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The Delta Stewardship Council, in partnership with the United States Geological Survey, is in the process of recruiting the next lead scientist for the Delta Science Program, whose term will begin in the summer of 2024. The Delta lead scientist is appointed by the Council after consultation with the Delta Independent Science Board.

Two applicants are currently under consideration for the appointment: Dr. Gary Lamberti and Dr. Lisamarie Windham-Myers. Each applicant will give a seminar presentation on their research and experience, how it applies to the position, and their vision for the Delta Science Program.

The first seminar will occur on February 22, 2024, at 10:00 AM, at the California Natural Resources Agency (715 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95814), where Dr. Lamberti will present a seminar titled “The Past, Present, and Future of Water Science.” Following the seminar, the public will be able to ask Dr. Lamberti questions about his presentation and the Delta lead scientist position during a meet and greet session.

The seminars and meet and greets are part of a public meeting of the Delta Lead Scientist Interview Panel, an advisory committee to the Delta Independent Science Board. Dr. Windham-Myers' seminar and meet and greet will occur on March 11, 2024.


Dr. Gary A. Lamberti is the Rev. Julius A. Nieuwland, C.S.C., Professor of Aquatic Science and Director of the Stream and Wetland Ecology Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame, where he teaches Biostatistics, Stream Ecology, Restoration Ecology, and Galapagos Field Biology, along with a variety of topical graduate courses. His major research interests include (1) functional linkages among aquatic ecosystems, including resource subsidies; (2) the effects of global perturbations, such as invasive species and climate change, on aquatic ecosystems and their food webs; and (3) the impacts of emerging organic contaminants on freshwater biota and humans.

Dr. Lamberti has over 200 publications focused on aquatic ecology and has co-edited the Elsevier book, “Methods in Stream Ecology,” now in its third edition. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a fellow and past president of the Society for Freshwater Science.

In 2022, he received the Award of Excellence from the Society for Freshwater Science, the highest scientific achievement award bestowed by the society.

The Delta lead scientist is responsible for providing vision, leadership, and unbiased science expertise to the Council, the Delta Science Program, and the Delta science community by upholding the highest possible standards of scientific integrity and credibility.

Council meeting

The Council, in partnership with the United States Geological Survey, is seeking a nationally recognized scientist to become the next Delta lead scientist in summer 2024. Learn more by reading the recruitment flyer.

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