Dear Parents and Families,

We continue our school-wide theme of exploring mindfulness as presented in the book I Am Peace. Mrs. Barbieri and Mrs. Goodwin presented to the faculty this month’s topic: kindness.

Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. It is an

understanding of having a connection, feeling empathy, and recognizing the dignity of others. 

It counterbalances hate in the world, reveals our trust to others, and reminds us of the value of others. Kindness is one of the most powerful tools we must help create to maintain healthy and happy lives. It is such a simple concept that fills us with optimism and empathy as well as helps us to form positive connections with others. It creates a warm, relaxed and supportive environment. Kindness helps to boost self-esteem and gives feel-good emotions to the giver, the receiver and

even to onlookers. The power of kindness has a rippling out effect that touches the lives of many. Whether it is giving or receiving a compliment, being helped or helping someone with a task, or giving someone or getting a gift, kindness makes us, and others feel good. Where there is kindness there is peace. Where there is peace there is mindfulness.

There are many ways to teach children how to be kind and spread kindness, but it must be intentional. We can’t just cross our fingers and hope it happens.  We cannot expect our children to know kindness without teaching them through modeling kind words, being generous to others, showing consideration, and sharing ideas for simple acts of kindness. We can also teach them by reading them books that have moral messages of being kind, friendly, considerate and generous. As parents we can create an environment filled with kindness, so they can take that kindness and spread it to others. 

Mrs. Barbieri and Mrs. Goodwin’s ideas exemplify our commitment to enhance your child’s spiritual and intellectual development. Our goal is to inspire every child to reach his/her fullest ability.


Mrs. Ann T. Sarpu

Important Dates

February 8                              

Early Dismissal

February 10                            

Sadie Hawkins Dance

February 12                            

Spirit Week

February 14                         

Ash Wednesday: Prayer Service: 9:00 A.M.

February 15              

Early Dismissal

February 16-20                      

February Break     

February 27              

Munson's Fundraiser Orders Due

February 28                              

Birthday Dress Down

It’s Spirit Week 2024 Countdown to the Pep Rally!!!

February 12th - 15th

Monday: Sports Day; dress in your favorite sport shirt or jersey

Tuesday: Comfy Day; dress in your comfiest-flannel pants

Wednesday: Favorite Hat Day

Thursday: (Pep Rally) Blue and White Day; show your school spirit and dress in blue and white


All current preschool families received a registration email this week. If you are interested in your child remaining at Corpus Christi School next year, you must FILL OUT A NEW

APPLICATION BY FEBRUARY 14. The program is extremely popular and we already have several applications from new families, but we wanted to give our current families the first opportunity to register. If you do not submit your application by February 14, you risk losing your spot for next year. Any younger siblings of current students must also apply by February 14. Please call the office if you have any questions.


It’s time to register siblings of our students!! We would love to welcome siblings of current

students into our school community. Please fill out the online application as soon as possible to reserve their spot!

Corpus Christi School Calendar 2023-2024
February Lunch Menu

Vocations for the Archdiocese of Hartford

The Office of Seminarians and Vocations for the Archdiocese of Hartford is committed to

fostering quality, faithful, and lasting vocations to the priesthood.

To promote vocations, the Archdiocese is looking to create Vocation Committees in each parish. Father Zacharias is leading this effort for Christ the King Parish. He would welcome anyone in the school community who would like to participate in the Vocation Committee. If you are interested, please contact Father Zacharias at 860 529-2545.

High Honors - Grade 6

Shaiyna Chhillar

Chinaza Egbujo

Camryn Friend

Allison Oh

Landon Reynolds

Dante Rossi

John Scully

Catherine Skiba

Jeremy Skiba

Keira Solomonides

Alexis Solomonides

Tyler Tomas

High Honors - Grade 7

Annabella DiBerardino

Angelo Fasano

Mason Fournier

Madison Gaudette

Kara Malash

Diane McKearney

Fallon Morganson

Natalia Piazza

Katherine Simpson

Gabriel Williams

High Honors - Grade 8

Casey Camillo

Leah DelMastro

Tobechi Egbujo

SaraMaria Escudero

Keila Melody

James Perrault

Emma Rigor

Casandra Ruiz Quinones

Honors - Grade 6

Madelyn Botelho

Connor Buzzell

Nieve Cooper

Mackenzie Cozzi

Bridget Egbuna

Gianluca Espinoza

Oliver Esposito

Luke Gaboury

Anne Housley

Natalie Malinowski

Anabelle Puglisi

Benjamin Raymond

Xavier Riley

Leena Sanchez

Sophia Silva

Justin Tacuri

Isabella Verdeja Velasco

Olivia Williams

Honors - Grade 7

Sofia Arline

Caleigh Cunningham

Joseph DeMonte

Lacey dePadua

Caroline Gallivan

Gabriel Gonzalez Rojas

Natalie Lombardi

Jack Martin

Sofia Mastorakis

Olivia Morgan

Felipe Ossa

Nora Pierz

Charles Rell

John Staron

Angelina Torneo

Kelly Tracey

Angel Vazquez

Lael Velasco

Honors - Grade 8

Luke Archibald

Andrew Bielawiec

Gerard Carey

Samantha Casper

Kasey Clerkin

Marie Doran

Catherine Epright

Gianni Frank

Victoria Iavecchia

Julieta Sol Jimenez Bido

Griffin Karwic

Haydee Lam

Melanie Morales

Charlotte Morganson

Jack Musial

Whitney Plona

Adriano Rossi

Matthew Sosa

Vince Torneo


Fundraising Events 2023-2024
Social Events 2023-2024

If you have any questions, please email:

Diane Bairos [email protected]

Cristina Tomas [email protected]

Andrea Caruso [email protected] 

Sadie Hawkins Dance

When: Saturday, February 10th 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Each girl must be accompanied by an adult male

$40 per couple ($10 for each additional girl)

Price includes a flower corsage. DJ entertainment, desserts and drinks will be provided.

Note: If requests are received after the 26th you will have to buy your own flower corsage.

Click to Donate Raffle Basket
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Munson’s Chocolates Fundraiser 

Orders due to the school office by Tuesday, February 27th.

Cash or check made payable to Corpus Christi School. 

Orders will be available to pick-up at the school before Easter. 25% of all sales will be applied towards your family’s fundraising obligation. 

Munson's Brochure
Munson's Order Form

My Guy and I Night Out

When: Friday, March 8, 2024 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Each boy must be accompanied by an adult female.

$40 per couple ($10 for each additional boy)

Price includes a flower corsage.

DJ entertainment, desserts and drinks will be provided.

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Family Fun Night: Friday, April 19th

Yard Goats Game: Date coming soon.

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Just a quick reminder for those entering 7th grade and kindergarten here this Fall 2024: If your child is entering 7th grade for Fall 2024, a Physical must be done prior to the start of school. This includes height, weight, vision, hearing, hemoglobin as well as meningitis and TDAP immunizations. (Your child’s doctor may also discuss HPV vaccination but that continues to be voluntary at present). If your child has had a physical after September 4th, 2023, or will have one this year, Please send it to me as soon as you can and it will count for your child.

If your child is entering Kindergarten for Fall 2024, a Physical must be done prior to the start of school. This must be done on the Blue physical form and include review of systems, height, weight, vision and hearing screenings, a hemoglobin and updated DTAP, Polio, varicella and MMR. If your child has had a Physical after September 4, 2024 or is scheduled for one this year, this will count for kindergarten and you can send it to me as soon as it is done.

Thank you,

Mrs. Cowan RN BS

Corpus Christi School Nurse

Stuffed Animals are not permitted in the School due to sanitary issues. Children can easily transmit germs and potentially lice to others and we try to minimize the point of contact to keep the school and students healthy. Family pictures are encouraged if separation anxiety is an issue.


No child is allowed to bring to school any unauthorized medications into the school without a Doctor’s order. This includes over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Vitamins, Lactaid or Probiotics. All medications must be brought to the Nurse’s office in the original container with a Doctor’s order for distribution. No child is to carry any type of medication unless this is ordered by the Doctor and must be given in the Nurse’s Office unless otherwise specified on the order. Any student caught with an unidentifiable medication will be brought to the Principal and if there is cause for concern such as suspected drug use, consequences can occur that will be up to the Principal and may include Law enforcement. We have seen an increase in Drug usage in our communities and within schools and we do not want to impact the safety of Corpus Christi School and our students. Be assured illegal drug use has not occurred in Corpus Christi School but there is a need for me to be proactive at this time. It is with this knowledge that I alert parents to the above Policy to keep our School Safe.

Thank you,

Sue Cowan RN BS

Corpus Christi School Nurse

[email protected]

Administration of Medications Policy

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1st Place Spiritwear: Home of the Cougars 

Our Corpus Christi apparel shop includes a variety of more than 150 different

clothing options to choose from including t-shirtshoodies, pajamas, and accessories.

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Another great season of soccer is almost upon us! We had a fantastic season last year, with our JV team placing 2nd in the Archdiocese Cup!

Let's get our teams ready for the 2024 season! The two teams are determined by grade level. The Varsity team is grades 6-8. The JV team is grades 3-5. During the season, we typically have two practices a week at Corpus Christi, with a game on Saturday. Registration is $75.

Please email us at [email protected] 

with any questions or to let us know if your child would like to participate! 

~ Coach Esposito, Coach Tomas, Coach DiNinni, and Coach Caporiccio

Join Our Martial Arts at Corpus Christi!


When: Every Tuesday

Time: 2:10pm - 3:10pm

Payment: $69/month



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VIRTUS Training for Parent Volunteers

Any parent who would like to volunteer for any event or activity at Corpus Christi School needs to attend VIRTUS training and complete a Background Check. Send completed forms into the School Office.

Directions for online training:

Go to

Click "First Time Registrant"

Click "Begin the Registration Process".  

Registration should be completed under “Hartford” as in the Archdiocese. 

Background Check Form

Afternoon Pick-Up


  • Park in the school parking lot. Not along the driveway or fence area.
  • Walk up to retrieve your child from their teacher (Grades K – 5)

Reminder about Absences

If your child is absent or leaves school early due to illness they cannot attend any evening school events.