February 1, 2017 
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February is the month of Love and Light. We observe the season of Epiphany by remembering that Jesus has promised us that there will always be a light in the world for us, no matter confusing life may be. And we pray that we ourselves may be a light to the world.

We begin the month by celebrating the service and accomplishments of our Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts. We also ask that each family bring a can of soup for the Food Bank of WNY to observe "Souper Sunday."

We end the month with Bishop Franklin's Visitation on February 26th. He will lead Children's Chapel at 9:30 am, and he will confirm 8 young people: Samantha Banach; Madeline Fleming, Olivia Guadagna, Christine Kieres, Bailey Kowalckzewski, Emma Riedell, Haileigh Suffoletta, and Julia Walker. We will have a reception and potluck luncheon after the 10 am service on February 26th to honor these young people and to welcome the Bishop.

Jesus, light of the world, let your light shine over the path you would have follow, and over the places where our help is needed.  Lead us in wisdom, and hope.  AMEN.


Teacher's Reflection - Kelly Blackey

Coming back to Calvary and working again in the nursery is one of the best parts of moving back home. It is great to see new faces in the nursery and even the older children who were with me before (even if they may not remember me). It has been a pleasure to see the changes that have taken place at Calvary in the past five years. No other Episcopal church that I attended in the Memphis, TN area welcomed me as one of their own; I almost gave up in my faith because of that. The moment I walked back through the doors of Calvary, I felt my faith restored and am forever grateful for that. Calvary is home!
Providing care in the nursery is a wonderful way for me to give back to this wonderful parish.

Sunday School Songs

On Sundays in February we will sing:

"Jesus Loves the Little Children"

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the world.
Tall or short, weak or strong
They are precious in His sight!
Jesus loves all the children of the world!

Jesus loves the little children
Here or even far away.
Young or old, rich or poor,
Bold, brash, or insecure
Jesus loves all the children of the world.

Nursery (infant - 3 years) 

Beginners  Class (Pre-K & K)

Primary Class (Grades 1-3) - February Message

As we gather together in February, the Primary class will continue learning about the miracles that Jesus preformed. We are discussing why Jesus would do this.  Along with the stories around our "campfire" we have a craft to go along with the lesson. Later in the month we meet John The Baptist and talk about John baptizing Jesus. Our class is very thoughtful when discussing the topics and I look forward to hear what they have to say in the months to come.

Cinda and Wes Stone

Intermediate [Grades 4-6) - February Message

On average, there are about 5 students who attend the Intermediate Sunday School class each week. The emphasis now will be upon the life and ministry of Jesus Christ: who He is and what He does. Our Bible readings will focus on the four gospels. The students are become very proficient in finding passages in the bible, given the Book, Chapter, and Verse(s).
My faith journey of seventy-five years has taught me that we will never experience the fullness of joy that we were created to know until we put Christ first in every area of our lives. I want to share my faith with your children, as they continue to learn and grow.

Mr. Mayer

Junior High Youth (Grades 7-9) - February  Message

In February, our class will continue learning about stories of Jesus' healing miracles. Towards the end of the month, we will also examine the sacramental rite of confirmation in preparation for Bishop Franklin's visit and Confirmation Day.

The Choristers of Calvary
A New Community Youth Choir Program

Boys and Girls, 3rd Grade and up

Tuesdays - 4:30 - 6:30pm
Rehearsal 4:30-5:45pm
Choral Evensong 6:00-6:30pm

March 7 - June 11, 2017

World-class music education and after school program
No Sunday morning commitment; scholarship provided to all choristers covers the cost of workbooks, vestments, and music. Open to all community members. For more information contact:

I will go to the altar of God / To the God of my joy and gladness.

Acolytes actively assist the clergy in leading the worship of God. Acolytes often find their service is not only fun, but also spiritually fulfilling. They learn to serve with dignity, humility, and care, always with love of Christ. We welcome you to this ministry if you are in 4th grade or higher. We work with your schedule: it's not an "every Sunday" commitment, and you will get training and practice so that you will feel comfortable at the altar. To see the current acolyte schedule click here
If you and your parents would like to learn more please contact Doug Sandburg II at: dougks@inbox.com

They are like trees planted by streams of water,
bearing fruit in due season, with leaves that do not wither; everything they do shall prosper. [Psalm 1:3]
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