February 2021
This month: Registration renewal now open, new user management system now online, and more.
Registrar’s Message
As Shelley Briscoe-Dimock announced last month, I am leaving CRPO this month to take up another position. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the registrants and stakeholders who extended a collegial hand to me over the last four years. I have so enjoyed being able to work with and learn from many of you through our shared efforts on a number of fronts.

The past year has been difficult for everyone. I know that RPs have been called on to provide support to people who are struggling while we live under the public health measures and restrictions that have been put in place in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19. I have been impressed with how registrants have adapted to changes like moving to online practice and implementing infection prevention and control measures, while continuing to provide safe, ethical and effective care to their clients throughout. It has been a privilege to play a role in the background to this.

There is much exciting work going on at CRPO at the moment: continuing governance reform to thoroughly modernize the way Council functions; the beginnings of a substantial review of the QA program; ongoing development of the risk-based, right touch approach to regulation. I know that the dedicated members of Council will be well-supported in these efforts, along with the core work of the College, by Mark Pioro (who assumed the responsibilities of Acting Registrar this week) and the rest of the wonderful senior management and staff team.

My best wishes for everyone’s health and safety over the coming months.

Registration Renewal Open
All registrants in the RP, RP (Qualifying), and RP (Inactive) categories are required to renew their registration by March 31, 2021, so don’t delay! If you have not yet logged into your CRPO account since the system upgrades, please follow the steps here or below.

The renewal form is available on the “Renewal” page of your user account. The last step in the form will be payment of the annual registration fee and you will be prompted to pay by Visa or MasterCard directly through your account. The alternative for individuals without credit cards is a prepaid credit card.

If you are in the RP category and would like to transfer to RP (Inactive) and be invoiced the Inactive amount for 2021-22, you must go to the “Category transfer request” page in your CRPO account and submit the request no later than March 17.

NOTE: CRPO will not be granting extensions to renewal payments for 2021-2022 due to the pandemic. CRPO’s by-laws set out that fee increases occur every two years for inflation. CRPO’s fees were scheduled to increase in June 2020. Due to the pandemic, CRPO did not increase fees. The fees will increase in June 2022.
If you don’t intend to renew and would like to resign your registration with CRPO, please go to the “Category transfer request” page in your CRPO account and submit the resignation form.

Please see the Renewal page for more information and check out our NEW renewal FAQ.
Reminder: New user management system now online
Having problems with the new user management system? Check out our new FAQ with guidance on everything from logging in to updating your info.

If you still haven’t logged in yet, here’s how you can get started:

1.    Go to the new login page.
2.    Click on either the applicant portal or the registrant portal.
3.    Click on “Forgot password.”
4.    Enter the email address you have on file with CRPO.
5.    Hit “submit” and a temporary password will be emailed to you. NB: It may take up to 10 minutes for the reset email to come through.
6.    Log in using the temporary password. You will be prompted to set a new password and answer security questions.
That’s it! You’re in your user account. Take a few minutes to look around to notice the changes and let us know what you think. Problems? Email info@crpo.ca
COVID Reminders
As you know, CRPO has been advising RPs for some time to be implementing as many measures as possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This means either seeing clients remotely, or, if you have clients who you cannot see using remote technologies, and who would be at risk if you were unable to provide care, implementing infection prevention and control measures that minimize the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Even after RPs receive the vaccine, infection prevention and control measures, including the possibility of remote care, will still need to be kept in place until such time that the risk to the general population has decreased drastically.
CRPO has not received any information from government as to when RPs will be scheduled to receive the COVID vaccine, but you may review Ontario’s Vaccine Distribution Implementation Plan.

All of CRPO’s COVID-19 resources are here, including Frequently Asked Questions about conditions under which you may choose to see a client in person, mask-wearing and electronic practice.
Registration Exam Update
While the February exam sitting was cancelled due to the stay-at-home order (and Registrants who had signed up to write the registration exam will have received information from CRPO about the cancellation), we are able to announce that the exam will be offered April 5, 6, 7 and 8 using remote proctoring. Registrants who are eligible to write the exam in April will have received direct notification from the College. Detailed information about the offering is also posted on the CRPO website. 
Discipline Decisions
The discipline process is one aspect of regulating RPs in the public interest. Discipline Committee decisions are public. They communicate professional standards and show how the College responds to individual cases. Only a small proportion of complaints and reports are referred to the discipline process. A screening committee, called the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) must first conclude that a matter is sufficiently serious as to warrant a discipline hearing, and that there is sufficient evidence for a finding of misconduct to be made at a discipline hearing.

At the hearing, a finding of misconduct can only be made if the College proves specific allegations before a panel of the Discipline Committee, which has no prior knowledge of the investigation. Hearings can proceed on an uncontested basis (through negotiation and agreement between the College and Registrant) or on a contested basis (through witnesses and other evidence). It is possible for all, some or none of the College's allegations to be proven. If a finding of misconduct is made, a penalty is imposed based on the circumstances of the case, the College's legislation, and legal precedents from CRPO and other regulators.

This written decision in the matter of a proceeding against Simone Moir has recently been released by the Discipline Committee. 
Recruiting Bilingual Evaluators
CRPO is looking for French-speaking RPs who are interested in evaluating applications for program recognition.
Council Meeting
The next meeting of CRPO Council will take place on March 25, 2021. Want to attend? Register ahead of time and review the guidelines on attendance
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