February, 2016
90% is 100%
All evangelism is good, and all we do at the church is good, but not all good we do is evangelism. The repeated line, "all we do is evangelism" just isn't true. Some things we do are for building community, some are discipleship or education, some are to facilitate worship--and the list can go on. Many good things we do, but not all, is specific to evangelism.  If evangelism becomes everything then it ends in being nothing. It is specific to actions to seeking others with the
gospel and the truths outlined in it.

The opening line in the book Acts of the Apostles is a cogent reminder to what Jesus had in mind in launching a church: "The church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of men. It was organized for service, and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world" (10).

In 2015, here at Campion, we focused on being intentional about our mission. We started with:
  •  Defining evangelism (*see below) so that corporately we stayed on target and individually we understood what we were talking about.
  • Hired a pastor with evangelism being a significant part of his job description, then
  • A committee was formed with representation from the elders and other ministries to plan for and organize our evangelistic efforts, and now
  • Our final step was to commit financially to our mission (evangelism).
Our church in business session voted to allocate 10% of giving to our church budget to be set apart for evangelism. This is an audacious commitment. While as a church we have been blessed with meeting our budget, we haven't had a 10% surplus. The decision was made by faith in God's providence that as we commit ourselves to the cause for which He organized us, all the rest will be added to us (Matt. 6:33).

I look forward to watching God take 90% and make it cover 100% of our needs, while we take that step out and dedicate 10% to seeking and saving others in our community.

*Campion Definition of Evangelism: Understanding that all we do at Campion Church is tied to evangelism, the purpose of the "term" evangelism is that work or effort will intentionally focus on taking the advent message to the world and the equipping of the membership for the same.
Pastor Micheal
All-campus vespers
40 days of Prayer Continues

Special Dates
Feb. 6 - Anointing service. Anyone is encouraged to invite others we know to come and be prayed over.

Feb. 26-27 - 24 hours of prayer

Feb 26 - All-campus vespers (culminating the 40 days of prayer)
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Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
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Women's Ministry

February 21, 2016
Campion Adventist Church, 10:30 a.m.
They say laughter is the best medicine. In fact, studies show that we need a minimum of 12 laughs a day...just to stay healthy.
Health and laughter are related; laughter reduces the level of stress hormones and increases the level of healthy hormones. Humor and laughter encourage a positive frame of mind and a more lighthearted perspective on life.
Think of it like this: If at first you don't succeed, sky diving is not for you. I used to be indecisive; now I'm not sure. Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is. Press any key to continue, where is the 'any key'? Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.
Laughter cards and quizzes will put us in the mood to put the fun back in life with Laughter is an Instant Vacation.
The speaker, Kay Wakefield, has over thirty years experience counseling and coaching people in their personal and spiritual growth. Kay is a Seventh-day Adventist commissioned minister serving the church for nearly twenty-five years, eleven as a hospital chaplain.
Pathfinder Bible Experience Elder's Challenge on Book of Exodus
The Campion Cougars have won a first place in the regional testing and are going to the next step in Denver.

The Pathfinders Bible Experience team would like to thank all the Elders for taking the time to help prepare our team for the testing season which started January 23. Please pray for all the teams preparing, that they will blessed not only with information but a revelation of the God who loves us, pursue us, and restores us!
9Health Fair Is Coming April 24
Campion hosts its 13th 9Health Fair this year, and it's coming soon--Sunday, April 24, from 7am to 12 noon.
Beth DiVittorio is serving as the non-medical coordinator again this year, and she is looking for volunteers and hoping most of you will be available and willing to help again. If you are willing and would like to help, whether in a new capacity or the same as last year, please let her know.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in volunteering please send their contact info to her. Many hands make for light work. New faces are always welcome! 
Please feel free to contact Beth with any questions at bethdivittorio@hotmail.com, 970- 539-0158 (cell) or 970-532-5145 (home). Beth hopes to hear from you soon so she can plan accordingly. Let's make this our best fair yet!
School News
HMS Cougars Basketball
by Leilani Murguido - 8th Grade

Students in grades 5-8 have the opportunity to develop team-building skills, and get plenty of physical activity in HMS Richards School's sports program.  From November to January, the HMS Cougars have been participating in basketball, and they are about to face volleyball in early February. Our sports schedule this year includes soccer, basketball, volleyball, and lastly flag-football.

The Cougars play games after school against other Adventist schools in the area.  At the end of January, there was a tournament where all of the teams met up and competed against each other. 

Eighth grade student, Megan Michelenko, said she likes how "We all work as a team."  Most teams think that they always have a star player. At this school we think of every one of us as a star player, and we all have improved so much. Davin Hammond, Principal and 7th & 8th grade teacher, is also the coach and students practice during P.E. class.  This year has been so far a fantastic experience for everyone to get a chance to enjoy physical education; come out to cheer on the Cougars!
Volunteers Make Hot Lunches Possible
by Jenna Williams 7th grade.
Volunteers make it possible for HMS Richards to provide students with inexpensive, delicious, and healthy meals for its hot lunch program. The lunches Tuesday through Thursday each costs $3.00 and students can also get seconds and thirds for free. The volunteers come from the Campion Church and some of the parents. All of the food is vegetarian, and the menu is different every week. Here are some examples: haystacks and fruit, mashed potatoes with gravy and fried chick (vegetarian), and vegetable stir fry with spring rolls.

On Mondays the 7th and 8th graders sell and serve Domino's pizza. The money they earn goes toward their annual class trip. On Fridays, Mr. Bragaw's class makes and sells bean burritos.

The director for the hot lunch program is Lena Williams.  She makes sure that all the volunteers are going to serve and that all the food regulations are being followed.  May Forshee (parent of two HMS students) buys all the groceries with the money that we earn from the hot lunch. The school secretary, Terri Michalenko, puts together a monthly menu and sends it by email to the parents and posts it at school.

I asked some of the kids that go to my school what their favorite meal is. Kenneth Olsen, 2nd grade, said that it was cheese pizza. Colette Williams, 7th grade, said that it was veggie burgers. Naomi Boonstra, 8th grade, said that it was macaroni and cheese. All the students really appreciate all that the hot lunch volunteers have done to help them all get a very good meal everyday.

Church members who are willing to volunteer to help prepare and serve meals once a month are always needed and appreciated.  Please contact the school if you are interested in getting involved in this service.

Around the World in One Semester
Jenny Sigler

Project-based learning, which often raises the stakes for students by incorporating outside audiences in their assessment, aims to challenge students with problem solving and collaborative work. In geography class, Nathaniel Marin's students feel the pressure at the end of the semester as they finish a model of a major landmark, prepare a 4-course meal for the judges, make a video, and create a map of their chosen country.  more

Varsity Teams at the Pepsi Center
Gabrielle Williams

Campion is very proud of our varsity teams for good playing and good sportsmanship at the Pepsi Center. This annual tradition between Mile High Academy and Campion Academy allows athletes the thrill of playing in an NBA stadium. See Gabrielle Williams' reflection on the day.
All About People
Welcome to Campion Church
Doug & Maxine Smith
         We want to welcome Doug into our church family and welcome back Maxine who is a member at Campion but has been attending elsewhere.  Doug has a background as a chemist, but currently is self-employed doing safety and compliance training and consulting.  Maxine is currently employed as a home healthcare nurse. 
       They share seven grandchildren from age 3 months to 15 years old.  Doug's interests are RC airplanes, rocketry and woodworking, and Maxine likes to spend her time inside with interior design or outside gardening.  They both love to travel and have gone on mission trips together.  Some of the interests they would like to be involved in at Campion are teaching classes, music, and leadership, so we hope to get you integrated.  They say they have enjoyed Campion Church because of the pastors and the leadership's support of the spiritual growth of the congregation.
Interview by Teresa Johansen
Kari and Jared Lange
Kari and Jared Lange joined us at the beginning of the school year. Kari grew up in Loveland with her two brothers and parents, Pastor Al and Sherri Williams. She graduated from
Campion Academy and went on to Union College where she graduated in 2001 with her teaching degree. Kari is now teaching at HMS Richards in grades 1-3. She says she loves her job and feels so thankful to be here. She commented that it sometimes seems surreal teaching in the very room she once attended as a girl.

Jared attended Upper Columbia Academy near Spokane, Washington, and went on to Walla Walla College where he graduated with a nursing degree in 1999. Jared now works in Longmont at the United Hospital on the medical floor. Kari and Jared got married in December of 2004, and now have two lovely little daughters, Evie May and Chloe Grace. 

The Lange family loves outdoor activities, hiking, biking, and Jared enjoys all kinds of
sports. Kari has been involved with our church telling the children's story. They live here in Loveland. We welcome the Langes to Campion Church.
Interview by Pat Graybill
Jonathan Candy

Jonathan Candy has been visiting Campion Church since he was born, so it's a familiar place and "Nice to be a part of," he says. Back then, he was coming to visit his grandparents, Chuck and Judy Paulien, and now he's staying with them as he attends Front Range Community College in pursuit of a welding degree. Jonathan grew interested in welding thanks to his metals class at Milo Academy in Oregon, and hopes to eventually become a blade maker. Happy to leave the wet Oregon winters behind, he is enjoying Colorado and "actually having snow." Welcome to Campion, Jonathan.
Interview by Jenny Sigler 
Keeping Connected
What is "The Joy of Quilting"?
You've probably heard of Bob Ross and his carefree "We-don't- make-mistakes, just-happy-little-accidents" approach to painting. Well, come and enjoy the same approach to quilting. On the 1 st and 3 rd Thursdays of the month, the Campion Quilting Ministry meets at 6:00 p.m. in the church Fellowship Hall to learn new skills, enjoy friendly company, and create quilts to share or donate.
Go at your own pace with the support of experienced (and rookie) quilters. Learn how to cut, piece, press, baste, quilt, and bind your own project. Want to join us? Talk to Amanda Simpson, Jenny Sigler, Lindsey Santana, or Dawn Fagan.

Honor a Special Occasion with Flowers
The Campion Church would like to try something new: having fresh flowers in front of the pulpit instead of the dried/artificial arrangements we have most of the time. Sound good?
Have you thought of the beauty of the ancient sanctuary? Or Solomon's temple? Or even Harod's temple of the time of Christ? The people were instructed to make it beautiful and no creativity or expenses spared. 

Think of some special occasion or person you would like to honor. Think birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, graduations, new job--whatever. Maybe a thank you for God's grace and blessings.

There will be a sign-up list on the bulletin board in the hallway across from the pastor's
office. Sign up there and coordinate it with Teresa at least two weeks ahead of your
date. She will put a notice in the bulletin as to whom or what you are commemorating
or honoring. For pulpit flowers the price range would probably be $70-80. Flowers for
the organ could be smaller and less expensive.

Thank you for helping to make our church so much more beautiful.
Birthdays in February

Codi L Jahn 1
Erik Nelson 1
Joshua Arrington 2
Doris Wagner 3
Gregory M Simpson 4
Eduardo Camacho 5
Alyssa N Fiechtner 5
William Jared Henry 5
Nancy L Kast 5
Derik Roman 5
David R. Marroquin Jr. 6
Linda Robbins 6
Karleen K Hall 7
Jarrod Harrison 7
Ellen D Anderson 8
Sarah A Duffy 8
Eileen C Blood 9
Natalie J Barton 10

Kevin R Beeson 10
Kent E Beery 11
Kevin Michalenko 12
Honali J. Marin 13
Sean T Turner 13
Ruth Kelley 14
Ann H. McRoberts 14
Glen O'halloran 14
Anthony Youso 14
Lawrence E Hofmann 15
Shelley McConnell 18
Timothy Plank 18
Timm H Eickmann 20
Donna Hansen 20
Ruth A Pearson 20
Vernon Peterson 20
Trey Anawaty 22
Hailee Bankhead 22

Glen Douthit 22
Kelsey Mettler 22
Elizabeth Fagan 23
Michael M Sweney 23
Jeanette Fortner 24
Ruben Gomez 25
Pat Peterson 25
Larry D South 25
Carol Turk 25
Arthur H Blood 26
Edwin Rene Bravatti 26
Patricia M Hieb 26
Elin Marie Sorensen 26
Christopher Goldsberry 27
JoAnne M. Jones 27
Ronnie C Simpson 27
Naomi Sigler 28
Phyllis Zimmerman 28

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