking for volunteers to serve as Block Captains. If you are interested in getting more information or would like to join this committee, please email Margaret at [email protected]

or Kathleen at [email protected].

Roof Replacement

The ONLY approved roof colors are Black and Charcoal.

You must have approval before changing your roof.

Approval is simple, have your roofing company email your name, address, product name and color to Margaret at [email protected] for quick approval.

Home Modification Applications

Applications are due Wednesday, February 21st by 2pm.

Click here to find applications and guidelines. Homeowners will be notified about their application status 7 business days after the deadline, at the latest.

You can email completed applications to [email protected], [email protected] or

drop them by the office.

Community Reminders

  • The Sports Field Lights will turn on automictically from 5pm to 9pm daily. The electrician has replaced the 2 bulb that were out. The key fob system for the lights is currently disabled. The community will be notified when you will once again need your fob to turn the lights on.

  • No vehicles including golf carts are allowed on the Sports Field

  • Golf Carts are to be driven on the streets by a licensed driver ONLY.

  • Community Events and Clubhouse renters have priority access/use to the parking lots.

  • If you utilize the Competition Pool Parking Lot for Wolman, drop off and/or pick, please stay out of the fire lines and use extra caution to help keep all children safe.

  • Please trim trees that are hanging low over any sidewalks.

  • Please do not share key fobs with non-residents. You are allowed to bring 3 guests per household, but homeowner must be present.

  • Rules are posted by all amenities as well as on our website, please review all the rules before using the amenities.

  • Park in your garage and/or driveway when possible so it is easier and safer to drive down the street.

  • You may not operate a business out of your home if it is apparent or detectable by sight, sound or smell.

  • Remember that many houses are very close to each other. Keep your neighbors in mind when you are in your yard and be mindful of your noise level especially late at night.


  • Report street light outages to Centerpoint, be sure to have the 6-digit pole number available.


  • Firethorne is a safe place to live but you still shouldn't leave valuables in your car when visiting the pools and parks. Be sure to always lock your car doors.


  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Please stay alert and free of distractions while driving.


  • Parking by the mailboxes is for short term parking ONLY while you are picking up your mail. Do not park in these areas overnight.

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