This week marks the 11th anniversary of the Safe Streets Summit in the South Florida region. The Broward MPO is proud to have hosted the inaugural program in Hollywood in 2014, and its growth over the past ten years is astounding. Last year, we returned to Hollywood for the 10th anniversary and were pleased to welcome over 400 participants. This year, our partners at the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) are hosting the event at the InterContinental Hotel on Thursday, February 29, and Friday, March 1. I look forward to the fireside chat with my regional colleague, Aileen Bouclé, and the keynote session by Gil Penalosa. Gil founded 8 80 Cities, focusing on creating (or recreating) cities designed for everybody. The premise is that if a city works for an 8-year-old and an 80-year-old, it should work for everybody else. Gil is a dynamic speaker, and I hope you can attend his session. In addition to the informative sessions on Thursday, February 29, several mobile tours and workshops are planned for Friday, March 1. If you cannot attend, I encourage you to review the materials afterward. Please keep thinking about what you can do to make the streets in your community safer for the youngest, oldest, and everybody in between. 

Get Your Tickets to the

State of the Region Annual Awards 

The Broward MPO invites you to the third State of the Region Annual Awards. This awards presentation will offer insight into the progress that positively impacts our local economy, families, and businesses. At the same time, we will recognize those helping pave the way to create better neighborhoods with bike lanes and walking paths, public transportation, and improved infrastructure.  


Black History Month Spotlight:

Celebrating Diverse Leadership

As our Black History Month celebration continues, we would like to recognize the invaluable contributions of Black leaders on our Board of Directors who play pivotal roles at the Broward MPO. Our board, tasked with guiding transportation planning and funding allocation within urbanized areas of Broward County, boasts a diverse board that reflects the communities we serve. Among these dedicated members, Miramar Commissioner Yvette Colbourne, North Lauderdale Mayor at Large Samson Borgelin, Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner Tycie Causwell, City of West Park Mayor Felecia M. Brunson, Broward School Board Member Torey Alston, and Broward County Commissioner Hazelle P. Rogers stand out for their remarkable dedication and leadership. 

Commissioner Yvette Colbourne

Commissioner Colbourne, known for her astute policymaking and passionate advocacy for inclusive transportation initiatives in the City of Miramar, has been a stalwart figure in pushing for policies that enhance mobility and ensure equitable access to transportation resources across Broward County. Commissioner Yvette Colbourne's journey in public service began in 2013 when she was first elected as a Miramar Commissioner. Since then, she has dedicated herself to improving the quality of life in her community, championing diversity, and advocating for the well-being of the entire city

Learn more about Commissioner Colbourne here.  

Mayor at Large Samson Borgelin

Mayor Borgelin brings a profound commitment to community development, utilizing his position to advocate for sustainable transportation solutions that underscore the importance of environmental stewardship and community upliftment. He is dedicated to hearing and listening to the concerns and ideas about his community to create and develop an intimate and supportive relationship and to keep an ongoing open dialogue between the constituency and the city. Mr. Borgelin is a member of several organizations, including the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) and the American Heart Association. Learn more about Mayor Borgelin here.  

Commissioner Tycie Causwell

Commissioner Causwell, another distinguished member, showcases a deep-rooted commitment to the economic development of Broward County, aligning transportation initiatives with broader economic goals to ensure that the region thrives in all facets. Commissioner Causwell serves as Chair of the Lauderdale Lakes Historic Preservation Board and spearheads the Redeemer Lutheran Food Pantry, celebrating 23 years of providing food to families suffering from food insecurity. Commissioner Causwell holds multiple degrees in education. Learn more about Commissioner Causwell here.  

Mayor Felecia M. Brunson

Mayor Brunson is celebrated for her visionary leadership, focusing on the intersection of education and transportation. By advocating for safe, accessible transportation for students and families, Brunson has created pathways to opportunity through improved mobility.  In her spare time, Mayor Brunson mentors and volunteers time feeding senior citizens, coordinates back-to-school supplies for needy students, provides Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas gifts to families, coordinates senior social activities and health fairs, and provides a summer female youth development program for young girls. Learn more about Mayor Brunson here.  

Broward School Board Member Torey Alston

Broward School Board Member Torey Alston, representing District 2, is known for his strategic thinking and innovative approaches to transportation planning. He has played a significant role in driving forward initiatives that adapt to the evolving needs of Broward County's diverse populations. Mr. Alston’s commitment to public service started at a young age, watching his parents serve this community. His mother is a retired Broward Health social services case manager, and his deceased father is a retired BSO deputy. As a child, he attended public schools in Broward County. Learn more about Torey Alston here. 

Commissioner Hazelle P. Rogers

With her rich experience in public service, Commissioner Rogers champions the cause of comprehensive community engagement in the transportation planning process, ensuring that voices from the district she represents, and all corners of the county are heard and considered in decision-making. She began her political career in Broward County in 1996 when she was elected to the Lauderdale Lakes City Commission, the only woman on the seven-member Commission. She was appointed president of the Broward League of Cities in 2004, representing 31 municipalities in Broward County. Learn more about Commissioner Rogers here

These distinguished board members embody the spirit of service. Their work, rooted in the values of equity, innovation, and community engagement, is a testament to the powerful legacy of black leaders in shaping a more equitable and progressive society. The Broward MPO and the communities it serves are indeed fortunate to have such visionary leaders guiding the way forward. 

Route to 2050 MTP Team Develops Needs Plan 

The Route to 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) team has been working hard to develop the Needs Plan. It all started with the Call for Projects in early 2023. Through this process, the MPO received 323 project submissions from 22 local agencies, Broward County, and FDOT. The MPO team added to this list through our internally coordinated needs assessment. The result is a list of 446 projects representing approximately $4.5 billion in needs. Not all these projects will be carried through to the prioritized list of projects considered for funding in Route to 2050.

The reasons a project may not make this list include: 

  • Ineligibility for federal funding;
  • Failing to meet the minimum cost threshold of $3 million, or;
  • Not having enough detail or definition to advance

Over the past few months, the Route to 2050 team has prioritized these projects using the scoring criteria vetted by our Committees and Board. We look forward to unveiling the results as a draft Cost Feasible Plan at our upcoming Committee and Board meetings in March, April, and May. Once our Board approves, we will develop an interactive Cost Feasible Plan map allowing you to view and comment on the projects proposed for funding. For more information on MTP, please visit the Route to 2050 website. (Note: Transit needs shown here do not include the PREMO Plan developed by Broward County. That plan includes an estimated $4.4 billion in additional transit needs.) 

Adventures in Transportation:

Thailand Edition 

The Broward MPO’s own Ashley Mohni recently returned from a trip exploring Thailand with her husband. Here, she writes about her experiences using public transportation.  


During our two-week vacation in Thailand, we visited rural destinations, including Koh Lanta, an island on the Andaman coast, and Pai, a small mountain village in the Mae Hong Soon Province. We also visited urban areas, including Chiang Mai, a vibrant city and cultural center of the north, and Bangkok, Thailand’s rapidly growing metropolis.  In Koh Lanta and Pai, scooters and motorbikes dominate the transportation landscape! Everyone in the community drives or rides their scooter/motorbike with expert ability. We rented scooters in both places and enjoyed this travel mode's adventure and low cost. The only challenge was driving on the left side of the road! We also utilized songthaews, which are trucks with two long benches in the back for passenger seating. Although not the safest transportation (no seatbelts), this transit option offered a great breeze to combat the heat and a chance to meet other travelers.   


One of Thailand's most famous forms of transit is the tuk-tuk, and I was so excited to ride one! A tuk-tuk is a motorized, three-wheeled rickshaw with passengers on the side or in the back. We rode a tuk-tuk in every place we visited! The most memorable tuk-tuk experience was in Chiang Mai, where we found a charging area for electric tuk-tuks! Our driver avoided congested roads by taking peaceful, narrow streets that cars could not access, and thanks to battery power, the trip was incredibly quiet and environmentally friendly.  Using different modes of transportation in Thailand was inspiring. As the MPO continues to plan Broward’s future transportation network, I am excited to see which innovative modes will be implemented in our community. 

PIO Team Participates in LitLUNCH With the Broward County Library Foundation 

On February 9, Carol Henderson, Executive Director of Intergovernmental and Outreach, and Ashley Mohni, Communications Specialist, participated in the 14th annual LitLUNCH! The Broward County Library Foundation organized the event. This sold-out event brought together 210 community leaders and philanthropists from across Broward County to celebrate literary works and the importance of the library. Carol and Ashley engaged with attendees about the “Route to 2050” MTP and spread awareness of the MPO’s role in Broward's transportation planning. Click here to learn more about the “Route to 2050” MTP. 

Join Us for Let’s Go Biking!

in Miramar on March 16 

We invite you to join us and the City of Miramar at this year’s "Let’s Go Biking" event! Join us on Saturday, March 16, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Miramar Regional Park for a fun-filled morning of cycling, community, and fresh air. Bring your family, friends, and two wheels for a morning of scenic rides through the park, fun activities for all ages, community spirit, and more! Want to learn more?  

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