Weekend Lineup
Polka in Corpus; Cajun in Houston

Enjoy some polka motion by the ocean at the 34th Annual Polka Festival at Sokol Hall in Corpus. It's a BIG 3 dance with Czechaholics, Red Ravens, and The Majeks, 10 am to 7 pm. Great Czech food, including kolaches, but get there early cuz those go fast!

To get you in the mood for Mardi Gras, SPJST Lodge 88 in Houston presents Donny Broussard & The Louisiana Stars Saturday night. Aiiieee, y'all!

Also this weekend: Friday - Jeff Woolsey and Rocky King at competing saloons in Bandera...Johnny Lee & Urban Cowboy band in Granger...Das Ist Lustig (Sat. too!) at Rudi Lechners in Houston...Enzian Buam (Sat. too!) at King's Biergarten in Pearland. Saturday - Benefit for Gary White at Cistern Country Store. Read more about this great cause! Stick around the store for the evening entertainment with Briana Adams...Billy Mata at Quihi Dance Hall...Brave Combo with the symphony in McKinney. Sunday - Just found about this one - Czech Heritage Dinner/Dance in Corn Hill with music by the Praha Brothers; details...Bootleg Country at Houston VFW...Litt'l Fishermen at Christ Lutheran Church in La Vernia...Charles & Fab 4 in New Taiton...Roger Kirby & Texas Heartbeat at Sefcik Hall...Glen Collins & The Alibis in Sweet Home.

Looking ahead to next week: Monday - Central Texas Accordion Association meets at Casa Chapala in Austin with featured artists Off the Grid. Tuesday - San Antonio Accordion Association meets at Chester's Hamburgers with featured artists Beverly Garcia and Yellow Rose Band. Wednesday - Das Ist Lustig at Rudi Lechners in Houston...Good Ole Boys at Martinez Social Club in San Antonio. Thursday - Das Ist Lustig at Fire Ant Brewery in Tomball.

So much dancing packed into a short month! Polka On!

Coming in March: The Majek's Orchestra was established in 1897 and family members continue the tradition to this day. Find out more about this great musical family and the Czech migration to Corpus Christi. Gary McKee takes us on a dance hall tour in his column. Theresa Parker reports on the successful dance at Sefcik Hall benefitting the International Polka Association. Justin Everett reviews the new CD by Alex Meixner, profiles DJ Rick Canik from Columbus, and tells us about a chance meeting of Elvis, Johnny, Jerry Lee, and Carl that turned into a session known as the Million Dollar Quartet. Of course, we have your listing of dances, festivals, and live music events.

The March issue of Texas Polka News includes the 4th Annual Spring & Summer Fest Guide. Find out the music lineups and activities at popular festivals like the South Texas Polka & Sausage Festival in Hallettsville, celebrating its 40th year. Also marking milestone anniversaries are the Burton Cotton Gin Festival and the Texas Folklife Accordion Kings and Queens in Houston, both turning 30 this year. Check out who's playing at the National Polka Festival in Ennis, Schulenburg Sausagefest, Kolache-Klobase Festival in East Bernard, Germanfests in Tomball and Muenster, Polish Days in Bremond, and Slavnost at the Czech Center in La Grange. There are even a couple of out-of-state festivals worth the road trip - Beckster Fest in Iowa and Pulaski Polka Days in Wisconsin. And Live Oak Brewing Company in Austin gives you the first glimpse of the popular church picnic schedule. 

Photo Gallery 
Czechaholics in Geronimo
Click on photo to see images by Gary E. McKee 
Red Ravens in Cyclone
Click on photo to see images by Gary E. McKee and Justin Everett

Watch the videos by Walt Harfmann of Red Ravens joined by Alfred Vrazel and Walt and Glynis Harfmann
Tx Legacy Cz Band in Wallis
Click on photo to see images by John Roberts
Glen Collins in Da Costa
Click on photo to see images by Karen Kurtz

Polka Trending



Nathan Colt Young in Sweet Home
Click on photo to see images by Karen Kurtz

Watch the videos  by Walt Harfmann of Red Ravens with special guests in Cyclone...Dujka Brothers at SPJST Lodge 18 in Elgin...Praha Brothers and special performance by Alice Sulak, Alfred Vrazel, Jerry Haisler at Sefcik Hall

Watch the videos  by George Weber of the El Campo Polka Fest featuring Red Ravens, Fritz Hodde & Fab 6, The Majeks...Enzian Buam in Sealy...Red Ravens & Texas Sound Czech in Rosenberg
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"We're taking American Airlines," was the reply. "We got a great rate!"

"American?" exclaimed the barber. "That's a terrible airline. Their planes are old, their flight attendants are ugly, and they're always late. So, where are you staying in Rome?"

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"Really?" asked the barber. "What'd he say?"

He asked me, "Where'd you get the terrible haircut?"

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