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Road Trip!

TR experienced homelessness for the first time when he was living in California. After three years of navigating the system and monitoring his place on housing waitlists, he finally obtained a voucher for housing in Los Angeles County. As he searched for an apartment, tragedy struck – TR was hit by a bus and suffered severe injuries that required hospitalization. During that time his housing voucher expired (if a person doesn’t find a place to live within a set amount of time, they lose the voucher for housing).


Frustrated but undeterred, TR moved to Arizona looking for a fresh start. As he sought services to help kick-start this new chapter, Keys to Change staff found out that TR’s records were incomplete due to a name change back in 2000, which meant he didn’t have the documentation needed to apply for benefits and assistance. Seemingly facing yet another dead end, our street outreach team jumped into action. Keys to Change staff Charlie and Tyler knew TR wouldn’t be able to make a trip alone due to his ongoing health struggles, so they drove to L.A. with TR. In a one day trip, they were able access decades-old archives in a dusty courthouse basement.


With documents in hand, the three men returned to Arizona, and now TR is well on his way to stability. When asked to share his story, TR smiled and thanked you – our supporters – stating, “I just want to thank [donors who] fund this organization because [they] helped somebody like me that is in a lot of pain and hurt, and I truly feel like they care about me, and I know that they will do whatever is in their power to make it so I’m OK again.”


Thank you TR for sharing your story. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

Help More People Like TR

Take a Tour of the Campus

March 7 is the next monthly tour of Key Campus. We will gather at 9 am and spend an hour visiting the 13 acres and eight buildings, learning about the 15 partner organizations working collaboratively to serve people experiencing homelessness.


Already visited? Help us to expand our reach by sharing this invite with a co-worker, friend or family member.  


You may register online or call us (602) 282-0853. 

The McQuaid Mission

on the


In Episode 5 of Season 3, Amy Schwabenlender announced the new names of the organization and campus during the McQuaid Mission. Schwabenlender mentioned that a significant part of the name change was driven by the belief that solutions are needed across the spectrum to reduce homelessness, and many of those ‘keys to change’ are held within the organization.

Watch Episode 5 HERE.

You can get caught up on all previous episodes HERE.

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