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Guilford COUNTY CENTER / Community Gardens
February Community Garden Newsletter

Please share this newsletter with other community gardeners in Guilford County. 

Growing Peas
February marks the beginning of early spring planting for cool-season crops -- once the soil dries out enough to plant! Peas are a satisfying spring crop, with seeds that are large enough to plant with even the youngest gardeners. Their vines grow rapidly, and in two months (54-72 days), the sweet pods are yours for the picking!
Homegrown | Growing Spring Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps
Homegrown | Growing Spring Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps
Keeping a Garden Journal
Gardening provides exercise, stress relief, enjoyment, beauty and a satisfaction that continues to grow as plants do. To maximize the benefits, keep a garden journal and record information and observations about plants, weather events, soil conditions, and wildlife encounters. A well-used garden journal is powerful resource for any gardener.
You can download a journal template at»

Indoor Seed Starting Workshop
March 14, 1pm-3pm
Learn how to grow your own vegetable transplants indoors, under lights! We will cover seed selection and germination, required materials, growing techniques, and timing. Simple DIY plans for a PVC light stand will be provided, and examples of DIY and commercial light stands will be demonstrated. Each participant will leave with one tray of planted seeds to grow at home. Cost is $10 per person.

Workshop is led by Julie Hale, Greensboro Parks & Recreation, and Quina Weber-Shirk, NC Cooperative Extension Guilford County
Guilford Community Garden Directory
We are creating a community garden directory, and we need your help! We ask that ALL community & school gardens please submit an entry online by February 2020. This will help us direct volunteers and gardeners to your garden, and will take less than 10 minutes. If you need assistance filling out the form, please contact Quina to set up a time to stop by the office ( or 336-641-2427). Thank you for your collaboration!
Community Garden Start-up Grant Now Open
The purpose of the Start-Up Grant Program is to provide funding and mentoring for new Guilford County community gardens. Applicaiton deadline is March 2, 2020. Four (4) grants in the amount of $250 each will be dispersed to recipients on March 23, 2020. Funds may be used to purchase garden supplies and equipment. Some examples of appropriate items are soil amendments, seeds, plants, garden tools, hoses, row covers, and raised bed construction materials. Sponsored by NC Extension and MASTER GARDENER volunteers.  For grant details and to apply visit: .
For a paper application email Lauren Taubert . Questions about the grant process may be directed to Deborah Pelli .
Other classes at Extension this spring:
Community Garden Leaders Training, February 22 & 28
This 2-day workshop covers the community building skills and basic horticultural knowledge needed to start and sustain a community garden. Join the waiting list!

Canning Classes with Vincent Webb
Evening class dates throughout the year. Featured produce includes: fermentation, strawberries, green beans, salsa, pickles, and apples.
Register and learn more at: NC Cooperative Extension Guilford County»

Guilford Gardener Course and Extension Master Gardener Program with Hanna Smith 
Register for a February 2020 Info Session to learn more about the two programs.
Register and learn more at    NC Cooperative Extension Guilford County»