St. Anne Catholic Church
A "Few" Words from Fr. Robert
Covid Vaccine 
One of the most challenging things we have been dealing with of late is helping our parishioners 65 and older get the Covid vaccine. I am happy to say that the parish staff members in both our office and Outreach Center have been able to do just that. As I type this all of the people on our list have received the vaccine or have an appointment to do so. If you are having trouble getting the vaccine please call our office at 706-561-8678 and we will add you to the list. 

St. Anne’s Own Vaccine Distribution Center
As more doses become available there is a good chance that St. Anne Church could assist with the distribution and become a Vaccine Distribution Center. Georgia’s West Central Health District is looking for ways to significantly expand its capacity to give people the vaccine and is asking faith-based organizations to help. If we as a parish decide that we want to help distribute the vaccine we would need nurses and pharmacists and maybe even doctors with current licenses to help with the project. Of course we would schedule our vaccine clinics in the evening or over weekends so as not to interfere with our volunteers’ work schedules. If you are a nurse, pharmacist or doctor and would be willing to help St. Anne Church distribute the vaccine please call Kimberly in the Parish Office to get more information or sign up online. I personally think it would be a very good and timely project for us to be involved in and I hope that we will be able to find enough volunteers to help us accomplish this important task. 

Another Reason to be Proud and Grateful
Recently both St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School Principals, Ronie Collins and Jocelyn Smith, received calls from the Columbus Health Department. The purpose of the calls was to commend the school on how it is handling the Covid pandemic. The Health Department gathers information on all school age and adult positive cases in Muscogee County by school. They know about all of the precautions we are taking for our children while remaining open. 
Ronie and Jocelyn thanked the Health Department representative for the call. He assured us that our numbers were awesome and our pandemic plan is very well executed. I think all of us should be grateful to our school administration, teachers and staff for their good work in keeping our children in school and safe. 

This Week’s Lenten Task
To help us live this Lent as a parish we are proposing that every household in our parish accomplish a weekly “Lenten Task.” You should have received a letter about this in the last few days. This week’s tasks are:
  • Come to the church as a family an extra time during the week, when no one else is there, and say a prayer together. 
  • Pray the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary together. You can do it on your own, join the parish Party Line Rosary every weeknight at 7 p.m. by calling 706-204-1192, or maybe even join the Catholic Family Rosary Warriors Facebook Group where a different local family leads the rosary Sunday-Thursday evenings. 

Names Mentioned at Mass 
If you wish to add a person’s name to the list of people (deceased or ill) mentioned at Mass all you have to do is call the parish office and let Bernadette know. Only members of the family may make this request to mention a person’s name. Families want to have their loved ones mentioned and we are happy to do so for up to a two week period. Once that period is up the name is removed from the list and can be added once again if the person continues to need our prayer. Bernadette can also inform the prayer ministry, which regularly remembers all of our parishioners in prayer. Please do not write names on the intention sheet on the ambo in church. If everyone follows this procedure it will make life a lot easier and create less confusion.
Offertory and Attendance
Stewardship of Treasure
  • February 21, 2021 In-Pew Offertory: $ 13,208
  • February 21, 2021 Online Offertory: $ 11,788

  • February 21, 2021 TOTAL: 858
  • 5:30 p.m. - 185
  • 8:00 a.m. - 203
  • 10:30 a.m. - 311
  • 12:30 p.m. - 159

Opportunity to Offer the Bread and Wine at Mass
If you would like to offer the bread and wine for Mass in honor of or in memory of a loved one, please call the Parish Office to schedule your weekend. Your offering of $50 will help defray the cost.