Hello 4-H'ers!

The 4-H year is beginning to get busy! There are many opportunities to participate in county, regional, and state-wide events, so be sure to take advantage! One of my favorite events of the year is coming up in March- Agricultural Literacy Week! March 19-23, help me share our love of agriculture in schools across the county by reading to a classroom, or sign up elementary or younger age classrooms in your school! See below for more information.

If you have not registered for your public presentation date (February 8th or March 3rd), do so today! Registration closes this week!

As always, if you have any questions, email me at cmm473@cornell.edu!

Public Presentations
Public Presentations Registration: If you have not already, it is time to register for the public presentation event you will be attending! There are 2 opportunities left for currently enrolled 4-H members to complete a public presentation; FEBRUARY 8TH AND MARCH 3RD. Both events occur at CCEDC.  Every 4-H'er must register to complete a public presentation by February 8th. More details and registration can be found here.

Don't worry about dinner or lunch- support the Dutchess County Teen Ambassadors who will be selling chili at each presentation event!
4-H Fairbook Cover Contest!

            Click here for more information!
Entries are open for the Cover Contest!
All entries must be on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper. Include the OFFICIAL 4-H CLOVER with no specific club name or leader references.

All entries must depict the range of 4-H projects in the County, including items in the Exhibit Hall as well as Agriculture.

Include your name, club, and age on the back.
     Be creative.
Agricultural Literacy Week!
New York Agriculture in the Classroom is coordinating the fourteenth annual New York Agricultural Literacy Week to be held from March 19-23, 2018. Over 1,200 community members around the state will be volunteering to read Before We Eat: From Farm to Table by Pat Brisson to elementary classrooms. 

Students will be taken on the journey from farm to table to understand different aspects of agriculture and the many possible careers involved. This is a captivating glimpse on what it takes to bring the food we eat to us in order to nourish our bodies and spirits. The vivid illustrations show the depth of industries and diversity that agriculture includes. Last year, approximately 45 volunteers read to over 2300 students across Dutchess County.
To register a classroom to participate, click the following link:

Registration closes 2/28/18. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer reader, email cmm473@cornell.edu.
DEC Pheasant Raising
Last year, 2 Dutchess County 4-H'ers participated in the NYC Department of Environmental Conservation's "Day Old Chick Program" and raised and released pheasants. If you are a 4-H member interested in this project this year, please email Cassie at cmm473@cornell.edu prior to March 1st so we can discuss any questions you may have and place your order for chicks!
March Dog Madness - March 17th, 2018
March Dog Madness is an annual conference for adult and teenage 4-H volunteer leaders. Workshops engage participants in science based information training. Current animal health, animal behavior, industry trends and youth development issues are addressed. Since 2002, guest presenters have included stakeholders, extension professionals, community and youth experts. $30/person, includes lunch. Everyone will have an opportunity to pre-select (2) workshops. General sessions are open to all. Register here by March 9th!

Topics include:
Behavior from a Dog's Perspective - all may attend
Basic First Aid
Rally Obedience - New Signs!
Strength/Conditioning Exercises – Be Your Dog’s Personal Fitness Trainer
Trick Dog Training - A proposed new class for 2019!
Grooming & Handling Tips
Lure Coursing
Training a Therapy Dog - A Personal Journey (tentative)
Thinking of selling in the Livestock Sale?
All 4-H'ers considering selling their animals in the Sale need to submit their Seller's Agreement by 4/1/18.

Review and sign the 4-H Seller's Agreement.
Need water for a fundraiser?
We have several cases of water left over from the water sales at the Fair. If your club is doing a fundraiser, and would like to sell these cases- we will sell them to you at cost, any profit above is yours!

Contact Cassie to inquire!
Opportunities for 4-H'ers
 If you are interested in attending any 4-H event, please keep in mind there are often local and state scholarships available!  Submit the  General Event Scholarship Application application with your event registration!

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Dutchess Outreach Farm Stand - volunteers needed to assist us with set up, distributing free, fresh produce and clean up! Farm stand operation time: 2:30-4:30 Contact: Nyhisha T. Gibbs, Dutchess Outreach, Inc. Volunteer Administrator. 845.454.3792

SHEEP 4-H'ERS: 2018 Youth Conservationist Program
Guidelines: Must be between 9 and 18 years old. Submit an application postmarked by April 1, 2018 that includes:
-An essay which introduces you and your experience with animals. Your essay should explain your interest in sheep and answers the question: “Why I would like to help preserve a heritage breed of sheep.” If for any reason the animal will not be kept at your own home, please explain in detail where it will reside and what exactly your responsibilities will be. The applicant should indicate if they wish to be considered for a particular breed or for any of the breeds available.
-Each applicant must include a letter of recommendation from their 4‐H advisor, FFA advisor, veterinarian, teacher or clergy.
*The total application/essay should be no more than 2 pages in length.
*The application must include address, phone and if available, email address. Interested young people should contact
Elaine for an updated list of breeds available, then submit their letter of application/essay to: Elaine Ashcraft, 46118 CR 58 Coshocton, OH 43812 ALL ESSAYS MUST BE MAILED. EMAILED ESSAYS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
*Requirements if selected:
*Must be present to receive the ewe at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival on Sunday, May 6, 2018.
*Must exhibit the ewe at least twice in 2018 at: 1) a county fair or local sheep show and 2) the State Fair in the state where the recipient lives.
*Must breed the ewe to a registered ram (of her breed) in the fall of 2018, should consult the donor breeder for their recommendations.
*Must either use the ewe’s fleece to personally make a wool item or sell the fleece to a spinner, felter or weaver.
*Must submit an article, the following Feb/Mar to their local newspaper covering their year and including information concerning the next year’s YCP program.
*Must submit a scrapbook to the Donor Breeder by April 30, 2018 and provide a scrapbook to be used at the Maryland Festival which is then given back to the youth.
Any questions please contact Elaine Ashcraft 46118 CR 58 Coshocton, Ohio 43812
By phone at (740) 622‐1573 or by email at tankewe_cr58@yahoo.com.
CCEDC Wi-Fi Information
 If you are in the building for a meeting and need the Wi-Fi, please use the following:

CCEDC_PublicWifi or CCEDC_PublicWifi 5G

Password for both is: publicwifi
1 – Dutchess County Fair 4-H Judges and Fairbook Revisions Due (Leaders Only!)
3 - County Level Horse Communications (Snow Date 2/4)
8 - County Level Public Presentation Event (#2) 6-9 PM @ CCEDC
15 - Tractor Safety Session # 1
22 - Tractor Safety Session # 2
24 - Regional Horse Bowl and Hippology (Snow Date 2/25)
1 - Tractor Safety Session # 3
2 - Last Day for new 4-H Members to join and be eligible to exhibit at the 2018 Fair!
3 - County Level Public Presentation Event (#3); 9-1 @ CCEDC
8 - Tractor Safety Session # 4
10 - District Dairy Bowl
10 - Rabbit and Cavy Teaching Day; 12-4
10 – Tractor Safety Session # 5
15 - Tractor Safety Session # 6
17 - Tractor Safety Session # 7
17 - March Dog Madness
19-23 - Agricultural Literacy Week - Volunteer to read!
30-31 - Dairy Discovery @ Cornell
And Finally ......
Don't forget- all 4-H club meeting minutes, advisory minutes, and independent member reports are due by the 10th of the following month.  And please, send photos and be sure to let me know what awesome things your club is up to!
Contact Cassie Messina
(845) 677-8223, ext. 108