February news & updates
How to Pack Milk
We are so appreciative when moms date and mark their milk storage bags.
This mom's baby has a sensitivity to her mother's diet, if a mom has to eliminate foods from her diet that upset her baby, she can donate that milk to us!
Take a look at the best way to ensure your milk's safe arrival when it
gets delivered to us!
6th Annual NYSBC Conference
Join the 6th Annual NYSBC Conference-Virtual Edition on Tuesday, March 23, 2021!
The Early Bird Rate for registration will only be available until March 4, 2021.
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Breastfeeding Research Improves Lives and Advances Health, But Faces Conflict

"Beyond supplying nutrition, breast milk provides personalized immune protection and shapes the developing microbiome. Scientists have discovered enzymes, hormones, antibodies and live cells in breast milk, and these bioactive components could hold the key to developing new therapies — not only for COVID-19, but also autoimmune diseases, diabetes and cancer."

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Share The Love!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Nothing says love like donating your extra milk to babies in need!