North Carolina Women – Thankful for the blessings of Liberty!

February 2024

President's Message by Kay Wildt

Over 70 years ago, North Carolina women joined together in a grassroots Federation to support Republican ideals that protect our families and keep our nation strong.

Our communities are hurting, and bad government policies are to blame. While the Biden administration tells us that the economy is fine, we can see with our own eyes how families and communities are struggling, and we know that the Biden administration claims just aren't true.

We see the Left's attempts to fundamentally change America with a border in crisis, threats from our adversaries, a weak economy, and our cities in shambles. It will take brave women and men to push back against these evils. We can do that, and it starts with electing women and men of courage. This is our mission and our responsibility as Americans.

Your North Carolina Federation of Republican Women has 52 clubs across the state with thousands of members who are dedicated to our conservative principles and committed to work to elect a Republican Administration for our state and for the nation. We need you to join us. Be strong; we are.

Reflection by Margeaux Holland

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and

thanksgiving be made for all people - for kings and all those in

authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” 1 Timothy 2:1-2

God is a god of order, peace and holiness. “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind." Amen to that!

We instinctively desire this for our homes and the health of our nation. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the United States.

“Father, we love you and are thankful for your goodness. We seek you with an urgent heart in petitions for our nation that our leaders would do what is right before you. And, those across our globe would do the same, for you have come for all tongues, tribes and nations. Amen.”

NC Campaign Finance Reminder

Donating to Candidates

In Federal races, clubs may donate a combined total of $1,000. to all candidates.

In North Carolina state races, as of 2023, contribution limits increased by $800 per election, from $5,600 to $6,400. That increase is four times greater than the previous one between 2019 and 2021, when the limit increased by only $200.

Why the big jump? Courtesy of dismal Bidenomics, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) skyrocketed 14.34% from July 2020 to July 2022. 

If there is a primary and a general election, the candidate may receive $6,400 from a contributor between the beginning of the election cycle and the day of the primary, and another $6,400 from the same contributor beginning the day after the primary through the end of the election year.  

Sending a scathing message to global elites

Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts made waves at the World Economic Forum last month. Roberts accepted the surprising invitation to speak in Davos to bring the voice of the people to the lion's den of global elites. And, as promised, he didn’t pull any punches. 

  • “It’s laughable that you or anyone else would describe Davos as protecting liberal democracy,” Roberts told the panel moderator. “You’re part of the problem.” 
  • He said that the next conservative administration will “be governed by one principle, and that is destroying the grasp that political elites and unelected technocrats have over the average person.” 

Getting noticed: Roberts’ tough words generated widespread attention. Videos of his remarks have millions of views (click the link to see his best quotes), and one was shared by Argentine President Javier Milei. There was plenty of news coverage, too, with Fox Business, the New York PostYahoo Finance, among others, reporting on the event. CNN reported that Roberts’ remarks “appeared to irk some in the audience.” 

WATCH the full panel discussion here.  

NCGOP Convention

NCGOP meets in Greensboro May 23 - 26, 2024

The 2024 NCGOP Convention will be held again at the Koury Center in Greensboro.

  • The delegate fee to attend the Convention remains at $75.
  • Guests ages 18 to 25 may have fees waived to attend the Convention.
  • The Call to Convention will be sent soon.

Support the work of NCFRW!

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Contributions to NCFRW enable us to bring great speakers to our meetings, positively impact our state and nation, recruit and elect conservatives, advocate for good government, and offer training and communications.

We're fighting for you, our families and our nation.

Please support our work with a gift from your heart.

We are grateful for help at every level. Thank you!


Questions from the press...

Questions from the press...

This election is ours to lose. Don't give that advantage away with words that can be misconstrued or twisted against us or our candidates.

With a critical election and potentially explosive issues in the news, be careful with the press. If you are contacted by the media, chances are they want a "gotcha" comment from you.

You are not required to engage with the media, but if you do, ask for the questions in advance in writing, and respond in writing. That way, you cannot be misquoted.

Commonsense advice

Social media, texts and emails...

Remember, there is no such thing as a confidential text or email. Mistakes happen, and what was meant to be held close may be shared inadvertently.

No negative comments in writing, ever! Especially not against another Republican woman. Life's challenges are hard enough. Let's lift one another up, and be thankful for our blessings.

"Think before you post," per NFRW's Youth Outreach Committee. Does it have value? Does this fit the Federation's mission? Is it worthy of being on your media?

Synopsis of the NCFRW Winter Board meeting

Wrightsville Beach was the perfect location for our Winter Board meeting. The Atlantic Ocean was the star. We were honored that Michael Whatley, RNC General Counsel and NCGOP Chair, joined us at our Friday evening reception and brought us up-to-date on both the RNC and NCGOP.

After the morning Board meeting, we held our fundraiser luncheon where we raffled beautiful baskets that clubs donated. Monies raised are used to fund our Dottie Martin Teachers Scholarships program chaired by Dena Barnes.

Laurel Brooks of My Faith Votes spoke at the luncheon, and then we had a workshop where Laurel outlined the details of their "Write Now" project.

The evening dinner honored clubs that were celebrating significant anniversaries in 2024 and clubs that earned NCFRW RISE Awards.

Ladies from our Coastal Region hosted our Winter Board meeting. This photo from the luncheon captures the mood of the weekend. Host clubs donated goodie bags and brought treats for our after party.

Carolyn Justice, President of Lower Cape Fear RW, and club members celebrated the club's 50th Anniversary. Known for its outstanding fundraising and many achievements and awards, the club has had tremendous growth!

Laurel Brooks of My Faith Votes outlined an exciting project called "Write Now" that aims to engage with 25 million Christians who do not regularly vote.

NCFRW will concentrate on North Carolina voters and will increase our voter turnout.

That will be our statewide voter project for 2024. Most of our 52 club presidents were present, and the response to Laurel's My Faith Votes project was truly overwhelming.

Information will go out soon to club presidents for them to educate and prepare their members to engage in the project.

Tom Trento of The United West spoke at our Saturday dinner. Tom is an expert on terrorism, and he briefed us on the dangers caused by Biden's lax border policies and on actions needed.

Tom outlined some of the worst threats, military-age men, coming through the Darien Gap in Central America and across our southern border, especially from China and bad actors from enemy nations around the world.

Elsa Karman, President, Mecklenburg RW, and a certified yoga instructor, offered a well-received chair yoga session after our all-day meeting. For the early birds, Elsa offered 6:30 am yoga sessions. In the foreground, Ann James and her daughter Lisa James showed good form.

(L to R: Felice Pete, Mary Frances Forrester and Anita Moody)

What's more fun than being with other Republican Women!


Recruitment, Involvement, Service, Education - these factors determine if a club qualifies for the NCFRW RISE Award for its work in the previous year. We are delighted to announce that the following clubs earned that award. We apologize that we overlooked Rockingham Co RW at the ceremony.

RISE Award Winners for 2023

Alamance Co RW, Buncombe Co RW, Catwaba Co League, Crystal Coast RW, Forsyth Co RW, Gaston Co RW, Henderson Co RW, HIgh Country RW, Lower Cape Fear RW, North Mecklenburg RW, Randolph Co RW , and Rockingham Co RW.

RISE Honorable Mentions

Craven Co RW, Fayetteville RW, Greater Greensboro RW, Iredell Co RW, Mecklenburg RW, Moore RW, Northeast Carolina RW, Onslow Co RW, RW of Cary and Southwestern Wake, RW of Chapel Hill Chatham, RW of Lake Norman and Triangle RW.

Save these dates

March 5: Primary Election

May 15: Legislative Day Raleigh

May 23 - 26: NCGOP Convention, Koury Convention Center, Greensboro

June 28: NCFRW Spring Meeting TBD

July 15 - 18: RNC Convention, Milwaukee, WI

November 15 - 16: Tribute to Women TBD

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