Santa Barbara County
Department of Social Services 

234 Camino Del Remedio
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

1 (866) 404-4007 Toll Free
or visit their website.

San Luis Obispo County
Department of Social Services

3433 S. Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403

(805) 781-1600
or visit their website.
Medi-Cal for All Children
No earlier than May 2016, all low-income children in California will become eligible for full scope Medi-Cal regardless of immigration status under state policy. 

Many undocumented children are already enrolled in restricted scope Medi-Cal and will be transitioned to full scope coverage without a new application. 

The group of children transitioning from restricted scope to full scope Medi-Cal may include some children who are simultaneously enrolled in county-based Children's Health Initiatives (CHIs) i.e. the Healthy Kids program in Santa Barbara.

Learn more by visiting the DHCS website or contact your local County Social Service office.
CenCal Health Membership Report

Effective January 1, 2014, with the
implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), CenCal Health saw a dramatic increase from the originally projected 15 percent thought to expand into Medi-Cal Managed Care with CenCal Health, to approximately 30 percent. 

To the right are the current total population figures, including the current Medi-Cal expansion population figures. CenCal Health now provides health insurance for one in four residents of Santa Barbara County, and one in five residents of San Luis Obispo County.
Community Partnerships Bolster
Meal Delivery Service for Seniors 

CenCal Health is excited about our new partnership with Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara and the Senior Nutrition Program of San Luis Obispo County. 

Multipurpose Senior Service Program (MSSP) Transition

The Multipurpose Senior Service Program (MSSP) provides valuable social and health care management for frail elderly clients who have care needs but who wish to remain in their homes. CenCal Health administered this program from 2008 through early 2016, and arranged for and monitored the use of community services to prevent or delay premature skilled nursing placement of these frail clients. CenCal Health is and has been very committed to seniors and the frail elderly, assessing their needs and facilitating their health care and services to help them safely reside at home.   CenCal Health voluntarily gave up the MSSP program, effective January 31, 2016. Partners in Caring, who has extensive experience, picked up the contract and fully transitioned the program on 2/1/16. Approximately 150 seniors are currently served in Santa Barbara County.
During the last six months CenCal Health has had to re-evaluate our  p rograms and resources  as we have grown due to the Affordable Care Act.   Subsequently, we have enhanced our Case Management program and team to reach far more people without age restrictions. CenCal Health's case management (CM) services are provided by registered nurses, social workers, and transitional care coordinators. Our Case Management Services help members who:
  • have complex medical or behavioral health conditions
  • have high psychosocial risk factors
  • need assistance navigating through the health care system and continuum of care
We have 3 levels of case management offered to our members/providers and we also developed the Coordinated Outreach and Care-Management at Home (COACH) program. The COACH program is more expansive and has the capacity to serve individuals of a larger age range.  We have Licensed RN's and Social Workers who collaborate with community agencies on how best to serve these members. We will continue to serve our membership to improve health outcomes and disease management with innovative case management programs.
Congratulations to the Physicians of the Year
Two outstanding physicians received awards recently from the Central Coast Medical Association for "Physician of the Year."  Dr. Daniel Brennan of Santa Barbara and Dr. Fred S. Vernacchia in SLO County are the esteemed recipients. 
Charity Dean, MD, MPH,
Named President of
Central Coast Medical Association

Dr. Charity Dean was recently named president of Central Coast Medical Association.  Read about her recent appointment and her involvement in our community by clicking here.