In just a few short weeks, we will meet our one-year anniversary of the first COVID 19 shelter in place order, impacting our economy, our individual businesses and our daily lives. It’s a bit surreal to consider all that has happened since March 2020, but in the challenges, we have seen the strength of our community. I’ve been reflecting on how our collective and collaborative efforts are creating a stronger foundation to help us weather the aftermath of the pandemic.

I’ve been so inspired by all of our regional chambers and the ways that they continue to uplift our community. Even within AEDC, our very own Brandi Easter went above and beyond to assist people individually when applying for the California Relief Grant. One client was so grateful for Brandi’s support that he proposed! She politely declined... As I said, the power of a community that works together is quite the force to reckon with. If you or someone you know could also use some support from our team here at AEDC or from within our community, please reach out to us, and we’ll see how we can help. 

-- Ross