February 2021 Edition
Staff Notes
Hi everyone,
I want to thank everyone for their continued patience and support during a time that has been professionally stressful for our office, and personally stressful for me as my family continues to recover from covid-19.

There are important updates in the Council section of the newsletter at the end of the Cloverleaf.

If any members of your family submitted videos for Presentation Day, please read the section on this event.

If any members of your family are currently "pending" in 4hOnline, please read the section on enrollment carefully!

This edition is long, but PLEASE read it thoroughly.

Thank you,

Ryan Cleland
Butte County 4-H
Program Representative
(530) 521-9306
Still in Purple Tier
As many will have seen, the Greater Sacramento Region has moved out of Shelter-In-Place (SIP), and Butte County is once again in the Purple Tier.

This means that outdoor meetings with less than 10 people can resume. Please note that as covid statistics change, we may be forced back to SIP, or a lower-tier when we eventually move beyond purple.

Below is a simple grid showing what meetings are permitted depending on our tier status. The full document with this grid is linked below.
County Ambassador Advisor
It is my unfortunate duty to announce that our County Ambassador Advisor was forced to step down for personal reasons.

Council and the 4-H Office are hopeful that we can find a new advisor who will help lead our team of two County Ambassadors to finish out their year in style.

If you are interested in helping with this volunteer position please email or call Ryan Cleland at rpcleland@ucanr.edu or (530) 521-9306.
Rainbow Craft Field Day
Rainbow Craft Field Day videos have been submitted and will be judged as soon as possible. If you submitted a video, please be on the lookout for a message with an update about your results towards the middle of February
Foods Fiesta
Foods Fiesta is getting ready to go!

This event will take place virtually similar to Rainbow Craft Field Day and Presentation Day.

We will send an email with more information once details are fleshed out, but video submissions for this event will be due by February 26th at 11:59pm.

Between now and the email, you can check in on the County website where we will be adding details as they are finalized.
Presentation Day Results
Presentation Day Videos are in the process of being evaluated, but we are almost complete! When they are finished a county-wide email will be sent announcing the results.

Thank you for your patience - this was our first virtual event and it helped everyone learn a lot about putting on virtual events and will help us to deliver timely and quality events from here on out.
Record Book Awards
A very big thank you is owed to Theresa Schneider, Chico 4-H CCL and Council President, for helping us complete County Record Book Judging while I was out sick.

Linda, our new 4-H Secretary, mailed certificates and awards out earlier this week.

All Record Books that have not been picked up are in the 4-H office ready to be picked up. We are staffed every day now from 8am-4:30pm. The door is locked but you can knock or call the office to be let inside
PLEASE READ: Enrollment processing is partially complete at this time. Virtually all youth who turned money into their leader and completed their 4hOnline profiles by November 19th now show as "Approved".

When I (Ryan) returned from my leave of absence I began to process enrollment in earnest, and after 30 solid hours told Luis (our County Director) that I needed to give this task to Linda (our new 4-H Secretary) because there were other matters that required my attention.

The process is resuming as Linda was recently trained by a nearby staff member on how to handle enrollment. She is beginning to go over them this week.

If your profiles do not show as approved, this is likely because of an error during data entry, your club has not submitted an enrollment summary sheet, or your enrollment summary sheet was turned in after I passed this task on to Linda.

Please be patient as we work to catch up on the backlog of work we have due to being understaffed and my leave of absence.

The most important thing for members to note: as long as your enrollment fees and 4hOnline profile were completed by 11/19 there is no reason to believe that you have not met the Fair Participation Agreement requirement.

I focused on enrolling youth versus adults because they are faster and I did not want members to worry about their fair participation status. This said, many adult volunteers still need to complete their online training videos so they can be marked as approved. Linda should begin processing these profiles later next week. Below is helpful information for youth or adults who still need to complete enrollment steps.

Below are helpful documents surrounding enrollment:
  1. Here is a one page info-graphic that explains the enrollment process in simple terms
  2. Here is a link to a guide for new and returning YOUTH
  3. Here is a link to a guide for new and returning VOLUNTEERS

Important things to remember:
  1. Here is a link to the LiveScan form that new volunteers must take when they are fingerprinted.
  2. This document must be returned to the 4-H Office.
  3. Here is an FAQ regarding 4-H's background checks.
  4. Do not create a new 4hOnline profile if you can't remember your old password. I (Ryan) or someone in the office will give you a temporary password to reset your account. Just contact us.
  5. eXtension (where volunteers watch their training videos) is a third party website, and you must create a profile for it. If you are returning and cannot remember your username or password, follow the websites prompts for resetting these.
  6. If returning volunteers do not complete the reenrollment process before the end of the program year, policy requires that you begin the process over again next program year (fingerprinting, the longer batch of videos, etc.)
Silver Dollar Fair
The Silver Dollar Fair is accepting entries for Livestock Exhibition! Linked below in the corresponding buttons are their January Bulletin, Important dates and deadlines, and a link to their website with even more information. We are very excited to have the fair back, no matter what form it takes as we move out of the COVID-19 pandemic!
Status of County Events
The 4-H Office is working closely with the Council and the clubs that are in charge of the remaining County Events for the year. Namely, Rainbow Craft Field Day, Foods Fiesta, 4-H Fun Night, and Fashion Revue.

  • Rainbow Craft Field Day videos have been submitted and will be judged as soon as possible. If you submitted a video, please be on the lookout for a message with an update about your results towards the middle of February
  • Foods Fiesta is being planned to take place virtually similar to Rainbow Craft Field Day and Presentation Day. A county-wide message will be sent with more information once details are finalized.
  • 4-H Fun Night has been canceled for this year. See the Council section of this newsletter for more information.
  • Fashion Revue can no longer be held in-person at the Oroville Inn on April 10th due to Public Health decisions. However, we are investigating the possibility of holding this event in-person at another venue if Butte County's covid-19 situation permits us to do so.
State Field Day
The State 4-H Office is planning to hold another Virtual State Field Day. Plans are being finalized, but be sure to check their website periodically in the event updates are posted.

It's never too early to plan for State Field Day!
4-H Camp 2021 (Update)
Myself (Ryan) and Camp Director Bill Anderson have decided to go forward with planning a day camp to take the place of our traditional 4-H Camp.

Potential Counselors - be on the lookout for a message soliciting your contact information and about meetings.

Potential Campers - be on the lookout for messages in the Cloverleaf with more information.
Council Meeting
  • During the January meeting, three items were voted on and approved. They are listed below:
  • There was no opposition raised to the decision to cancel 4-H Fun Night 2021. It was pointed out that monies in Butte County 4-H's checking/savings account has increased by nearly 150% over the past nine years
  • Youth members may attend virtual Council Meetings and count them as a County Event which applies to the Fair Participation Agreement
  • The Club Event Rotation schedule was extended for one program year so clubs have the opportunity to put on in-person events next year using the knowledge they gained putting on their events during the 2019-2020 program year.
  • The February Council Meeting will take place via Zoom at 7:00pm on the 25th of this month.
  • Here is a link to the Zoom meeting.
  • An agenda will be sent out prior to the meeting
Club News
Lone Pine 4-H:

January was a month of new beginnings for the Lone Pine 4-H club. Lone Pine held another club meeting over Zoom. Also in January, the virtual Rainbow Craft Field Day was held. Members filmed presentations about the various arts and crafts projects they completed for the event. Along with that, the people in the sheep and goats project attended a virtual Sheep and Goat Day hosted by CSU College of Agriculture via Zoom, where they talked about caring for your animal, how to recognize and prevent various illnesses and injuries, and, briefly, about how to show your animal. They also held a Skill-a-thon with a Google form which participants filled out. 
Wash Your Hands!